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Baker, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
Debbie rubbed her belly and prayed that her life would turn out differently this time around.  That Alibaba would return and sweep her away, swearing to take care of her and their unborn child.

She spent many months searching the horizons for the man who'd stolen her heart...
And then one day he was there!
And promised to sweep her away and take care of her and their unborn child!
She allowed herself to get swept up in the moment... and left behind the little Baker house and all the awful memories of it...
Never once giving a thought to any responsibilities she might have...


"She's gone. I swear! I looked everywhere!" Fancy told her sister.  "She's left us!"

"She wouldn't have left Gemma!" Fanny argued, unconvincingly.  She appeared worried and asked softly, "Would she?"

Fancy felt herself growing angrier at the woman who had birthed them.  "Of course she would! She's a selfish, horrid woman!"
"What are we going to do?" Fanny wailed. 

For once, Fancy agreed whole-heartedly with her twin sister.  What in the world were they going to do?!

Orb's Year 922
"Okay, so I've thought it over," Fancy said.  "First things first. We need to get our home in good repair.  We can't continue to live in this filth!"
The girls worked hard together to repair leaking faucets, mop up stagnant water, take out dirty trash & scrub down the kitchen.
Glancing around, Fancy felt proud of their little home.  "Now we spend our last $900 on groceries."

Fanny's eyes widened.  "Are you sure? Maybe we should go beg our Father for some money! I'm sure he'd help us."

Fancy shook her head. "We need nothing from him.  We are Bakers!  We'll bake!"
And so they did.

Orb's Year 923
The next item on Fancy's checklist was to establish a relationship with Baji Marchant.  She knew that her mother used to sell her goods to him and she hoped that she could continue that business relationship.

She had caught the quick flash of pity that had crossed Baji's face when she'd explained her circumstances, but she attempted to haggle for the best deal possible.  She'd thought she'd won the moon when he'd agreed to her 100-gold per group meal proposition!  She must be a superior business-woman, she thought happily.   Just wait until she told Fanny!

It never crossed her mind that Baji was fluffing the price for the orphaned girls abandoned by their mother.
Next, Fancy made friends with the delivery girl from town.  She hoped that in time she might be able to get a discount on the groceries that they purchased! 

She told Fanny that every little bit helped!

Fanny stood back and watched her sister shine.  She wished she could be half as bold as her sister, but she was content to follow rather than lead.  Fancy had such wonderful ideas!
Gemma seemed to grow up when nobody was looking.  Her birthday came and went without any acknowledgement.
And so long as she did not make a big mess or cause a big fuss, Gemma was allowed to do whatever she wanted.  She didn't even have to bathe if she didn't want to! Her sisters never seemed to notice anyways...
...after all, they often worked late into the night, preparing meals to set aside to sell.
Fanny left her sister working silently in the kitchen and took a deep breath of fresh air, sitting next to Baron.  "Sometimes I want more," she confided to her faithful pet.  "Do you know what I mean?"

Orb's Year 924

Dreams do come true, Fanny thought when she met Keith Cook.
It seemed to be love at first sight!
After that night, he often came over and had dinner with them or helped them around the house.
Fanny hadn't told her sister, but Keith had kissed her sweetly and asked her to pledge herself to him.  He wanted them to marry when they were old enough.

And Fanny had never wanted  anything more!


"Wait!" Fancy called out in fear when the lady appeared to lead Gemma away.  "I know it might look bad, but we do love her! Please do not take us from her!  We're her only family!"

The lady shook her head and kindly placed her hand on Fancy's shoulder.  "We'll take good care of her and find her a family that can raise her right.  You and your sister are too young to be raising a child of Gemma's age."

"But I'll do better! I promise!" Fancy cried. 
Her heart broke into a million pieces when Gemma sadly waved goodbye.  She had failed her little sister. 
So she did the only thing she knew how to do....   she baked....


  1. I actually planned this so that Gemma could officially become a Grocer when Mark adopted her at the Abbey.

    But, good Lord, I always tear up when the social worker comes to visit!


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