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Royale, Orb's Year 901-904

Orb's Year 901
 Alexander Royale had known that this alliance with Aurora Regale would be for the good of his kingdom.  His counselor assured him that strengthening their relationship with the Regales would strengthen Celestia's fragile economy and bring in extra revenue.  And his military advisor, Arthur Knightley, assured him that having an alliance with the Regales would buffer their kingdom from hostile attacks to the north.  With such noble reasons behind a wedding, Alexander ignored any misgivings he might have had about marrying for love and sent away for his bride.
What he wasn't prepared for was the thunderbolt of love striking him the moment he set eyes upon the fair Aurora! It was love at first sight!
In fact, Alexander found himself looking forward to the day that Aurora would become his wife!  Invitations were sent to all of his kingdom, regardless of stations in life. 
Alexander wanted the whole kingdom to join in his celebration of his marriage and good fortune.
 "Think, girl! You don't want to screw this position up!  And be sure to put in a good word for your sisters!" Amy Baker lectured when she'd caught her daughter resting in the barn.  This wedding celebration would be the perfect time for her daughters to land a husband with some money, she thought to herself.

Emily sighed.  "Mom! Nobody will listen to me!"

Amy pulled Emily's pigtail.  "Then talk louder and make them listen!  Good things don't come to those who wait!  You've got to make it happen!"

Emily mumbled something under her breath about getting back to work and scurried off.  She shouldn't have been so thankful to not be living at home!  But, she was!  Her older sister Carrie and Debbie felt bad for her because she had to join the castle as a servant, but she couldn't have been happier!  She was out from under her mother's thumb and away from the hot stoves endlessly baking!
Well... at least she was out from under her mother's thumb anyway!
Queen Aurora was quite pleased with the turnout for her wedding.  Reaching across the table, she stroked Alexander's hand.  "The banquet was lovely," she said softly.

Alexander couldn't help but grin stupidly and felt his chest puff with pride.  It had been a spectacular day with good food, good ale and much merriment.  Casting a glance across the table, he began to think it was time to retire upstairs, though!

Orb's Year 902
Alexander was happy to see his good friend, Arthur Knightley.  It seemed as though too much time had passed since they had last broken bread together.  Smiling broadly, he clasped Arthur's hand and greeted him exuberantly.

"Come, join us for a meal and tell me what you've been up to lately, friend!" he said, leading the way to the Great Hall.

After their meal was finished, Arthur joined Queen Aurora in the music room to play a lively tune.  Alexander gazed at his wife and felt another surge of pride.  She was so accomplished and talented!

Orb's Year 903
Queen Aurora feed a treat to Scarlet, her trusted pet bird.  Every morning, she would coo to her sweet friend all about her life.  She trusted Scarlet with her deepest secrets and desires.  This morning, she couldn't wait to tell Scarlet the news of her pregnancy.  She knew that Alexander would be pleased.
As she expected, Alexander couldn't wait to tell the kingdom of the little prince or princess that would soon join the Royale family.  The first people that he told were his sister Princess Chris and his good friend, Arthur.
At times she felt as though her pregnancy would never end, it still managed to catch the Royale court off-guard when she delivered in the Library quite unexpectantly!

The even bigger surprise was discovering there would be TWO sons joining their Royale family.  The first son, and heir, was Barron Royale, looking every bit as royal as his father.  Joining him moments later was Benedict Royale.

Orb's Year 904
Following Aragon Consul's counsel, King Alexander continued to improve relations between Celestia and other kingdoms.
Soon he had forged a friendship with Princess Cassidy, third daughter of a king from a distant land who had fallen in love with Celestia. 
A regular at his castle was also Princess Chris, an irreverant young princess that was determined to make her way in the world without the advice from her father.. or Alexander for that matter!  Queen Aurora smiled whenever Princess Chris said that she would never marry because she had said the same thing as a young girl.  Thankfully, she had met the love of her life through those boring negotiations!
Before long, the kingdom gathered at the gates to join in the celebration for Baron and Benedict's 3rd birthday!  The excited townsfolk talked about how strong, agile and bright the little princes would be, especially if they were anything like their father!

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