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Farmer, Orb's Year 913-916

Orb's Year 913
Able had a strong, able family of which he was immensely proud.  The eldest, Braden was always a big help to him.  But, so was young Cade.
And little Deanna loved to be anywhere near her papa.  Especially when he was outdoors tending to the fields.
 He supposed she wasn't that little anymore... that she was a child, ready to go off to school!  Cade was glad his little sister was old enough to play with now!

Especially since mama had been feeling under the weather.  He heard papa telling Braden that they would have to work the fields extra hard because there would probably be a new mouth to feed soon.

Orb's Year 914
Truer words had never been spoken.  Beth Ann was expecting another child and was back to feeling tired and exhausted all the time.  She loved all her children & could not imagine her world without them... but... she prayed this would be her last child.  She told Able that she was sure the cottage would burst at the seams!

But they were all strong, able Farmer children!   Ready to help in the fields and help the family.  Able told Beth Ann proudly that they would be able to sow an extra field this year & that he had hopes of growing an orchard tree.

Such change was apparent, especially when you looked in the eyes of young Ennis.  A toddler now and following his mother all around the cottage as she did her chores.

Or the pride and excitement that little Deanna felt when she'd gotten good remarks from her instructional teacher.

Braden had congratulated her and hugged her, then tapped Cade on the knee and told him they needed to get out to the field.

Cade had grudgingly agreed and followed his big brother out.

 Yes, changes were happening throughout the farmstead this year!

Orb's Year 915
Beth Ann labored in the cottage under the anxious family members eyes.  Braden had been worried, despite having been a witness to many of his siblings births.
Everyone had been surprised when Beth Ann delivered a set of twin girls!  Fiona and Farrah they were named.
 Beth Ann fed the baby in the kitchen, trying to stem the anxiety that she felt. 

"What are we going to do with twins, Able?" she worried.

Able smiled back, "Love them!" he said simply.  "Shower them with love and they will grow tall and proud.  Then we can sit back and watch."

 Beth Ann smiled wearily.  "You are such a farmer..."  Then, she grew serious again.  "Where will we put them all?  We only have 2 rooms and they're both full.  Deanna's growing older and will need her own space away from the boys."

Able considered this problem.  "We have money set aside.  We can have a loft put in."

 Orb's Year 916
 Braden laid back on his new bed and fluffed the pillow.  The loft was quite nice away from the chaos downstairs. 
 "Hey big brother," Cade said as he climbed the ladder.  "Peaceful and quiet up here, huh?"

"Orb's truth!" Braden laughed.  "Twin girls!  Papa and mama will have a fun time with that!"

"Thankfully all the kids are downstairs!  This will be our hideout of sorts!  To talk about girls and ale and whatever else we fancy!"

Braden shook his head, "You're too young to be thinking of girls, ale and fancies!  You need to keep your feet more firmly on the ground, Cade," Braden lectured.

"Aw, but Braden, it's fun to dream and fancy!  Leave me to float in the clouds and flirt with the girls.  You be the one with your feet firmly rooted with the vegetables!"
 Ennis didn't want to be stuck in the baby's room anymore.  "But, papa, there's another bed up there.  I won't bother them!  The babies wake me up at all hours."

Able set his book aside and considered Ennis.  "You're right.  You need your rest just as well as your elder brothers.  I'll speak to them about allowing you a place in their hideout."  He winked at Ennis.

Ennis couldn't wait to climb the ladder upstairs.  The brothers had never let him up before saying he was too little and that it was their secret hideout.

Able smiled as Ennis scampered off.  It still amazed him how fast his family grew!
Why Fiona and Farrah were already toddlers, ready to learn to talk and walk!  And such adorable daughters they were!
Just like their mother!

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