Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baker, Orb's Year 905-908

Orb's Year 905
Now that Amy was making a decent wage for her baking, she set her eyes on other merchants in the surrounding area.  Perhaps there were better deals to be had...
Meanwhile, Debbie continued to hone her flirting skills, although she often dreamt of Brand Taveryn.  He'd never come knocking on her window again, but she often hoped before going to bed that she'd be awakened by pebbles against her window.
With the women of the household focused on personal pleasure, their poor dog, Mags suffered.  Mags often had to bark at the women continuously to remind them to feed her and more often than not no one thought to bathe her.  Why would they though? They never even cleaned her accidents in the yard!

Orb's Year 906
Unable to make any headway with the other merchants in the area, Amy turned her sights to creating new dishes.  The chocolate cake she'd begun baking had sold like wildfire!
"That was good, Mother."

Amy leaned back and smiled.  They had just taste-tested her newest cake recipe.  "Yes, it was, wasn't it?  You're going to have to learn to bake it, girl.  Repeat the recipe back to me," Amy demanded.

Debbie rolled her eyes.  "I haven't learned it yet! I will, though!"

Amy swatted at her daughter.  "I work my fingers to the bone to learn new recipes and you can't even be bothered to learn it to give my poor fingers a break!  Get off with you!  Go on!"  Amy shooed her ungrateful daughter out the door. 

Daughters, she thought bitterly.
She was still pensive later that night when Mark came over to renew his baked products.  She'd presented him with the cake with little fanfare.  Not that he noticed.  He sat down and enjoyed a big slice and rattled on about this and that.  Amy wasn't listening... she was worried about the future. 

Orb's Year 907
Amy spent a good deal of time worrying these days.  She'd be gone from this world soon and her daughter newly an adult!  And yet Debbie acted like a child.  She couldn't even take the time to memorize a recipe!  She thought she could flit her life away!  Amy shook her head sourly,  Just like me when I was her age. Well, give her a few daughters and that will all change!
Then a glimmer of an idea started to take place.  Perhaps there was a way to make sure Debbie was taken care of after she left and raise the Baker's station in life.  Mark seemed to like Debbie well enough. 

Orb's Year 908
Debbie had been appalled by her Mother's suggestion to seduce Mark.  But, the more she thought about, the more merit it had.  He could take care of her.  Maybe she wouldn't even have to bake anymore!  She could be a Grocer merchant!

And he wasn't bad looking, either...
He seemed eager enough to pursue a relationship with her...
When Mark pulled her in to kiss her, she couldn't help thinking that it was a good thing she'd practiced kissing all those years as a teenager!

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