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Abbey, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
The minute Abbott Mark heard the news concerning his daughter, he called up the social worker who had taken Gemma from the twin Baker girls.
"Gemma!"  he called out as he leaned down to give her a kiss.

"Am I here to stay?" she asked, looking around.

"Of course! You can stay here as long as you wish."

Gemma looked around, hesitant.  "Should I start cleaning the bathroom, first?" she asked.

"No!" Mark exclaimed.  "You're here as my daughter... Gemma Grocer!"
Leaning down, he winked.  "And all wonderful occasions need fireworks!" he confided.

Then with a wave of his wand...
"Daddy! Look!" Gemma exclaimed as she looked at the sky.  "Pretty!!!"

Mark lifted his daughter up to watch the spectacular show, squeezing her tight.  He'd been a fool to entrust the care of his only daughter with Debbie.  That woman looked out for no one but herself.  Perhaps if she'd only come here to the Abbey, her life could have been turned around - as his had!
After bathing Gemma & giving her a new dress to wear, it was soon time for dinner.  Gemma pushed the food around on her plate, glancing around.  Abbott Mark supposed she was trying to make sense of her new home.

It was quite a difference from the little hut she grew up in!

Orb's Year 922
Fiona Farmer had never worked this hard a day in her life!  She cleaned up puddles left from messy bathers...
...she scrubbed the toilets daily...
...and she tended the garden.  Tending the garden was the high point in her day.  She loved putting her fingers in the dirt and tending to the plants!  It made her feel closer to her family at times like this...
"Farrah!" Fiona exclaimed, elated.  "You came to visit!"

"Of course! I couldn't go that long without seeing my other half!" Farrah giggled.  "So tell me about the Abbey," she sighed, wishing that her brother Cade had seen fit to drop her off here.  Something about it called to her.  "Is Abbess Abigail as spectacular are she seems?"

Fiona scrunched her face.  "I wouldn't know.  Most don't deign to speak to me here.  Not because they're rude, but because their noses are buried in their books!"

"What about you? Tell me all about the Consuls!"
Fiona and Farrah settled in to talk for what felt like hours.  Too soon, it was time to say goodbye to her sister.

"Come visit me soon!" Farrah called as she started the long walk to her new home.

Orb's Year 923
Belinda wasn't quite sure how to act around Fiona Farmer.  Fiona was a nice girl, but they didn't seem to have much in common.  Fiona loved to try to gossip about boys, but Belinda wasn't interested in things like that.
She spent her time learning the path of enlightenment.  She hoped to one day be considered the head Abbess of the Abbey, after Abigail passed on.
Belinda began to look out for little Gemma Grocer.  It was important to start a child's instruction early in their life so that they had a love of learning and knowledge!
As such, Belinda made sure that Gemma never missed a day of school, that she understood her assignments and that she studied a few chapters a night with her in the reading hall.

Orb's Year 924
Gemma sighed as she glanced around the empty hall.  She missed her sisters, she thought sadly.  She knew that life at the hut had not been perfect, but surely they hadn't needed to take her away!

She should've cleaned up a little more... been less of a hoyden!  Perhaps if she had behaved better, they wouldn't have felt the need to take her away.

Not that she minded living here.  She had nice, laundered clothing, baths daily, and good food to eat.  But she was lonely.
Her father never had time for her, always hurrying about, talking about enlightenment and studies.

Bleh! Gemma thought sourly.

Belinda was almost just as bad! Even though it gave Gemma a pang of guilt for thinking such a thought.  Belinda was kind and sweet and made sure that Gemma always did her instructional work, attended school & studied.  But, there was no fun and games! It was all a lot of sitting quietly and being patient.

And adults always knew when she started misbehaving because her steps echoed down the empty halls.

That was if someone decided to pay attention.  Generally, there was some sort of "enlightenment" that the adults here were distracted by...
...Abbess Abigail and her volumes of manuscripts that she was writing about the Celestial Orb and the Path to Enlightenment....
...Abbess Mallory with her love of painting...
...Abbess Belinda and her obsession with the outer-world...
..and her father, Abbott Mark, with his nose buried in a book.

Gemma sighed and pushed her food around her plate.  What she wanted was a friend!

Diebin, Orb's Year 922-924

Orb's Year 922-924
"What are we doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" Debbie Baker huffed, annoyed at having walked all that way.  "I'm tired and pregnant!"
Alibaba stroked her cheek.  "Do not fear, my love.  Our den is well-hidden."
Debbie followed behind Alibaba as he made his way through the thick woods and then went down a small slope...

"It's a hidden home!" she exclaimed as she realized what stood before her.

Alibaba nodded enthusiastically.  "Yes! That's right! It is my thieves den!  Nobody sees what is hidden before their eyes!"

"Thieves den? You're a thief?!" she shouted.

Alibaba laughed.  "Why yes, and I will drape you in the most magnificent pearls and gems befitting your beauty!"

Well, that was all she needed to know, Debbie thought happily.  It was about time someone treated her well!


She had not lived with Alibaba as his wife for very long before their child was born.
A small, raven-headed child with big, brown eyes.  Debbie couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment that the baby didn't have Alibaba's golden hair or steel grey eyes. 
"Here, you hold her," Debbie said, pushing little Henna Diebin into her father's waiting arms.  "I'm tired. I'm going to rest now!"

Orb's Year 923
"Hello, good friend," Alibaba greeted the wolf that sometimes lingered by his home.  He left out scraps of meat for the wolf to thank it for guarding his home. 
Hearing horse hooves, he realized it was time to go.  He stealthily slipped through the forest and emerged from the brush.  The rider glanced at him, startled.  "How do you do that?" he groused.  "I look so hard every time!"

Alibaba laughed.  "One usually does not find what they search so hard for!" 
Alibaba had told Debbie that she couldn't leave the house.  No one must know where they were or else they would have to leave Celestia... or worse.

What was she supposed to do all day?!
She counted the hours until Alibaba returned to her!

Orb's Year 924
Sweet Henna was growing up so fast!
Out of boredom, Debbie attempted to teach Henna how to walk, talk or sing nursery rhymes, but really! It was so boring!  Why would any adult ever waste time doing that!
Debbie was becoming more disillusioned the longer she lived her with Alibaba.  He had promised her pearls and gems that would be draped over her.... but he had yet to show her any!   She had believed him when he said they would have riches untold and she would be treated as a queen!
Glancing around the home they shared, she realized it for what it was... a den.  "A thieves' den," she said sadly.

Alibaba had always said that people did not see what was right before their own eyes...

Potter, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
Being a potter was all that Adam had ever known.  If a Sim was using a vase or bowl here in Celestia Kingdom, odds were that his family had made it.

But now it was just him...
...and Caitlyn Baker, the love of his life!
Caitlyn was filling guilty for running off with Adam.  Especially since her father had arranged for her to go to the Abbey to live her life. 

And now her father was gone... too soon for her to say she was sorry...

"Are you okay?" Adam asked, breaking Caitlyn out of her reverie.

She smiled sadly up at him.  "I'll be fine."
Adam wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.  She closed her eyes and hugged him back.  She would be fine.  She just needed a little time to mourn.
In the meantime, there was work to do...

Orb's Year 922
Time had passed and Caitlyn was doing much better. 
Adam was happy to see her smiling again!  He knew disobeying her father had been hard on her, even with her mother's blessing!
But they had managed to carve out a life here in their little hut.  They worked in companionable silence, creating pottery to sell.
They enjoyed eating their meals together and laughing over their day.  Sometimes they even had fish that Adam had managed to catch visiting his friend Sheldon Fischer!

Orb's Year 923
"Thank you for coming," Adam told Carrie Baker, shaking her hand.  "She misses you so much."

Carrie wiped a tear from her eye.  "Where's my little girl?"

Adam pointed Caitlyn out.
Carrie didn't waste a minute hurrying over to hug her daughter.  "Look at you!  You've about all grown up!"

Caitlyn smiled.  "I know!  I can't wait!"

Carrie touched her daughter's cheek.  "It will be a beautiful wedding, dear!"

And that day, before family and friends, Adam welcomed Caitlyn Baker as his wife.
That night, they held hands, as though for the first time.  "I love you Mrs. Potter," he said softly. 

Caitlyn smiled.  "I love you too!"

Orb's Year 924
Caitlyn smiled down at her bulging belly.  According to her mother, she would soon have a babe in her arms!  She couldn't wait!  She'd dreamed of this day for ever so long!
Adam was over the moon with joy, as well.  "We'll see you soon," he told her belly, which made her laugh.

"He can't hear you!" she said, giggling.

Adam glanced up and grinned, "Of course she can!  I felt her kick!"

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Fischer, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
The nights were lonely sometimes as Sheldon fished.  Debbie no longer attempted to come over to spend time with George or try to woo him to her bed.  It was all for the best - but sometimes he missed her anyways.
He knew it was best for little George though!  He didn't need that kind of unstable influence in his life!  He'd long since stopped asking for his Mom and had accepted that she was like a butterfly that couldn't be caught before it needed to be released.
Sheldon hadn't really realized he was missing anything in life until...
...he met Nicole Young.
"I'm going to marry her, boys!" Sheldon announced to his friends over breakfast one morning.  "Mark my word! I'm going to marry her!"

Braden Farmer & Adam Potter laughed.  "But you don't even know her yet!" Braden said. 

Sheldon shook his head.  "It doesn't matter! She's perfect! I can feel it in my heart!"

Orb's Year 922
It took a fair amount of wooing, but Nicole finally agreed to stay over after work one afternoon. She'd been burned before by Brand Taveryn.  Sheldon wondered what that man's appeal was & why he was so bent on breaking all the hearts in Celestia!
Finally Sheldon was able to get Nicole to trust him enough to open up.  Soon, she was a regular visitor at their home!
George happily chatted with his dad and Nicole.  Glancing over at Nicole he asked, "Are you going to be my new mum?" he asked.

Nicole and Sheldon almost choked on their sandwiches.   Glancing at each other, Sheldon covered his mouth and cleared his throat. 
"He's not a shy lad, is he?" he asked Nicole.

Nicole smiled and blushed.  "Certainly not!"  Their eyes lingered on each other.

Turning back to George, he answered frankly, "I don't know yet whether Nicole will be your new Mum, but I have to admit I like her alot."

Nicole reached out and held his hand.  "I like your Dad alot, too."

George just smiled.
"How did you like that for the inquisition?" Sheldon asked Nicole after George had been sent off to bed.

Nicole laughed lightly.  "There's much to be appreciated in a straightforward question!"

Sheldon grabbed Nicole's hand and brought it to his lips.  "Is that so? Will it be that easy for me when I propose to you?"

Nicole smiled.  "Perhaps.  I suppose you will just have to ask to find out," she teased.

"In that case, Nicole Young, will you... go outside and stare at the stars with me?"  Sheldon asked with a twinkle in his eye.
They laid out there for what felt like an eternity before finally heading inside for the night.

Orb's Year 923
George was never surprised when he woke up and found Nicole fixing breakfast.
In fact, he loved it! She made yummy pancakes while Dad always burnt the toast!  They'd been talking about nothing in particular, when Sheldon stopped and looked serious all of a sudden.
Slowly, he presented Nicole with a ring.  "You told me to ask straightforward, so I'll ask you... will you marry me Nicole. Be my wife and mother to George."
Nicole excitedly put on her ring and grinned.  Leaning towards George, she said, "It looks like I'm going to be your mum after all!"

"Oh boy!" George said excitedly.  He couldn't wait!
Sheldon repeated the words that handfasted Nicole to him in matrimony.  She was now his wife.

Orb's Year 924
The Fischers continued to enjoy a happy life together.  Just because he took on a new wife didn't mean George was shunned to the background.
No, Sheldon still made sure his boy knew that he was well-loved.
And it was apparent when George turned into a teen and was well-adjusted and kind.
Sheldon and Nicole laid in bed together, snuggling, talking about the past and the future.

"Do you ever think about having more children?" Nicole asked as she trailed her finger up and down his arm.

"Sure," Sheldon replied.  "I would love a big family! I'd always wished George had little brothers or sisters to play with.   Frowning, he remembered little Fanny and Fancy and wondered how they were getting on without their mother.  He thought about them, but couldn't seem to make himself face them.  They must hate him for abandoning them as he did!
Nicole leaned closer.  "Do you ever think about having them soon?" she asked.

Sheldon finally caught Nicole's drift and felt excitement course through him.  "Well, why didn't you say so!  I think 9 months from now would be great!"