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Diebin, Orb's Year 922-924

Orb's Year 922-924
"What are we doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" Debbie Baker huffed, annoyed at having walked all that way.  "I'm tired and pregnant!"
Alibaba stroked her cheek.  "Do not fear, my love.  Our den is well-hidden."
Debbie followed behind Alibaba as he made his way through the thick woods and then went down a small slope...

"It's a hidden home!" she exclaimed as she realized what stood before her.

Alibaba nodded enthusiastically.  "Yes! That's right! It is my thieves den!  Nobody sees what is hidden before their eyes!"

"Thieves den? You're a thief?!" she shouted.

Alibaba laughed.  "Why yes, and I will drape you in the most magnificent pearls and gems befitting your beauty!"

Well, that was all she needed to know, Debbie thought happily.  It was about time someone treated her well!


She had not lived with Alibaba as his wife for very long before their child was born.
A small, raven-headed child with big, brown eyes.  Debbie couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment that the baby didn't have Alibaba's golden hair or steel grey eyes. 
"Here, you hold her," Debbie said, pushing little Henna Diebin into her father's waiting arms.  "I'm tired. I'm going to rest now!"

Orb's Year 923
"Hello, good friend," Alibaba greeted the wolf that sometimes lingered by his home.  He left out scraps of meat for the wolf to thank it for guarding his home. 
Hearing horse hooves, he realized it was time to go.  He stealthily slipped through the forest and emerged from the brush.  The rider glanced at him, startled.  "How do you do that?" he groused.  "I look so hard every time!"

Alibaba laughed.  "One usually does not find what they search so hard for!" 
Alibaba had told Debbie that she couldn't leave the house.  No one must know where they were or else they would have to leave Celestia... or worse.

What was she supposed to do all day?!
She counted the hours until Alibaba returned to her!

Orb's Year 924
Sweet Henna was growing up so fast!
Out of boredom, Debbie attempted to teach Henna how to walk, talk or sing nursery rhymes, but really! It was so boring!  Why would any adult ever waste time doing that!
Debbie was becoming more disillusioned the longer she lived her with Alibaba.  He had promised her pearls and gems that would be draped over her.... but he had yet to show her any!   She had believed him when he said they would have riches untold and she would be treated as a queen!
Glancing around the home they shared, she realized it for what it was... a den.  "A thieves' den," she said sadly.

Alibaba had always said that people did not see what was right before their own eyes...

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  1. Meet our new blonde-haired, gray-eyed thief Alibaba Diebin. Since he had royal traits, we thought of the story Alibaba and the Prince of Thieves. So, we googled thief in various languages & settled on the German translation of Diebin!


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