Monday, May 20, 2013

Abbey, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917
Belinda felt like a princess growing up at the Abbey.  She never wanted for anything.
But, she was also expected to work hard on her letters and numbers...
...and help around the house.
But other than that, she was given free reign of the house.  She often snuck out to the Celestium to pretend she was an Abbess instructing the villagers in the way of enlightenment. 

Orb's Year 918
Mark was devoted to the Abbey.  He had learned much since coming here.
He had regretted the argument with Debbie over their daughter, Gemma.  But, so far, Debbie had brought the child over to see him several times, so he was happy.
Sometimes he wondered how things would have been different if he'd married Debbie all those years ago, despite her indiscretion with the Taveryn boy.  

He didn't let himself linger on that thought long.  He knew in his heart that Debbie would have cheated again - just as she had cheated on Sheldon with him.  She didn't have it in her soul to be faithful to one man.

Her burgeoning stomach, yet again, told that story all too clearly!  There was much speculation over who the father could be.

Orb's Year 919
 The years had been kind to Abbess Abigail.  But, she was beginning to feel her age.  Perhaps it would soon be time to appoint a new Head Abbess in her place.
Abigail had been pleased with how committed Abbott Mark had been to the Orb.  There were some that said he fathered another child with Debbie Baker, but he had sworn to her that wasn't the case.

Abigail had learned her lesson about assuming she knew best from Belinda's birth!
They made an odd family from the outside, but each person at the Abbey felt like kin to the other.
Abbess Mallory stopped in the middle of weeding and pressed her hand to her aching back.  Perhaps she was getting too old for this! she thought.

Orb's Year 920
Belinda was excited now that was a teenager.  Her mother had promised her that she could pledge herself to the Abbey to learn the way of enlightenment. 

She couldn't imagine doing anything else!

She loved the Abbey and rarely traveled beyond the walls protecting her.
She stood in front of the villagers, nervous and self-conscious.
She felt the power tingling through her immediately. 
This was it, she thought happily.  I'm an Abbess, she thought happily.  Abbess Belinda!

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