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Baker, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917

Debbie's heart sank when she'd told Mark Grocer that she was expecting his child from their illicit affair that had led to the crumbling of her marriage.  He'd been wearing the garb of the Abbey, but it hadn't dawned on Debbie that he'd joined their order. 

She'd attempted to kiss him hello, but had been rebuffed.  A lesson she'd learned from her mother was that men were much more malleable when they'd been properly kissed.

"But what do you mean you can't do anything?" she asked.

"I've made vows," Mark said sadly.  "I've ruined too many lives.  I need to make atonement."

Debbie stared in confusion.  "Then make atonement by marrying me! You wanted to when I was younger, why not now?"

"I cannot give up my vows to the Orb." Mark said stubbornly.  "It isn't done."

"But... but... I lost my husband because of you."

Mark made a face.  "The blame does not lay entirely on me.  You lost your husband because you made a cuckold of him with me. I freely admit my part in the scheme... now you need to admit yours!"

Realizing that Mark wouldn't budge, she'd sent him away and threatened that he'd never see his child.  He'd left, promising her that he would see their child and promising that if she attempted to keep the baby from him, that he would sue for custody!
Debbie was agitated.  Why couldn't men do what they were supposed to?

Frustrated, she walked over to the girls and told them grumpily, "Never believe a word out of a man's mouth," before she stalked into the cottage and slammed the door.
"Did you see her face when she said that," Fanny laughed with Fancy. 

"Yeah, she's just mad because he wouldn't marry her.  I heard it!" Fancy promised.

The girls were quiet for awhile before Fanny piped up again.  "Do you think Sheldon will come back?"

Fancy shook her head.  "No.  He's done with us.  Mama broke his heart."

Fanny nodded sadly. "But we're not like mama! So... maybe he'll come back to us..."

Fancy rolled her eyes.  "Don't be stupid Fanny!"
Late in the night Debbie delivered her fourth child, born out of wedlock and destined for a life as a peasant, despite the baby's gleaming brown hair.
She named the child Gemma.

Orb's Year 918
Debbie quickly got back to the day-to-day things around the house.  She needed to bake to live, especially since Sheldon had deserted her. 
He'd done so much around the house that she'd taken for granted.  The place was a pigsty!  It never used to bother her, but now it did!
She'd taken in a stray dog to make the girls happy, but Baron quickly led to more problems and headaches.
The girls were no help either, spending most of their time making messes themselves...
Or complaining about the mess around the house. 

"Mother! There's cockroaches"! Fancy had squealed in alarm as she attempted to squish the bugs.  "I hate them! I hate it here! I want to live with Sheldon!"

Debbie had heard enough about the sainted Sheldon.  She'd been trying for years to beguile him into coming back to her, but he'd remained steadfast.  "Well your precious Sheldon doesn't WANT you! Go away while I cook!"
Fancy had run from the room crying at the same time Gemma had yelled for her bottle.

"Good Gods, a lot full of girls!  Mother always said they were trouble," she grumbled as she grabbed Gemma into her arms. 

Orb's Year 919
"Baron! No! Leave the chickens alone!" Debbie screeched when she caught Baron near the chickens again. 
He'd already killed one of the chickens and if he killed another, she would send him away!
Then again... maybe she'd give him a treat.  She saw a handsome man walking by and turned to fluff her hair and then call out a greeting.

She struck up a conversation with the handsome man who called himself Alibaba Diebin, Prince of Thieves.
What an interesting man he was!  So strong and virile, Debbie thought, fanning herself. 
His attention made her forget her sorry lot in life!  She took advantage of the love he gave her.
In the morning, she bid him stay awhile longer, but he'd said he had things to do as he got up and dressed quickly.
She'd followed him from the house, watching as he walked back the way he had come.  Silent as any thief should be, she thought sadly.

Orb's Year 920
Thank God the girls didn't know about her indiscretion with Alibaba, Debbie thought sourly as she mixed the batter.  They would've harassed her about her poor decisions.  They were very vocal about her shortcomings, she thought sullenly.

Perhaps she should've slapped their mouths shut a few more times as children!
But then, proof of her affair became known.  Soon the whole village would know of her shame... AGAIN!

It was maddening!

She was sure she'd been close to getting Sheldon back.  But when he saw her stomach expanding with child again, he would know she could not be a faithful wife.
At least they were sweet to Gemma and helped take care of her.  Neither Fancy nor Fanny were much interested in learning to bake.  Although, if she thought back to her childhood, she'd hated it as well.  The sweltering heat, the constant mixing... it was torture.  But, she had mouths to feed, so bake she must!
Although, they were still teens and not always available to help. 
"Curse the Celestial Orb!" Debbie had railed.  Her mother had warned her about the dangers of girls, but had never said anything about the troubles with MEN!

She let out a piercing screech to relieve the pent  up tension building in her head.
Whining at his mistress's anger, Baron made a quick exit to avoid a swift kick that often accompanied her yelling.

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