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Farmer, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917
Able knew that he'd been lucky to have such a wonderfully, tight-knit family.  There were no fights, no drama and everyone pitched in to help.  That was no small thing for a family of 8!
And now that Able was older, it was harder for him to get into the fields, so he depended on Braden to manage the job.  So far Braden had really taken it upon himself to make his papa proud, too!
With his spare time, Able read books and spent time with his youngest children, teaching them to walk and talk.
Able just wished that Cade showed more aptitude for hard work, rather than slacking the way he did.  Already Cade's grades had begun to fall at instructional school.  Able had argued with his son, asking why he went to school if he wouldn't do the work and wouldn't work the fields.

Cade had shrugged and said he'd stay home to work the fields.

Although Able had a strong suspicion he chose to stay home to spend more time with girls.

Orb's Year 918
Beth Ann sighed wearily after putting all the children to bed.  "We need to talk," she said sadly.  "Deanna will soon be a teenager and ready to make her way in the world.  We have too many children as it is, with two more young girls. What will we do with her?"

Able considered the possibilities.  "I know that the Knightley's have been looking for help.  It would be a prestigious position for her.  And she wouldn't have to stay once she was an adult.  She could always marry for love."

Beth Ann worried her bottom lip, "It's not the life I would want for him.  But, I know it's the lot in our life.  It's either marriage, being a servant, or the Abbey."

"The Knightleys are good people.  They'll take good care of her.  I'll have Lord Arthur's word on the matter before sending her to them."

Beth Ann nodded, resigned.  "I suppose it's better than the Abbey..."
In the meantime, they would allow Deanna to make friends and live a normal teen life.  They would tell her about her move to the Knightley's before her move.

Orb's Year 919
Deanna had so much fun with her little siblings.  Ennis was fun to read to and the girls were always doing things simultaneously!
Fiona and Farrah.  Fiona had the look of the Bakers family and poor Farrah looked like their father!  Deanna was sure the long-faced girl would be teased mercilessly as she grew older!
Braden was devoted to the fields and had taken to avoiding school to make sure the fields were tended.  He knew Lady Breena was disappointed in him, but he had to do what kept his family provided for. 
But, thankfully he found some time for Uma, the gypsy girl from across the river.
He knew that he would marry her one day.

Orb's Year 920
It was the hardest thing Beth Ann had ever had to tell her daughter. 

"Lord Arthur has promised to look after you as his own.  You're to help manage the kitchen and the castle.  Lady Breena has insisted that you still be allowed to attend school..."  Tears clogged Beth Ann's throat and she couldn't talk anymore.
Desperately, she hugged her daughter tightly and looked heavenward, wishing that she didn't have to send her away.

"You come visit me, you hear?" Beth Ann asked brusquely.  "And be the lady I raise you to be!  Just because we're poor does not mean we are coarse!"
Able helped Deanna load her things into the waiting carriage and went with her to Knightley castle to get settled in. 
Braden was sad to see his sister go.  He would miss her dearly.
But, as usual, thinking went right out the window when his gypsy love came by.
Not wanting to spend another moment without her, he dropped to his knee and pledged his love and devotion.  They would be handfasted on the morrow...

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