Monday, April 29, 2013

Abbey, Round 901-904

 Orb's Year 901
Abigail Abbey was determined to spread the love of the Celestial Orb throughout the land of Celestia.  Too often it seemed as though people had forgotten the benefits of the Celestial Orb and took it for granted.  When you learned to channel the aura, you could tell how a person was doing - whether they were despondent or elated.

Reclaiming the Abbey, she began to live according to how the ancient texts described the lives of the Celestialites.
At first it was hard work on her own - tending to the garden alone, roaming the empty halls and providing for the poor that came for companionship and food.
But soon, Abigail had a staunch support from Trista McGraw.

 Orb's Year 902
Soon Trista visited nearly every day to talk to Abigail and learn about the Celestial Orb.

She even took a hand in preparing the meals that Abigail set out for the less fortunate.  
And nearly every day that Abigail read about the Celstialites, Trista made sure to be in the audience.
Trista now considered herself an Abess, even if she didn't have the garb of the Celestialites.

 Orb's Year 903
The new year brought new converts.  Abigail was proud to welcome Mallory Kratz to the Abbey from another chapter.  She cheerfully helped spread the word.
It seemed as though they were really making a difference.  And the morning bell calling them to read about Celestialites was a welcome reprieve from their daily chores.  Lively debates often popped up as they debated as to what the obscure ancient texts referred.

Orb's Year 904
Soon Abigail was able to reproduce some of the ancient potions that the Celstialites quoted, such as the Sugar & Spice Potion, as well as all sorts of reagents that could be used for good magical spells.
Abigail, Mallory & Trista lived happily, if not simply, in the Abbey - continually learning, testing and furthering knowledge of the Celestial Orb.

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