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Consul, Orb's Year 905-908

Orb's Year 905
Aragon was proud of his budding family.  Breena had grown into a beautiful young woman with a strong head on her shoulders.
 "Papa, please!" Breena begged.  "Reconsider!  I don't want to be promised to Arthur Knightley!"

Aragon remained calm.  "In time, dear child, I believe you will understand it is in your best interest.  Soon you will be a woman and you will have a need of a husband."

"But why can't I choose?!"

Aragon shook his head, "That's not the way it works.  Marriages have been arranged for many years... why even the King's marriage was arranged!"

Breena pouted, "You're just doing this to send me away! You want to enjoy your new family!  I'm nothing more than your old family!"

Aragon pulled his eldest to him in a tight hug, "Never!  I want to see you settled and taken care of before I am gone from this world.  Arthur will be your guardian for now, and then later, when you are a woman, he will be your husband."

Tears sprang to Breena's eyes.  She still felt as though she was being punished and shoved away from her family.  "Will you visit me?" she asked softly.

"Every day if you want me to," Aragon promised.
The house was unerringly quiet now that Breena had gone to Knightley's.  She missed their evening chats about the latest books that had come out. Cassidy had not agreed with her husband's decision to send his eldest away in an arranged marriage so young, but there had been no arguing with him.  And it wasn't her place to argue.
Thankfully she had started to make other friends in Celestia.  Queen Aurora and Princess Chris were always a welcome diversion from a quiet evening spent alone as Aragon buried himself in his research and Cirdon slept.

Orb's Year 906
Happily, she discovered she was pregnant and couldn't wait to have another child to hold and love.  Just wait until I tell Breena, she thought happily.
Hurrying down the hall, she joined Cirdon's birthday just in time to see him try to blow out the candles on his cake.  Smiling when she saw Breena, she walked over to the young girl and squeezed her hand.  She knew how hard it was on the girl to be away from home, even though she visited often.  Breena was not making it easy for Arthur!
"He looks just like you, husband," Cassidy said proudly as she gazed at her son.  "I imagine he will be quite as smart as you, too."

Aragon smiled down at his son.  "He will be as smart as both his parents.  I can already tell!"

Orb's Year 907
Aragon had forgotten how entertaining it was to be a father to a young child.  They discovered something new every day it seemed and were curious and inquisitive.  He attempted to see the world through his young son's eyes.
Cassidy was glad for the help that Aragon was able to give caring for Cirdon.  Her pregnancy made her tired and cranky all the time. One time, Aragon had attempted to talk to their unborn child and she'd had to resist the urge to grit her teeth and storm off. 
Holding her dear little boy, Dresden, made it all worth it.

Orb's Year 908 
The new year brought many changes to the Consul household.
 Little Cirdon and Dresden both grew so quickly! 

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