Monday, April 29, 2013

Knightley, Orb's Year 901-904

 Orb's Year 901
Arthur Knightley couldn't have been happier for his good friend, Alexander Royale.  Not only was he a beloved king of Celestia, but he'd also found true love with his Queen wife, Aurora.  He was sure it wouldn't be long before he was bouncing his friend's babies on his knees.

But in the meantime, Arthur filled his days and nights with exercise and daily meditation.  Although there was peace in Celestia right now, there was no guarantee it would last forever.  He trained every day to keep his skills sharp. 

 Orb's Year 902
As time wore on, Arthur began to notice something missing in his life.  He saw the secret glances and the happy smiles that Alexander and Aurora shared.  It made him long for companionship.  But, there did not seem to be anyone in Celestia that struck his interest!

He began filling his days with more vigorous exercise and tried to ignore the hollow feeling.

Orb's Year 903
Arthur took to studying ancient texts on the art of war, desperately trying to fill his empty nights with something other than his pensive thoughts.  He had hoped to have been married with babies of his own by this point in his life, but the castle walls were eerily empty.  Alexander and Aurora had just delivered twin baby boys of their own and Arthur delighted in their company.

He wondered when something would change in his life...

Orb's Year 904
 "You want what?!" Arthur exclaimed in shock.

Aragon Consul sighed and held out his hands plaintively.  "I am getting on in my years and am not sure how much longer I have with my family.  I would like to see my eldest daughter settled in a good marriage before I pass on."

"But you don't even like me!" Arthur argued.

Aragon narrowed his eyes, "Don't think that just because I don't agree with some of your fool idea.."

Arthur interrupted, "You said I was a thick-headed son of a goat just yesterday."

"Yes, yes.  Well, you can be stubborn at times!" Aragon dismissed the complaint.  "The point is that I need to see Breena's future.  My choice is between you and Trent Noble."

Arthur's face darkened.  "You would tie her to that fool?  He lives only to amuse himself!"

"Hence my visit to you," Aragon pointed out.

"I will need to think on it." Arthur said.

Aragon nodded, "I will await your decision."
Arthur slipped into bed that night, wondering whether or not he should tie himself to a slip of a girl.  Wouldn't that be better than her marrying Trent? And Aragon said that he was foolish!

There goes marrying for love, he thought sourly as he knew he'd already made his decision.

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