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Farmer, Orb's Year 909-912

Orb's Year 909
Perhaps her mother had been right to tell her to wait longer between pregnancy's.  Amy Baker had sworn that you could get a pregnancy sickness by breeding too often.

That seemed to be the only thing that made sense.  Beth Ann had been having a terrible pregnancy!  She was hungry and tired all the time... feeling on the verge of death!
Able had tried to help with the children and the homestead more, neglecting the field in hopes of making Beth Ann's pregnancy easier.

She hated him for it!  Without the money the crops brought in, they would be more destitute and she had argued bitterly with him for that.  But, he'd remained adamant that they would survive as a family without a few crops or gold pieces, but that they could not survive without her.
But, finally, the day came and she'd delivered their newest child with the ease of a practiced mother.
It was the little girl that Able had been waiting for.. Deanna Farmer!
Her sister Debbie, had been over for the birth and when she'd seen her older sister begin to sway on her feet, she attempted to lead young Braden away.  "Come on now, nephew.  Your mother needs a bit of privacy."

"Why is she acting funny," he asked suspiciously.  "Is she crying?"

Debbie had put her arm around Braden's shoulder and hauled him from the room.  "No, child.  She's just so overcome with happiness!  Let's leave her be for a time.."

Orb's Year 910
Thankfully the despondency had passed quickly and Beth Ann was back to her cheerful self.
Well, not quite back.  She still tired easily and was quicker to anger than she had been before Deanna's birth.  But, in some ways that was to be expected with as many young ones as she had delivered in such a short period of time.
Able had returned back to the fields and struggled to repair the mess that his absence had caused.  He swore bitterly when it seemed that there would be crops lost to them.  But, he remained firm in his belief that it was all for the best.  He'd been so worried about Beth Ann during her last pregnancy!

And now Braden was old enough to help, so more hands made lighter work.
And if the house wasn't as neat as it had once been, Able made sure to never say so.  He was a smart man!

Orb's Year 911

"But, Mama, I don't want to learn my letters!  Dad only learned when he was an adult!  Why can't I wait like he did?"

Beth Ann remained firm.  "Your father had to stay home from school and work in the fields.  Is that the life you want for yourself?  Don't you enjoy the books your dad reads you?  Once you learn your letters, you can read them for yourself!"

Braden did like the sound of that!  He stared back at his instructional book and began practicing the letters.
Braden collected the harvest and was happy that they didn't lose any tomatoes.  He glanced over at the eggplant.  The truth couldn't be said about that.  They'd already lost 4 plants and he was worried the toll would be much higher by the time they were ready for harvest. 

Thankfully, only two more plants were lost and the Farmers enjoyed a bountiful harvest.  He was sure Mark Grocer would be pleased with the yield!
When Able turned around he saw Beth Ann fretting by the house, waiting to hear what their yield was.  He couldn't help it.  He was tired, cold and stinky, but he dropped to one knee and serenaded her.  She and the kids were what made all this worth it!
 The next morning Braden and Cade both came out to help him plant and tend the new seasonal crop.
Beth Ann smiled ruefully at the swelling of her belly.  Perhaps they had celebrated the harvest a little too rigorously.  It seemed that a new child would be harvested soon enough along with the new crops Able had planted.
Deanna was now a toddler, so Beth Ann prayed that she had waited long enough to conceive to avoid the pregnancy illness that she had last time.  She had hated feeling so poorly all the time when she'd been pregnant with her daughter.

Her mother, Amy, swore that it was just because she was a girl.  "Girls start breaking their mother down early," her mother had advised.  "It'd be best to be stern with her early to break that habit!"
Beth Ann ignored that bit of wisdom from her mother.  According to Amy, the root of all evil were little girls.  Beth Ann didn't see it that way.  Deanna was a precious child and Beth Ann was determined to prove it to her mother once and for all!

 Orb's Year 912
It had been a hard year, Able thought tiredly as he tried to doze.  The beds in the house were full and he didn't have the heart to wake his children or pregnant wife up.  He would just catch a few winks of sleep here and rest more after the kids had left for instructional school.
Of course, that meant he was dead to the world when Beth Ann had delivered another healthy, strapping boy.
"We'll call you Ennis, dear son," Beth Ann had said as she snuggled the baby close.
"He's a cute little thing, isn't he?" Braden asked, gazing at his little brother.  "Do you think he'll cry as much as Deanna did?"

"Not in the least," Amy interjected.  "Little boys are always so much easier than little girls..."  Amy began a long-winded lecture when she was interrupted by Beth Ann.

"Mother, that is enough," she said sharply.  "Deanna is no different than any of my boys.  She is just as special and dear to me."

Amy pursed her lips. "Well I wasn't saying she wasn't," she grumbled.  But, thankfully, she remained silent.
Able stumbled out to the field to get a late start on the chores when he noticed that all the plants were already tended to. 
Braden glanced over his shoulder, "Hallo, dad! I'm just finishing up with the watering.  The plants are looking good this time of year, aren't they?"

Able felt his heart swell with pride.  "Aye, son.  They're looking quite well."  Clamping his hand on his sons shoulder, he said, "You've done well, son."

Braden smiled up at his dad.

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