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Abbey, Orb's Year 913-916

Orb's Year 913
The villagers continued to come to the Abbey to listen to the sisters speak and learn from them about the Celestial Orb and how to attain enlightenment.

Orb's Year 914
Mark Grocer greeted Mallory nervously.  He explained that he needed to speak to her in private.
"So, tell me what the matter is and I'll see what I can do to help," she promised.

Mark took a breath.  "I need enlightenment.  I keep making a mess of my life.  I am too susceptible to my..." he cleared his throat, "my... er... passions."

"And how can we help you?" she asked, seeking clarification.

"I want to come here and learn peace and enlightenment," he said.  "I have hurt too many people and I feel that I must stop."  Mark thought of his messy relationship with Amy Baker and then Debbie Baker.  He knew that she'd been married, but he'd met her at the market one day and fallen for her again.  When she'd expressed an interest in him, he hadn't been able to resist. 

"If you're serious, then let me speak with Abbess Abigail and see what she says."
Abigail sat in front of the Grocer and attempted to size him up.  "It's very unusual for a man to join the Celestial Orb Abbey," she noted.

Mark nodded his head.  "I know.  But, I am interested in the pursuit of enlightenment and balance in life."

Abigail nodded again.  "And you are 100% committed.  Once you join, you must stay."

"I am committed."

"We shall see. You will begin as a servant, studying the ways of the Orb and slowly build your way up to an Abbott."
Mark slipped between the fine sheets and felt relief thrumming in his veins.  He had allowed himself to be consumed with his passionate needs too much.  It was time to make atonement.
Although, he hadn't know beginning at the bottom would be quite so... boring and dreary.  Setting the duster aside, he glanced at the book in front of him.
It appeared to be a language that he had never seen.  How would he be able to study it if he couldn't read it, he thought sourly as he scanned the book.  Abbess Abigail hadn't said anything about learning a new language!

Orb's Year 915
Mallory delighted in her daughter Belinda, no matter other people said.  She'd heard people whisper that she'd fraternized with the occult just because her daughter was born otherworldly.  She had ceased explaining that the world was full of things that they did not understand.
The ugly rumors did not matter to her - sweet Belinda did.  She saw Belinda for what she was - a gift!
Happy birthday sweet child!

Orb's Year 916
"Why did you call me out here?" Mark asked Mallory.  They were on the mezzanine of the Celestium. If he looked down, he would see the Celestial Orb and the rows set up for the lecture.

Abbess Abigail did not answer.
All of a sudden, Mark began to feel a little funny.  Tingly...
He felt a new energy run through his body!  This is what he'd wanted! A new beginning!

And then Abigail was gone...
Abigail hadn't gone far, merely to the top of the Celestium. 
Waving her wand she cast a spell to summon the power of the Orb to shower Mark with enlightenment and peace.

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