Thursday, May 2, 2013

Abbey, Orb's Year 909-912

Orb's Year 909
Trista was so glad that she had found the Celestial Abbey, even if it had been late in her life.  She felt peace such as never before once coming here.  She was able to explore her passion for creativity.
And also a love of nature, especially spending time in the garden.  She was amazed by how good it felt to put in a hard day's work for something that you loved.

Orb's Year 910
Mallory, on the other hand, was finding it hard to transition to self-reliance.  She still enjoyed conjuring the ghostly servants to clean the Abbey on her days for cleaning.
And she paid entirely too much attention to handsome men that passed through the halls.  Abigail frowned as she watched Trent flirt across the chess table with Mallory.  She would admit that Mallory seemed oblivious to it, probably used to a large degree of flattery from being Royalty. 
But when Mallory showed signed of pregnancy, it made Abigail very suspicious.  It was against the rules for members of the Abbey to pursue romantic relationships.  She was fostering a place where people gained pleasure from higher learning and enlightenment, not tawdry coupling.
Her lecture over the next few weeks was very stern, especially when Trent came to sit in.  Abigail had her suspicions.

Orb's Year 911
But Mallory swore up and down that she had not engaged in any extracurricular activities!  She told a story about what she had thought  was a dream.  She'd been staring through the telescope one night when she'd felt faint and passed out.  She told of a bizarre sensation of floating and bright lights.  But, when she'd woken up, she was lying on the hard stone floor, so she'd thought nothing of it.

Trista believed her, but not Abigail. 

Mallory would need to come up with something better than that to convince her!
Mallory knew that Abigail didn't believe her.  And she knew that Abigail frowned on using the Celestial Orb's magic for "selfish gains."

Mallory swirled her wand around.
This food would feed plenty tonight.  Nothing selfish about that, she told herself, satisfied.  The lobster meal was going to be delicious!
Umph, she felt a kick, if only the baby growing in her would settle down!
Orb's Year 912
The day had finally arrived for Mallory's baby to be born.  Abigail stayed by her side and attempted to help her through the worst of the pains, fully expecting Mallory to hold up a red-haired squalling baby.
Mallory nervously held up the baby to her friends...
..they were all shocked to see a lovely green-skinned baby, resting quietly in it's mother's arms.  The lack of crying unsettled everyone who had ever witnessed an infant's birth.

Abigail was amazed!

Mallory had been telling the truth all along!  She felt ashamed that she had mistrusted her friend and assumed that she was an expert on all in the world.  There were things in this world that none understood. 

Abigail absently made a note to begin her research...
Mallory fed her daughter, Belinda, and set her in the crib she'd bought to rest.  The Abbey had never had a baby before.  Perhaps it would turn the Abbey upside down, Mallory thought with a grin.  She knew that Abigail loved her structured rules and schedules.  Trista would go with the flow though and be the perfect stand-in grandmother.
Unfortunately, Trista passed away in silence as the Abbey fussed over the new child that had been born.

Trista McGraw, Celestial Orb Years' 865-912


  1. I finally caught up! Loving this story!


    1. Thank you! I've had so much fun with these families. I especially love my new alien in the abbey. :)


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