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Royale, Orb's Year 905-908

 Orb's Year 905
King Alexander & his wife, Queen Aurora, waited patiently while they posed for the artist.  They had requested Emily Baker, their faithful servant be included.  After all, Emily was much more than just a servant, she was almost family - having been with them since she was a young girl.
Little princes, Barron and Benedict, waited much less patiently though.  The court laughed at the antics of the young princes.
Queen Aurora still doted on her pet hawk, Scarlet and she confided another secret to the stately bird...
She was pregnant again!  She prayed for a little girl this pregnancy!
In the meantime, her young sons had skills to learn!

Orb's Year 906
Alexander had called a council meeting to discuss an alliance with Princess Chris' father.  Trent Noble was noticeably absent again, Alexander thought with dismay.  He had hoped that his nobleman would take these political matters more seriously!

He had just begun to explain the demands for alliance when he heard a sound in the hallway.  Glancing over, he saw his son, Barron.

"Da... da!" Barron cooed as he walked into the room, smiling.

Alexander laughed heartily.  "It appears that Prince Barron is ready to begin his princely duties by attending council meetings," he jested happily.

Arthur and Aragon both smiled down at the young boy.

Just then, Emily came running into the room, stopping to curtsy before rushing in.  "Beg your pardon, your majesty!  Prince Barron managed to sneak away while I was teaching his brother!"  Hurriedly, she grabbed him up and made to leave.

Alexander smiled, "Do not worry so, Emily.  It was good to see my little one for the moment."

Turning back to his council, he asked, "So where was I?"
"Begging your pardon sir," the butler said after bowing at the doorway Emily had just exited.  "Your wife is in labor."

Alexander dropped his quill and raced upstairs to join Aurora.
She smiled happily when Alexander rushed into the room.  "Twins again, sweetness.  And this time - little princesses!"

Orb's Year 907
The Kingdom of Celestia had much good fortune to celebrate!  It was a prosperous time in the kingdom, thanks to the benevolent King and Queen!
"Orb's blessing to the children!" someone in the crowd called out as they awaited the prince's birthday cake to be cut.
"Happy birthday boy," Alexander cheered as the boys elbowed each other and waved to their people.

With a smile firmly fixed on her face, Queen Aurora instructed the boys to behave.  

Grabbing their cake, the each made a quick beeline to the Great Hall, racing the entire way.

Aurora rolled her eyes heavenward.  "They are certainly rambunctious little princes, aren't they?" she asked her husband.
Alexander was glad his boys were rough and tumble boys!  They enjoyed outdoor sports, rough-housing with each other and training Sire, the Royale Great Dane.

But, their playfulness was tempered at times when it came to their studies. They were quick to do their homework and learn to study and read.

Orb's Year 908 
"Are you coming to bed, sweetness?" Queen Aurora asked as she retired for the evening.  She'd spent the last few hours playing chess games with her princes and was ready for bed.

King Alexander looked up from the book he was studying.  "Oh yes, of course.  Let me just finish this chapter," he said absently.

Queen Aurora smiled.  "I thought perhaps we might see if the children wanted little brothers or sisters," she said coyly.

"No more sisters!" Prince Barron called out from the other side of the room.

Benedict was quick to add his two sense.  "Yes! They cry too much! Another brother!"

Alexander slammed his book shut and laid it down on the table.  "Well what do you know?! Finished reading!"
Emily snuggled with the little girls as she prepared them for bed.  Princess Catherine in the blue dress and Princess Celeste in the maroon.  They were such dear little girls, Emily thought.  She didn't know if she could bare to leave them.  Soon she would be an adult and would need to decide if she would leave the service or if she would remain here at the castle.  Relationships were highly frowned upon as a servant because your loyalty would be divided between your family and your overlord's family.
"Alright dears, it's time for bed!" Emily said as she picked them up and tucked them into their cribs, fussing over them.  "I'll see you in the morning!"
Emily already knew that she would remain in the Royale household.  She knew she was needed and wouldn't abandon her King and Queen.  And she felt like a second mother to the princes and princesses.  Taking a moment, she mourned for the type of life and the family she might have had should she have chosen a different path for herself...

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