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Consul, Orb's Year 901-904

 Orb's Year 901
Aragon Consul considered himself an intelligent man, but mostly he believed his thirst for knowledge was what set him apart from the average man.
While other men might worry about trivial matters, such as love or romance, Aragon's feet were firmly planted on the ground.  He attempted to analyze each decision based on their merits.
His first marriage had been no great love affair.  Breena's mother had been a strong, independent woman, as devoted to her quest of knowledge as he was.  Sadly, the ship that had been taking her to research an exotic new hybrid plant had disappeared after a heavy storm.  Aragon had mourned her lose as a wife, and as a research partner.  He saw her in his teen daughter, Breena, every day.
However, all of his lofty ideas about love and romance were cast aside when he met Princess Cassidy. 
It did not take long until he was driven to his knee and professed his love to this remarkable woman.  He thanked the celestial orbs that she deigned to return his affections!

Orb's Year 902
Breena smiled as her father kissed his new wife under the matrimony arch.  She'd been flustered to see that the King and Queen had attended the wedding, even though she had been to the castle many times with her father as a child. 
But, even her nervousness couldn't dampen her enthusiasm.  She was gaining a stepmother!  And she was a princess!  Princess Cassidy had even told her that she could call her mother if she wanted!  It was a dream come true!  Breena had never known her mother and had always secretly longed for one, especially on the nights that her father spent long hours with the King working on strategies and negotiations.
She'd also been surprised to see Arthur Knightley at the wedding.  She supposed her father had to invite everyone so there would be no hurt feelings.  But, she knew that Arthur and her father had clashed terribly over many proposals to the King.  Her father had come home many a night railing about the thick-headed lout with no foresight. Strange, Breena thought, he didn't look like a thick-headed lout.

Orb's Year 903
Aragon called for a counsel meeting to discuss decisions that must be presented before the king.  As usual, Trent Noble met every point with sarcasm and humor.  Sometimes he felt as though they would be able to get through these meetings sooner if Trent didn't have some quip for each discussion point!

After the last witty remark, Cassidy had clearly had enough.  "Pray tell whether we should present that ridiculous matter to the King.  Surely if it is not worth discussing with the King, it is not worth speaking of now."

Trent's jaw had dropped open to have been so openly rebuked.  However, Aragon couldn't stop the grin spreading across his face, and a quick look over at Arthur revealed he suffered from the same affliction.

Trent finally managed to close his jaw and gave a slight nod to Cassidy and quipped, "Ah, I suppose the lady has a point.  A sharp point, at that!"

Aragon had been pleased at how well Cassidy had been able to handle herself.  She was a jewel amongst the rocks! He couldn't help but feel that she was the best thing that had happened to him.
And soon he had even more reason to celebrate!  She announced that she was expecting a new child.

Orb's Year 904

Breena had permission from her father to have a few friends come over to socialize.  At the last moment, all of her female friends had been unable to come, so she was surrounded by boys.  Thankfully, Cassidy was busy with her pregnancy and her father's nose was buried in a book, so no one noticed the impropriety!
And even better - no one was around when she stole her first kiss from Vincent Huerto!  Breena didn't think that anything could diminish the cloud she was floating on.

Then she heard a gasp behind her. 
Turning around, she prepared herself for a lecture, only to find Cassidy clutching her stomach and taking deep breaths.  "Find... your... father..." Cassidy gritted out between her teeth.  Skirts swirling, Breena ran to find Aragon.
"Meet your baby brother, Cirdon Consul," Aragon said proudly as he lifted his newborn son up to Breena. 

"Awww..." Breena smiled and waved tenderly.  "Hello little brother!  We will have great fun together! I know it!"

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