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Consul, Orb's Year 913-916

Orb's Year 913
Princess Cassidy held her darling daughter and tried to make use of the time she was still young to help teach her all the things she would need to know as she got older.   She might not be of royal birth, but she was the next best thing and should be a Noble proudly!
Like her sons... Cirdon and Dresden were so dignified and polite!  She knew they would do great things in honor of their Father one day!
Even since Aragon's death, Cirdon especially had shown tremendous growth.  He'd begun taking family life more seriously.  He watched over Dresden and made sure he stayed on top of his skills and instructional work.  He'd also taken a job within the Court's Intelligence Office.  She knew that the King had praised her son and his work ethic multiple times now.

It made her want to do something for all of her children. Something that they would love...
One night as she was walking the grounds, she discovered the perfect thing!
"Is it ours, Mother? Truly?" Dresden said happily, playing with the excited dog.  "Let's call her Zoe!" 

Cirdon smiled.  "Then Zoe it is, he announced," feeling too old and proper to get down on one knee and play with the dog as he wished.
Little Evelyn had no such hesitation.  She immediately threw her arms around her new puppy and hugged her gleefully.  "Dog!" she crooned merrily.

Orb's Year 914
Princess Cassidy readied little Evelyn for her birthday.
She was learning the proper way to address people of different stations, how to walk gracefully and how to keep her dresses clean.
After all, she was a child now!  More was expected of her!
During the fete, Cassidy caught Trent Noble's eye from across the room and felt a fluttering in her heart.  Perhaps King Alexander had been right to want a match between the house of Noble and the house of Consul.  She could not deny the attraction that was there...

But what she would do with it, she did not know.
The feeling of attraction was not limited to the human species, either. 
The King's dog Sire took an interest in the Consul's new dog Zoe.
 Yes, love was definitely in the air! 

"You look lovely tonight, Princess Catherine," Cirdon said affectionately.  He'd been amazed by how Princess Catherine had grown from a gangly-armed childhood friend into a beautiful lady. 

If only he were a higher station...

Orb's Year 915
"No, no!" Dresden complained.  "Good God! It's simple addition! It shouldn't be this hard!"

Evelyn dropped her homework and rolled her eyes.  "Perhaps we should try this again when you're not in such a mood, brother dear!"  The truth was that Evelyn would have loved to lay down the work and run and play.  This was so boring!

Dresden shook his head.  "No. Cirdon is counting on me to teach you your numbers."

Evelyn sighed, "But if I'm to marry someone rich and important, why do I need to know my numbers! I'll never use it!"

Dresden laughed.  "That's the silliest statement in the world! Mother uses numbers all the time - for  running the household and for correspondence.  Every one should know how to read and write."

"Yeah, but some people don't... like the peasants! Some of them don't know how to read or write!"

"What do you know of peasants?" Dresden asked, intrigued. 

Evelyn shrugged.  "I have spoken to some people at the instructional school.  That's what they said."

"Well, don't fill your head with tall tales.  Instead fill it with useful knowledge - like your math.  Now try again.  Farmer has 10 apples...."

Evelyn groaned and began writing the numbers as Dresden spoke them.
Cassidy tucked her daughter in and kissed her head.  Dresden had told her about Evelyn statement about the peasants.  She would need to speak with the head instructor.  There should be little time for gossip of the lower classes and more time spent teaching the children.
"Orb's truth," Dresden swore.  "She looked up at me and said that girls wouldn't need to read or write!"

Cirdon laughed.  "Oh, I'm sure that's what she wishes.  I remember when Father taught me my letters.  I hated every minute of it!"

Dresden smiled wistfully.  "I don't really remember Father.  I wish I did."

Cirdon nodded.  "You were too young.  I was a young boy, but you were a toddler. Poor Evelyn had just been born!  It was very hard on Mother."

Dresden nodded.  "And you."

Cirdon shrugged, "I've done what needs doing."

Something excited and unexpected happened late in the year.  Zoe delivered a litter of two puppies... a male and a female.
They wagged their tails and waited for their tired mother to nuzzle their noses.
Cirdon knew exactly who should receive the male puppy.

Orb's Year 916
"Oh Cirdon!" Princess Catherine exclaimed.  "It was so kind of you to think of us with your new litter!  Poor Sire would love to have his son romp around with him during his last years!"

Cirdon smiled, eager to see Princess Catherine smile again.  "Really, I thought of Barron when the litter came with a boy and a girl.  I'm sure he'd love to have a royal pet befitting the King.  And that the son is from Sire makes it all the more special!"

Princess Catherine smiled shyly.  "You are truly considerate and thoughtful."  Ducking her head down, she asked, "But why then did you ask me to come over instead of Barron?"
 Cirdon quickly leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss to her lips.  "To see you smile, good friend."

Princess Cassidy had invited the King over and had been surprised when Trent Noble came tagging along.  The man was too handsome for his own good.  And he knew it, too!

In a well-practiced move, King Alexander stretched and yawned rather loudly, announced that he was getting too old for these late night visits and bid Cassidy farewell.
It all happened suddenly and Princess Cassidy was left quite alone with Trent.   She was taken aback and flustered.

"Did... Did you plan that?" she asked, shocked.

Trent smiled and inclined his head.  "Indeed I did.  I begged a favor from the King. 

"But why?" she asked, feeling as though she already knew the answer.
Trent smiled. "Ah, you will make me say it.  I am intrigued by you.  Your eye caught mine at your daughter's birthday celebration and I have been smitten!"

Cassidy scoffed, "Smitten? Unlikley!"

"Ah, but I have been!" He said, placing his hand to his heart.  "I have been dying for just one sign that you might feel the same. I have been yearning from a kind word to flow from your lips."

Cassidy's eyes dropped to his lips.  It made her think of kissing and all sorts of things that she'd thought dead and buried with her husband.

"May I have one?"

Cassidy jerked back, still thinking of kissing.  "One what?"

Trent smiled again, as though he knew what she'd been thinking.  Quietly, he leaned forward and whispered to her ear, "A kind word or two..."
Cassidy fought the urge to fan herself.  Orb's truth!  The man made the word 'kind' sound all sorts of wicked.

Feeling daring, Cassidy leaned forward closer to Trent and flirted with the man, "I have been thinking of a few words..."

Interest flared in Trent's eyes, "Oh... and what type of words would they be?"

"Very, very kind words," she whispered in his ear.

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