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Consul, Orb's Year 921-924

 Orb's Year 921
Cassidy couldn't help but think that Blaze was the cutest little boy!  She was so lucky to have found a love with Trent this late in life...
Speaking of her love...

"Has he learned any new words today?" Trent asked behind her.

Cassidy stood up and caressed her husband's cheek as little Blaze made a beeline for his toys.  "We're working on it!  He has so much energy though! He'd prefer to be playing than learning!"
Trent kissed his wife's cheek and sat before his son.  "Well, let's see about that!" he said jovially.

Cassidy stood by and gazed down at her husband and her son, thinking about how truly blessed she was!

Princess Catherine was giddy after her Mother dropped her off at the Consul's to stay.  "It's happening! We're pledged!" she said delighted.

Cirdon gathered his girlfriend to him and hugged her tight.  "I know, I can't wait!  In just a few short years, we will be married!"
"Ew! Cut it out!" Cirdon's sister Evelyn said from behind them.  "What in the world do you see in him anyways?"

Cirdon laughed and turned his back to the girls.  "Little sister's are a pain!" he said loudly to his brother, Dresden.

Dresden glanced back at Evelyn and agreed whole-heartedly.
Before he knew it, Cirdon was considered an adult and ready to take over the responsibilities that came with their castle. 
King Alexander pulled him aside and wished him a happy celebration.  He also took the time to tell the young man how much he thought of his ideas for the improvements in the Kingdom.  "You've a good mind for architecture, Cirdon.  We will talk more of this park you would see created!"
Dresden slipped into the empty kitchen with Gwen Gothier.
In the meantime, Evelyn used the opportunity to slip away from her parents and chat with Vincent.
And of course later, she managed to find time to chat with Juan.
Life is good, Evelyn thought as she slid down the staircase.  Landing on her feet, she hummed a silly little tune.

Orb's Year 922
"You look lovely this afternoon," Cirdon said, "Doesn't she, Dresden?"

Dresden blinked and looked at his brother.  "What? Um... oh! Yes! You look fairly glowing!"
Princess Catherine smiled and held up her ring finger.  "I think it has everything to do with the shiny ring on my finger & our wedding set for later this year!"

Dresden rolled his eyes as Cirdon dropped to one knee and began serenading his lady.  Those two had such wonderful chemistry, it was almost sickening!
"Cirdon, please give me a moment with your future wife," Cassidy said stepping in.  "There is much we have to talk about as ladies of the house."

Cirdon bowed and excused himself.

"Yes, Princess Cassidy?" Princess Catherine asked politely.  Although she had been living at the Consuls, she still felt a stranger to Cirdon's mother.  Perhaps after the wedding, she would feel closer. 

Cassidy folded her hands in front of her.  "I know that you had a privileged upbringing, but here you have noticed we do not have the servants that you enjoyed at home.  Have you ever cooked a meal?"

"Cooked?" Princess Catherine asked.  "To eat?"

Cassidy attempted to hide her grin.  "Yes dear.  To honor your husband, you will be expected to serve him meals!"

"In the kitchen?" Catherine attempted to clarify.  "Doesn't the butler do that?"

Cassidy shook her head.  "We are not Royal, we have no butler as you do.  Come, let us go to the kitchen.  I will give you a lesson."
Princess Catherine burned the toast and sighed.  Perhaps she owed Emily a huge thank-you for all the meals she had served their family without a tinge of burn!  Cooking was not as easy as it had looked!

But Catherine steeled herself to practice.  She wanted her future husband to be proud of her!


The day had arrived!  Cirdon and Princess Catherine were to be married among their family and friends!
They exchanged their vows before the crowd and were married.
"This is the happiest day of my life," Cirdon told Princess Catherine.  "Who would have thought when we were children that we would have found such a love between us!"
Blaze Noble watched his half-brother and his new wife dance under the wedding arch.  He hoped one day he would marry a girl as pretty as Princess Catherine!
"Mother! Thank you for coming! I'm so giddy today!" Princess Catherine said excitedly.  "I've even begun learning to cook for my husband!"

"Cook?! Oh dear! That's splendid! Cassidy had mentioned she'd like to teach you.  I'm so very proud of you!"

Catherine grabbed her mother's hands, "It's not nearly as easy as they make it seem in the books, but Cassidy said that with patience and time, I'll learn!"

"Splendid!" Queen Aurora said cheerfully, happy to see her eldest daughter so excited and in love.
Blaze had watched the new couple dance under the wedding arch and had marveled at how beautiful a bride Princess Catherine was...

....but then he had seen his parents dance and had thought about how wonderful it would be to share such a love at their age!

Orb's Year 923
Dresden came home from his work at the King's Intelligence Office. It was quite a demanding job, he thought, eager to come home to relax. 
His Mother wandered by during a game he enjoyed with his brother, Cirdon.  She was looking much older these days and it pained him to realize that she might not be around much longer. 

Grinning, she put her hand on his shoulder.  "I wanted to let the both of you know how proud I am of you.  How proud your Father would have been!"

Dresden patted his Mother's hand and smiled.  "And you, as well, Mother.  I'm sure Father would have been happy for you to have found love again."
After all... everyone knew how precious love was.  He might not have a love such as Cirdon and Catherine, but he was quite fond of Gwen Gothier.  He knew that he would take her for a wife.  He just had to wait for the best time to propose.


Evelyn practiced her simpering look, her seductive look, her surprised look...   She wanted to make sure that she knew every way to move her body to look attractive.
She knew most of the people in her family believed that there was one true love - but she didn't! 
She believed that you could love more than one person...
...and she was determined to experience them all!
Princess Catherine frowned as Evelyn made a joke about kissing yet another young man.  "Evelyn, dear friend, you must stop your wicked ways!  You will be an adult soon and no one will marry you if they cannot trust you!"

Evelyn rolled her eyes.  "Who says I want to be married?" she asked "Perhaps I want to live on my own and do as I please!"

"You know very well that you cannot live on your own!  It simply isn't done!"

"Then I shall stay here at my brother's castle and become an old maid! Then I will be allowed to live my life as I please!"

Princess Catherine grabbed her friends hand and pleaded, "Please do not throw your life away! I've seen you with your half-brother Blaze! You were born to be a mother!"

Evelyn forced a laugh and slowly pulled her hand out of her friend's grasp.  "Newly-wed and with child and you see the best in everyone, dear friend."
Princess Catherine held her hands over her belly as Evelyn sashayed away.  She sighed.  Maybe Evelyn was right.  She was so happy to be pregnant, she didn't see how anyone else might not wish for the same life!  She'd found such joy with Cirdon.  And she had so hoped her dear friend, Evelyn might find that kind of love and joy with someone.


"Swing me Papa!" Blaze said happily as his father spun him around.
"Ah, but I'm an old man, my back will not let me! Ask your brother, Dresden! He's a young man with strong muscles!"

"Oh, Trent," Cassidy said, "You're too hard on yourself!  You've still a long life a head of you!"
Cassidy had just kissed her husband when he collapsed to the ground at her feet.  Yelling for help, she'd discovered that there was nothing that they could do to revive him.  Trent was gone.

Trent Noble, Celestial Orb Years' 873-923

Everyone had their own pain to deal with after Trent's death, but a little boy sat in guilt in the study.  If only I had not made him swing me, Blaze thought sadly.  Maybe he'd still be here...
"I knew I would find you out here," Catherine said as she walked up behind her husband and hugged him.

Cirdon turned in her arms and held her tight, with tears in his voice.  "He was not my father, but I mourn for him as one.  He was good to my mother and good to us children when we were nothing more than bratty teens."

Catherine stroked her husband's cheek.  "He knew, Cirdon.  He knew."

Orb's Year 924
Princess Cassidy still couldn't get used to Trent being gone.  She had buried two husbands, she thought sadly.  And likely the next one funeral would be her own.  It was hard to think in such morbid terms, but Cassidy could not help it.  A deep sadness lingered over her and she spent most of her time tending the graves of her husbands.

Her two eldest sons were now adults and strong, capable men. 

Sighing, she thought of Evelyn.  She wished she knew what to do with Evelyn!  Perhaps she would leave it all to Cirdon to decide.  She was weary of making decisions.
Not even news of Dresden's impending wedding...
...or his subsequent move-out really registered with Cassidy.


Cirdon rubbed his wife's burgeoning belly.  "Do you think it will be twins, like you?" Cirdon asked.

Catherine laughed.  "I hope not!  We were a handful for Mother and Emily!"
"But we will know soon enough," she said as the labor pains began.
Catherine delivered a happy, healthy little boy that looked just like his mother with blonde-hair and royal grey-eyes.
...Although, Cirdon thought he saw a bit of himself in Finn Consul!

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