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Farmer, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
Braden was so happy to have Uma by his side.  He'd always imagined having a farm wife to help him tend to the fields, but Uma had told him that her heart could not belong to the fields as his did.
She needed to dance!  It was in her gypsy blood!
Braden waved goodbye to his sisters in the morning and cheerfully begun tending to the crops again.  It was nice when they were able to pick the bugs from the plants. 
He wasn't surprised that his brother Cade was no help. 
Taking a short break from tending the crops, he and Uma were handfasted together in the fields he so loved.

Orb's Year 922
Cade was wild about Shanna Boyle!  If the opportunity presented itself, he just couldn't stop from kissing her!
Or talking about kissing her!

Ennis rolled his eyes, "Are you talking about Shanna again?" he asked grumpily.  "You're always bragging about your girl!" 

Beth Ann stopped behind them and pinched Cade's ear.  "You should be thinking less about Shanna and more about your schooling, young man.  I just noticed the pile of work waiting by the front door!"
With his mother standing guard, Cade sat and began completing assignments that he'd put off for too long. 

But that didn't mean he wasn't thinking about Shanna!
The air grew chillier and Braden was still working it alone until Uma put a stop to that nonsense.

"Two grown men and neither of you willing to help put food on your family's table!" Uma had shaken her fingers at the boys.  "You should be ashamed of yourselves!  Your brother is half-freezing from the cold!  What will you do if he takes a chill and dies!"

Grabbing a broom nearby, she swatted at their feet.  "Out with you! Out! Go help in the fields or don't come back!"
Cade and Ennis hurried to the fields to avoid the broom's bristles.  As they grabbed their baskets to help gather the produce, Ennis grumbled, "She's crazy!"

Cade grinned, "Yeah she is! I like it!"

Orb's Year 923
"Sheldon Fischer! What brings you here?!" Braden called as he paused his morning work.

Sheldon smiled and greeted his friend warmly.  "Just paying a neighborly visit.  Do you want to go inside where we're not likely to catch a chill if we chat?"

"I was just about to stop for lunch!" Braden announced.

Sheldon produced a fish from his pack, "Great! I'll provide the fish!"
The two caught up with each other over the meal.  Sheldon bragged about how well George was doing and Braden confided his dreams of children with Uma. 

Finally, the plates were licked clean and set aside. Rubbing his full belly, Braden sighed.  "It's back to the fields with me!  Come by any time!"

Sheldon waved goodbye to his friend and tread back to the lake.


Ennis often complained loudly over the fact that Able and Beth Ann were not as hard on Fiona and Farrah as they were on him.  He claimed that the girls got away with murder.

It wasn't necessarily true, the elderly parents were just so tired after raising four other children that they sometimes didn't worry with getting on after the girls.

But, to be honest. The girls were so well-behaved!  
They played nicely and quietly...
They studied without being told to...

They helped in the field when they were needed...

There was really never a time when the elderly parents needed to take the girls to task.
But it was apparent that the girls were growing up.... 

(Fiona on the left and Farrah on the right)

Orb's Year 924
Able had thought long and hard on the future of his family members.  "Cade, son, I need to speak with you," Able said seriously, not looking forward to the conversation he was about to have...
Cade couldn't believe the orders his Dad had given him.  His younger siblings were to be rounded up and taken to various castles throughout the kingdom to serve.  Shaking his head, he frowned.  He knew his Dad found no pleasure in the task either.
Fiona and Farrah were excited to go.  Fiona couldn't wait to serve at the Consul's home, certain she would find her true love there.  And Farrah talked non-stop about serving at the Abbey amongst all the honorable Abbesses and Abbot!
Ennis for his part hoped that he would see much more of Evelyn Consul at the Royales.  He was to serve as a blacksmith at the castle!
The day had finally arrived...
...and the family loaded up the carriage.

Through a twist of fate and lack of oversight though, poor family-oriented Fiona wound up shut away at the abbey, full of elderly women and quite, reserved friend-seeking Farrah wound up at the Consul's!

Being the only boy, Cade had managed to deliver Ennis to his appropriate service position.

The girls would be fine where they were sent Cade reasoned with shrugged shoulders.
Besides, he couldn't wait to get home to Shanna!
She made him the happiest man in the kingdom when she'd agreed to become him wife.  Following the ancient ways, they bound themselves to each other with the custom of handfasting.

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