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Consul, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917
Princess Cassidy was having none of Trent Noble's flattery.  He was continually over now and bending on his knee and singing her love songs.

She didn't want to be just another conquest or notch on his belt!
Trent must've had the ear of the King and Queen, because soon after Queen Aurora came to plead his case.
"I would never counsel you to make a hasty decision or do something that you're not interested in doing - but I believe that Trent's intentions truly come from love," the Queen told her.

Princess Cassidy sighed.  "But, how silly would we be?  I have children almost grown! Cirdon is about to become the Lord of the household.   It's too complicated."

Queen Aurora patted her hand, "It's only messy and complicated if you don't want it.  If you have feelings for him, then all will work itself out."

"But do you think that he's through acting like a young man and carousing?"

Queen Aurora smiled, "That is a question you should ask Trent himself."
With all that in mind, Cassidy was more receptive of Trent's advances.  He was after all quite a handsome man!
And he swore that he was through with all women but her.  "I'm too old to be out playing a ladies man!  Besides, none have held my interest quite like you have, fair Cassidy!"

His words and his actions swept her off her feet.
And Cassidy allowed herself to be wooed and courted.   It was not long before she wore his ring on her finger, pledging herself to him.
King Alexander grinned the entire wedding, well-pleased to see the love match between Trent and Cassidy come to fruition at last!

The happy bridge hugged the King after the vows were taken.   "I only wish I had listened to you sooner, dear friend!" she said happily.

King Alexander smiled, "Sometimes life's road is meant to be a bumpy one with twists and turns none can see around!"
Trent was just glad that they had this time together now!

Orb's Year 918
Dresden didn't care much for the fact that his mother had a new husband, but it was not his place to judge. 

Maybe he needed a bit of distraction...
Gwem Gothier proved to be the perfect distraction! 
After professing his devotion to her, she finally let him steal a kiss before heading home.  He was in love!  One day he would marry that girl!
Cassidy felt foolish, so close to elderhood and pregnant! 
Trent was ecstatic about having an heir, but her children seemed indifferent about having a brother or sister to play with.
Especially Evelyn.  Evelyn couldn't believe her mother was having another child at her age!  When her mother dozed off into her dinner again, Evelyn rolled her eyes and left the room.   Hopefully mother hired a nanny because she was not going to have any diaper duty! Evelyn told herself.

Orb's Year 919
Evelyn might have been indifferent about having another brother or sister, but she'd been scared to death when her mother went into labor! 

If that was what it was like, there was no way in the world she would ever have children!
Cassidy held her new son in her arms and cuddled her to her chest.  Trent named the child Blaze for his bright red hair.
Trent greeted his heir, and only son while Cassidy's children with Aragon talked amongst themselves.  He could tell that his dear wife was hurt by their lack of interest in her new life. He hoped for her sake that they came around.
He knew that Cassidy liked to think that they were mature teenagers, but the truth of the matter was that they were still children - wrestling and rough housing and enjoying their young lives!
Cassidy understood, she'd been young once herself, certain of her place in the world and what she expected from it.
But one thing you learn the longer you live is just how precious life truly is....

Orb's Year 920

Evelyn walked in and caught Dresden making out with Gwen Gothier.  She acted offended and pretended to run to tell Mother.  Dresden had leapt up and pleaded with her to keep his little secret. 

Inwardly she grinned.  He was too easy!
She could teach him a thing or two about clandestine meetings!  First rule was to meet under night's cloak of darkness!
The second rule was to never appear to be besotted with the individual.  The more you acted like you didn't like them, the more they floaked to your side!
Cassidy was completely in the dark concerning her older children!  She spent all of her time with her new baby, tending to his needs, teaching him to talk and walk...

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