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Marchant, Orb's Year 901-904

Orb's Year 901
Amar Marchant was proud of his little family.  He'd married Alana, the daughter of another merchant in Year's Orb 887 when he was 33 years of age and she was 17.  He knew that she'd resisted the match at first, but her father had been adamant.  Since then they seemed to get a long well and had beautiful twin toddlers.
Baji and Barika were the light of his life.  They were 2 years old and cute as could be! 

Amar just wished that he didn't have to work quite so much so that he had more time to play with the.  Since Alana had no head for numbers, she took care of raising their children while he worked in the shop, selling their merchandise.

Orb's Year 902
Before he knew it, the twin's birthday had rolled around again.  His children were growing up fast!  Already they were 5 and ready to go to instructional school to learn their letters and their numbers.

 He could tell that Baji would be just as handsome as his father.

And Brika, the apple of his eye, would grow up as beautiful as her mother!
Orb's Year 903
Amar knew that he shouldn't complain, but business had steadily increased.  It was hard managing the shop all by himself.  Sometimes he couldn't wait for his children to grow up a small bit so that they could help him.

Time enough for that, Amar thought, dismissing the idea of his children toiling in the shop while he enjoyed a retirement.  
But he was weary by day's end.  Perhaps he would talk to sweet Alana again about helping in the shop now that the children were away part of the day at school.
Alana would have no part of it though, he discovered the next morning at breakfast when he'd broached the subject.   She'd declared that their agreement was that he work in the shop and she tend to the home and children.

"Do you like your meals prepared? And your dishes cleaned?" she'd demanded.  "I am not a pack mule you can work to death!"

Baji and Barika had exchanged looks and hurried away to get ready for school.

Orb's Year 904
Alana was miserable.  Forced into a marriage with a man she felt no love for and bearing his children was an affront to all of her senses.  She had continued to bear it because her husband was not overly amorous and her children were not particularly needy.

But, oh, how she longed for freedom!  And to be romanced!  She often day-dreamed of being swept off her feet by a smooth-talking pirate who would carry her away on his ship and lavish her with gifts and treasures.

Oh, she knew it was foolish.  But, didn't she deserve a little foolishness now and again?

The final straw was the morning illness that she'd developed recently.  Oh, she knew what it meant, but wanted to stay in denial a little longer.
And then one evening as she cleaned the shop's floors, a man hurried in looking for an impromptu gift.  She had told him that the shop was closed, but he had sweet talked her into staying open a little longer.  He had told her a scandalous story about looking for a gift for a scorned lover.

She felt her pulse quicken.  He certainly looked like a pirate with his long, swept back hair and his impressively tailored garments.

When he'd flirted with her, she had thrown caution to the wind and told him that he was a scandolous pirate!
She hadn't protested when he'd grabbed a kiss from her and a flower arrangement for his lover.  She hadn't even remembered to charge him, she thought as he strolled from the shop.  She touched her fingers to her lips, amazed by the thrill that swept through her when his lips had touched hers.  She'd never felt anything like that with Amar!
"Have you finished yet? The children were hungry for dinner," Amar said as he walked into the shop.

Alana gasped and turned around, realizing how very close she had been to discovery.  "Yes! All finished! I was just... admiring the shop! You've done very well, Amar," she said as she patted his shoulder and hurried to the kitchen.  "Come, join us for dinner," she called, not wanting him to stay in the shop a moment longer for fear that her pirate would return.

Her pirate, she thought, touching her fingers to her lips again.

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