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Consul, Orb's Year 909-912

Orb's Year 909
Aragon was well pleased when Cassidy told him that she was expecting another child.  He patted the belly as he spoke to his unborn child.  He only worried that his time on Earth was almost done and that he would not be able to protect this child.
He apparently hadn't done too bad for Breena.  After years of begging, pleading and crying, she had confessed that she had never been happier.  Aragon hugged his daughter.  She seemed to be glowing these days.  Perhaps he would soon be a grandfather!  By Orb's Blessings he would be there to witness the miracle!
In the meantime, he turned his eye to his oldest son.  "Ah, King Alexander! Good of you to visit!" Aragon said as he greeted his young king.

Alexander grinned and clamped Aragon into a bear hug, ending with a solid fist pound on the Aragon's back. "Well, old friend, when I receive a missive stating you have important business to address, I tend to hurry!"

Aragon righted himself after the forceful hug and nodded, "Very good, your majesty."  Clearing his throat, he continued.  "As you know, my time here on Earth draws to a close."

Alexander frowned and began to deny Aragon's words, but stopped when Aragon held up a hand.  "No, no.  Do not argue. It is the truth.  I am an old man and am getting no younger.  I have seen to my daughter's marriage and now I would like to see to my son's.  As you know, Cirdon and your daughter's are of an age.  Perhaps you would see fit to consider a bond between the great Royales and the Consuls."

When Alexander opened his mouth to say something, Aragon interrupted again.  "No, no.  No need to make a decision right away.  I always told you you're too hasty by half!"

At that, Alexander busted out laughing.  "And to think I was going to tell you 'yes'! Come, let's speak on other matters of business, old friend!"
"Father, why do I have to learn these silly letters anyways?  I hate it!" Cirdon complained.

Aragon put his hands on his hips.  "There are many things in life that do not wait for us to like them.  Letters are important to our way of life.  To learn to read and write will set you apart from many men.  No cease your complaining and let us begin again.."  It remained unsaid that one day he might very well be married to royalty.  There would be certain expectations and it was Aragon's wish that Cirdon impress the world with his quick logic and wit!

Cirdon groaned, but picked up his quill and began tracing the letters painstakingly. 

Orb's Year 910
Aragon gathered family and friends in the Hall to celebrate Dresden's birthday.  Soon Aragon would need to consider Dresden's future.  Cassidy gently accused him of not trusting her decisions, but it was more than that.  These were his children!  He had brought them into the world and wanted to be sure they had the best opportunities available!  It took time, skill and strategy to plan.
As the time for Cassidy to deliver their baby came closer, he knew that soon he would need to make plans for their new child, as well!
A beautiful little girl they named Evelyn.  She had the pale skin of her mother with red-hair and dark blue-eyes that sparkled like the ocean.
Aragon sat in his study and wrote out missives concerning his last wishes.  He would have to entrust Cassidy to make the best decisions for Dresden and Evelyn for he had no time left to arrange anymore.
Aragon tried to pay attention to the sensations as he felt his Celestial Orb dim.  If only he had a quill nearby to make a few notes...

Aragon Consul, Celestial Orb Years' 856-911.

Cassidy was beside herself with grief.  She'd been touched that the King had said such king words at the funeral.  But, none of that brought her husband back to her...

Orb's Year 911

"Cassidy, I had thought to wait awhile to have this discussion with you, but I believe the time in right."

With such a serious tone, King Alexander certainly had her attention!

"It was Aragon's wish that I help take care of his family after he passed away.  As such, I have arranged for a marriage between his eldest son, Cirdon, and my eldest daughter, Princess Catherine."

Cassidy was surprised, "But he does not have full royal blood," she began.

Alexander waived his hand, "That does not matter.  He has his mother's royal blood and Aragon was a prince among men!  I can think of no better compliment than to have his blood in my family line."

Cassidy was touched.  "Thank you, your Majesty."

"There's more.  I will also be arranging a marriage for Dresden and your young daughter, Evelyn."  Alexander paused.  "And you."

"Me?!" Cassidy exclaimed.  "But I have no wish to remarry!"

"I had thought to pair you with Trent Noble.  He's a fine young man, if not a bit impetuous.  I believe marriage would be good for him!"

"Trent Noble! It would be like marrying a peacock! That man is vain and impertinent!"

Alexander sighed.  "Aragon said you would be difficult on this matter."

Cassidy smiled wistfully at the memory of her husband, "Hear me out, King Alexander.  I am well settled in my life as mother to my children.  Soon, Cirdon will reach his teenage years and will take over the duties of Lord here.  Please do not take that away from my son."

Alexander steepled his fingers together and considered Cassidy.  "As you wish.  I defer to your judgement."  Alexander stood up, "But do not hesitate if you require any assistance Cassidy.  Your husband was more than my counselor, he was my friend and my mentor.  I would see you taken care of."
The business of adults is often far off from the business of children.  Cirdon delighted in teasing Princess Catherine and watching her squirm and squeal.  He had laughed with Dresden when she'd screamed at the frog he'd found by the pond.
And despite Cirdon's protests, his mother continued to invite Princess Catherine over to play and bid him be kind.  She said that one never knew where life would take you...

Orb's Year 912
Those words haunted Cirdon.  It was true.  One never knew where life would take you or how it would change.  He stared at his baby sister, Evelyn.  Now that father was not around to take care of her, perhaps it was his duty.  He was almost old enough to be Lord of the home.
The least he could do would be to help his mother in caring for his sister.
Cirdon had been quite glad that his mother did not invite the pesky little Princess Catherine over this night.  Princess Diedre and her friend had come over.  He hadn't even caught the friends name!  He only had eyes for Princess Diedre!  She had such soft skin and beautiful eyes!

If only he were of royal blood...


  1. Uh-oh. Cidron is not going to be happy when he hears the king's plans. You are really tempting me to fire up TS2 and start a royal kingdom. :)

    1. Nothing like watching a pesky girl grow up to be a beautiful woman! (And it's only fair that you're tempted because your blog has made me itch to look into TS3 and find out about laundry machines & kissing frogs!)


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