Monday, April 29, 2013

Taveryn, Orb's Year 901-904

Orb's Year 901
Aidan rough-housed with his young son as they got the pub ready to open.  "Alright, you hooligan, make sure you collect all the dirty mugs lying around," Aidan said as he playfully scruffed Brand's hair.

"Wait! One more round!" Brand begged.  They'd been playing red-hands for the chore of clean-up.  Aidan laughed and held his hands out for one more round that he knew he'd win.

Once Brand lost, once again, he grumbled and stomped off to collect the dirty mugs littering the floor. Aidan couldn't help but smother a grin.  What a chip off the old block! 

They had done well by themselves, Aidan thought, despite the rough start.  When he was 16, he'd been rushed into a marriage with a very pregnant shop-daughter that he'd had a romp with in the hay one drunken night.  Brand had been born not long after.  Unfortunately, his young wife hadn't made it through the delivery and he'd raised Brand on his own from that day on.
Now if only business would improve... Aidan thought as he juggled empty mugs.

 Orb's Year 902
Aidan tended the bar while Brand entertained the customers.  Brand had been playing that old piano since he was a little boy, so he knew many tunes that made the drunkards tap their toes.  Business was definitely picking up, he was proud to notice.

Orb's Year 903
Aidan was beginning to see a steady stream of girls trickling into the bar.  He'd been surprised to find Breena Consul slumming in his bar, but had served her a juice all the same.  He noticed that she had snuck quite a few glances back towards Brand.

Ah, so that was the way of it, then, Aidan chuckled to himself.  His little boy was becoming a man, it seemed!  Perhaps he would need to have a talk with Braden to make sure he didn't wind up a father at 16. Like me, Aidan thought pensively.
Brand knew that a few girls snuck around the pub to try to spark his interest.  When Breena had walked in, Brand had made sure he was busy doing something else.  Not even he was stupid enough to mess around with the Consul's daughter!  No, he much preferred someone from his own class... like Miss Debbie Alioto!  He'd stolen a kiss from her when she'd brought by some merchandise for his dad.

Maybe if he played his cards right she'd let him get a little further...

Orb's Year 904
Now that business was booming, Aidan found himself needing help around the pub.  There were always discarded glasses & plates collecting mold laying around that upset some of his hoity-toity customers.  He'd like to tell them all to just go wash the damn dishes themselves, but the gold they put in his pocket was worth biting his tongue.  He'd asked Carrie Baker to come help him keep the place neat for a few silver pieces a week.
He just hadn't planned on being so attractive to the girl.  And when he'd made an outrageous suggestion that he figured he'd get a resounding slap for, she flirted back.  To his mind that meant they were on the same page!

The crowd roared with laughter and clapped as Aidan twirled Carrie around in a circle and kissed her soundly.

She leaned against his shoulder and giggled.

Taking a bow and waving to the room, he said, "Drinks on the house! Brand's keeping shop!" Then he grabbed up Carrie and swept through to their family home.

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