Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Abbey, Orb's Year 905-908

Orb's Year 905
Trista was pleased when Abigail said she was ready to hold the weekly lecture.  It was such an honor!
More people came to attend their lectures and dinners, eager to discuss the Celestial Orbs.  She knew that their Abbey spread an aura of calm amongst their guests.
In their spare time, they strove for knowledge and enlightenment.

Orb's Year 906
Abigail wiped the dirt from her hands and eyed their garden.  There would be plenty for the season, she thought happily.  Their fruit trees would soon be fruiting and they would be able to feed more lost souls that found their way at the Abbey.
Because each week more and more people arrived to hear the message of the Celestial Orb.
She'd been amazed with Trista's transformation.  Trista had been very private about her life before the abbey, but Abigail could tell that she had been from the merchant-class.  She'd been despondent and eager for a friend when she first came.  Now she was calm and had discovered a love of painting.

It was amazing the changes that could take place when one sought enlightenment.

Orb's Year 907
Mallory was  different story.  She came to them from another Abbey further north.  She'd been born to a royal family, but had chosen to pursue enlightenment.  Her family had been unable to accept her decision and had cast her out.  Saddened that her family turned their backs on her, she attempted to move far enough away that they never crossed paths.

She more often than not used her gifts for her own gain - such as Magivestigium to save steps or Appello Servantus to call forth a magical servant.
The first time Abigail had seen Mallory call forth an inanimate being, she'd been shocked and amazed.  If being centered & aligned had these benefits, what could the kingdom do if all people, regardless of station were in tune with their Orbs.
But in time, Abigail had remained neutral on that particular gift.  Not all good, easy things were perfect.  She had seen the being stop working and begin pounding on the piano, as though trying to attract attention.  Perhaps it was best to leave the things they did not understand alone...

Orb's Year 908
But Abigail did have a weakness herself...  Appello Cattus Amicus...
She guiltily called upon her familiar, Atticus to cuddle and love. 
Mallory gazed out the telescope, hoping to catch a glimpse of the homeland she had left.  She missed her family and her culture, but seemed to be fitting in well amongst the Celestial Abbey.  Perhaps her move had been for the best, after all, she thought as she moved the telescope further to the left to attempt to see past the great mountain.

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