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Farmer, Orb's Year 905-908

Orb's Year 905
Years after this wedding, and Able still couldn't believe his could fortune!  Beth Ann was such a sweet, kind woman - the perfect mother and wife!  Soon she would bless him with another child.  He hoped for a little girl with her coal-black braids.
She wasn't scared of hard work either.  She often joined him in the fields as they struggled to make a living. 
Even when disaster struck, she managed to keep a calm head and shouted for the guards to come quick.  After apprehending the thief, the guards had looked around and joked that the thief wouldn't have made off with much.
Able had been furious.  He might not have much in the way of earthly materials - but he had all that mattered to him - his family.  He gathered Braden up in his arms and hugged his son close. 

"Don't worry, son.  I will teach you that happiness comes from within, not from a fat purse!"

Orb's Year 906
Able was proud of Braden.  Only 3 years old and the boy already loved reading as much as his ma!  Able loved to read, too - but he knew that it was a gift his dear wife had given him.  He still stumbled over words as he tried to sound out the letters.  No matter how badly he might bungle it up, Beth Ann was nearby offering him encouragement.
Finally, the day he'd been waiting for arrived.  Beth Ann delivered in the middle of the night.
Able rocked his newest son in his arms and named him Cade. 
Not wanting to be forgotten, Braden followed his dad everywhere!  As Able worked the fields, Braden was often close behind him.  Able took the time to show Braden the differences between a weed and their plants.  It wouldn't be long before Braden was able to work the fields with his father.
And in the little bit of spare time Able had in the evenings, he always tried to teach his growing son a new skill.  He only wished he had more time available. 

 Orb's Year 907
Now that Beth Ann had recuperated from her pregnancy and the newborn stage, she was able to spend more time with Braden, as well.  His little brother's demands on her were not as great as they once had been!
Grandma Amy came over often, as well.  She often exclaimed that she'd always wanted boys.  "What should a poor widowed woman do with a bunch of girls," she would ask.  Beth Ann had learned over the years to just ignore the comments.  She was glad that her sons brought a measure of happiness to her mother's life for she knew that there was precious little that made the woman happy!
"I love you, Grandma!" Braden said as he launched his arms around his Grandmother.

Amy started in surprise, "Well, I love you too," she said gruffly.  "Now quit squeezing this old woman and find me a chair to sit on!  I'm not as young as I once was, you know.  Raising a gaggle of girls is hard work for a woman!"
Braden brought over a empty barrel for his grandmother to sit on.  He was glad that he wasn't a girl!  Grandma Amy made them sound like hard work!
And his little brother Cade was difficult enough!  He seemed to always cry - for food, if he couldn't work a toy, or even if Ma walked out of the room!  He hated to imagine how much he'd cry if he was a girl!
Orb's Year 908
Not much had changed through the years.  Braden still trailed after his dad through the fields.  This morning he couldn't wait for Dad to be finished so that he could read him a book!  He loved listening to his dad read!
Unfortunately, it was harvest season and Dad had his hands full with harvesting the plants...
...and putting new ones in the ground.  Beth Ann had watched and asked why he'd skipped fertilizing the ground and he thought he heard Dad say that they didn't have money for it.  Braden wondered why fertilizer cost money.  Wasn't it just dirt?
Knowing that Ma and Dad were busy and worried about the taxes coming up, Braden tried to do what he could to help.  He would weed the fields when he remembers and he would entertain Cade.  His little brother wasn't all that bad, after all! 

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