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Baker, Orb's Year 913-916

Orb's Year 913
Debbie wasn't sure what she would've done without Sheldon Fischer.  He had such a way with children! 
She just didn't have the same knack - not even with her own children!
"What is it? What do you need? Why can't you talk?!" Debbie said, frustrated from the crying toddler.
Sheldon gave Fancy a bottle and patted her on the head.  "She just needed something to eat," he told her. 

Debbie tugged her braid.  "I don't know how you stay so calm all the time! The constant crying annoys me to no end!"

"You're doing must better, though!" Sheldon said.  "You don't run from the room nearly as often anymore," he teased.
Debbie smiled, "Why would I run from the room when you're in it?" she teased back.  Orb's truth, it was hard on her living this close to a man and not taking part in any of the bed sport.  Fischer always smelled like the sun and the ocean.  It nearly drove her mad sometimes.

She'd decided that enough was enough.  They lived together and got along well.  Perhaps they could be more than just roommates.

Testing the waters, she ran a finger lightly down his arm.  When she glanced in his eyes, she saw interest and that was enough for her.
She gave in to all the need coursing through her....
...and threw caution to the wind. 

Orb's Year 914
Sheldon didn't mind a bit of hard work.  He knew how hard it was on Debbie to have lost her mother and then her innocence.  Sometimes he had half a mind to go down to the pub and give Aidan Taveryn a piece of his mind for his sour treatment of Debbie.

To abandon your own children was a sin!  No matter whether they were born out of wedlock or not!

So, if sometimes Debbie didn't tend to her chores as she promised, he just helped pick up the slack.
Although sometimes he felt he did the lion's share of the work around the house, it was worth it to see her smile.
They had come a long way since they'd first met.  But, he still couldn't shake the doubts that all they were doing was playing house.  He wanted a real commitment from Debbie... a real family.
And the girls Fancy and Fanny meant the world to him!  He only wished he had more to give them than two hay-stuffed sacks to sleep on.
Or to have them fighting over a stale milk bottle.  He was doing his best to provide for them, though.  He just hoped that it would be enough!

Orb's Year 915
Debbie was worried.  The last time she'd told a man that she was pregnant, he had run for the hills.  Aidan had not been interested in being involved with the girls.  She wasn't sure if it was because he wasn't interested or if he was scared of his wife.  Either way, there had been no help from that corner!

Sheldon had really saved her life, coming to her aid like he had. 
She beat the batter a little harder than normal, worrying about what to tell him.
He was right over there, teaching Fancy how to talk and promising to help her learn to read!  She was always amazed by his generosity and spirit!
"Sheldon..." she said, walking over to him.  "I need to talk to you. It's important."  Debbie took a deep breath.  "I know that you hadn't intended on staying and that you've stayed because you've found comfort in my bed.  But, that comfort has led to an unfortunate situation..." she trailed off.

Sheldon asked "Unfortunate? What's the matter?"

"I'm with child," she told him bluntly, waiting for his anger.

Sheldon cheered and swung her around.  "Pregnant? That's wonderful news! Marry me Debbie! Marry me and let's make a family!  I love you and I love the girls."
Debbie was shocked as Sheldon pulled out a ring.  "This was my mother's.  I want you to have it.  Say you'll be my wife and that we'll be a family together!"

"Yes!" Debbie stammered in shock.  "I will!" 
It didn't take long for the doubts to creep into Debbie's mind though.  Just what had she done?

Orb's Year 916
"Take it back!" Fancy snapped as she poked Fanny in the chest.  "You're the one that forgot to get the eggs this morning!"

Fanny fought the tears that came to her eyes.  She didn't want to cry in front of Fancy because it only made Fancy madder.  "I swear, Fancy.  It's your morning."

Fancy grabbed Fanny's braid and pulled.  "Liar!" she yelled, ready to pummel Fanny.
"Girls! That's enough! Get Sheldon! NOW!" Debbie bellowed.  Sheldon had done this to her and by Orb, he would be here when she delivered his child! 

She counted and panted and labored until she'd delivered a beautiful baby boy that Sheldon had immediately grabbed and cuddled.
Sheldon couldn't believe what a handsome son he had.  George, he had named his boy.  Sheldon had immediately told Debbie to rest and relax and that he'd see to the chores around the house and the baby.  She'd gone to bed, complaining and vexed.

He knew that she wasn't fond of the infant stage.  Although, she didn't appear to be very fond of the childhood stage either.  Often she shooed her daughters out to play outside.
He insisted on family breakfasts and tried to spend time with them and reassure them of his love, despite the new baby in the house.

With all that as his focus, he hadn't noticed Debbie becoming more and more distant....
Until the day the truth hit him in the face...
"How could you?" Sheldon had raged after catching Debbie snuggling with Mark Grocer.  "I cook, I clean, I provide fish for the family! I raise your daughters and our son - and this - THIS is how you repay me?"  Sheldon stormed into the house and began to gather up articles of clothing.

Debbie trailed along behind him, fretting.  "I didn't mean it, Sheldon. It was nothing."

"Nothing? I catch you stroking another man's cheek and talking of love and it's 'nothing'?"

Debbie grabbed the shirt from his arms.  "Don't go," she pleaded.

Sheldon let her take the shirt and continued to gather up his meager supplies.  "I was a fool to think that I could mold you into a family woman.  You're content to live your life as your mother did - alone and criticizing.  "I'm taking George with me."

"You can't go!" she said.
Sheldon paid her no attention, but loaded up the carriage.  His heart broke when he saw the girls hiding by the wood pile, watching Debbie run after him.  He wished that he could bring them with for they would surely suffer from such a selfish woman such as Debbie, but they were not his to take.  He could only attempt to care for them from afar.
Debbie ran after Sheldon as he stepped in the carriage.  "Don't go!" she cried.  "I'm sorry!" she cried.
In shock, she stumbled to her room and buried her face in her hands.  What had she done?  She couldn't even claim that she was innocent, for she'd bedded Mark the day before while Sheldon had been fishing. 

She hadn't thought of the consequences of her actions.  She'd just felt so lost and confused and Mark had been there telling her how pretty she was.  She'd reacted the way she used to when she wanted something.

And now she'd lost Sheldon! 

She hadn't appreciated him and he'd left her...
Wandering into the bathroom, she stared in the mirror.   He was right, though.   Sometimes when she looked in the mirror, it was like she was looking at her mother...

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