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Baker, Orb's Year 901-904

Orb's Year 901
Debbie Baker came home from instructional school bored and hesitant to go inside.  Ever since her sisters had failed to make a big show at the King's wedding celebration, her mother had been angry and argumentative, jumping down their throats for anything.  Seeing Mags, her sweet little puppy hovering by the front door waiting for her, she dropped her books down and began to play.
"Debbie Baker!" Amy called from the front door.  "You don't have time to be lollygagging!  You have chores to get done!"

Debbie made a face. She'd heard this speech a million times.  Scrunching up her face, she mimicked the next words out of her mother's mouth, "I work my fingers to the bone for you girls.  And do you even care? No! Curse the celestial orb for not giving me any boys with a lick of sense!"

Amy smacked Debbie in the back of the head.  "Don't you mock me, girl," she lectured.  "Don't you think that I can't tell when I'm being sassed!"

Debbie rubbed her head.  "Yes ma'am," she replied quickly and then scooped up her work and began her chores.  First the eggs needed to be gathered, the dog fed, and the house cleaned.  Debbie hated cleaning!
Amy followed her inside and began churning the batter she'd been making when she'd caught sight of her daughter lazing around the front yard.  Hmph!  None of her daughters appreciated her!  She scraped the bowl and ignored the tingling in her fingers that would soon mean she couldn't hold the spoon.  Damn arthritis, she thought sourly.  The family would soon starve to death if not for the money she provided baking.  In a day, she could bake a good 20 pastries or breads to sell to the market.
Normally she sold to Amar Marchant, but he'd been getting stingier and stingier with the profits he shared. Oh, she knew well and good that he could sell her delectable breads and desserts for over 100 gold piece, but he was hard-pressed to give her 40 gold.  The last time he'd come over, he'd made noises about even giving her the agreed upon 40, so she'd called curses down upon his head and shooed him from her house in anger.

Now she needed to come up with another plan.  Not that those girls of hers were any help!

Orb's Year 902
Her prayers were answered when she spotted Mark Grocer returning to his home from the Abbey down the street.  He'd never sold baked goods before, preferring to stick to the crops that Able Farmer had delivered to him.  But, perhaps he was looking for another market to conquer, she thought cagily.

"Well, look who just happened to wander by," she called out coyly.  "Just the man I was wanting to see!"

Mark had appeared shocked and flattered, stopping in his tracks in front of her house.  "Me?" he asked, looking around.

Amy waved him over and began to work her magic spell, honed over the decades of manipulating the men around her.

Perhaps all was not lost after all!
Debbie had seen her mother flirting with Mark Grocer.  She'd been embarrassed at first, then surprised to see the much younger man responding to such a blatant seduction attempt.  Perhaps there was something to this flirting.

Debbie decided she could use a little practicing herself.  And the perfect target was Juan Cho.  He'd come home with her from instructional school.  Perhaps she wouldn't have to do her homework after all, she thought happily.

"Well, you are just who I wanted to see," Debbie had said, mimicking her mother's tone.

"What?" Juan had asked confused, especially because he'd been at Debbie's home for quite a few hours.
 Debbie pursed her lips as she'd seen her mother do.  "Perhaps we might be able to work out a trade," she suggested as she leaned forward to kiss him.

Juan recoiled.  "Knock it off, Debbie.  You're acting weird."  Juan looked at her crossly.   "I'm going home."

Debbie watched Juan climb down the ladder to her loft and sighed.  Perhaps there was more to this than she thought!

Orb's Year 903

But Debbie was determined.  The idea that she could make a man do what she wanted was invigorating!  Her next interest was with Vincent Huerto.
He'd been almost too easy!  Vincent had agreed to do her work happily.  But, still, it felt strange.  She wondered why bards told such lovely tales about kissing when it was so gross! Perhaps she needed to speak to her sisters about this...

Lord knew her mother would be no help!  She'd walked in on Amy and Mark making out against the baking table with all their goods piled on top.  She thought she'd heard Mark mutter something about giving Amy a fair price, but she wasn't sure.

Orb's Year 904 
Amy stretched in the morning and glanced back at Mark still sleeping.  She'd give him a little bit longer and then run him out so she could begin her day.  Last year, he'd promised her $80 per group meal and assured her that was quite a deal.  She'd had to work hard to keep her face straight, not wanting to let him know she'd been selling her baked goods for far less to the Marchants.  In return, she provided him with sleeping accommodations now and again.  All in all, it was a pretty darn good deal!
Debbie heard a stone tap against her window.  Opening the window, she'd seen Brand Taveryn holding onto the siding. He told her to grab his hand and pull him in. 
She was shocked!  She couldn't believe he was letting himself into her room!  She had attempted flirting with him the other day, but still!  What if her mother caught her! she thought excitedly.

"What are you doing here?" she hissed.

"Shhh!" Brand said.  "I wanted to see you, of course!"

"Does Debbie Alioto know you're sneaking around my bedroom!" she demanded.  She'd met Debbie and she was a nice girl.

Brand had looked affronted.  "Of course not! Why would she?"

Debbie shrugged.  "So what are you doing here?" she asked.
"I came for this," he said as he leaned forward and kissed her.

Debbie thought she saw hearts floating around as he pulled away from her.  Now, all this kissing stuff made sense!  And she wouldn't mind doing it again!

But, when she'd come to her senses, Brand was already stepping out the window and climbing down the siding.

Hurriedly she ran over to the window, "Where are you going?" she called.

"Until next time, fair Debbie" Brand had teased as he dropped to the ground and began to trot away.

Next time, indeed, Debbie thought, looking forward to it.

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