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Fischer, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917
Sheldon Fischer had been heartbroken to find Debbie with another man.  It had seemed the only recourse he had left was to leave with his newborn, George.  He'd seen the squalor that Debbie was content to live in and did not want his heir raised there without him.
He supposed it should have been a relief to be back at home, doing what he knew best - fishing.  But it was lonely.  And he was nursing a broken heart.
He'd been surprised when the villagers had gone out of their way to offer their condolences. 

"She's my wife's little sister, but always serves as a poor example for our children.  I'm sorry that you had tied your good name to her," Able Farmer had told him.  "We still consider you and the boy family, though."
Able Potter had dropped by, as well, saying that he'd be living across the street and was glad to see a kindly face. 

Sheldon had invited him over to fish anytime.
He'd been most surprised by Baji Marchant stopping by to express his condolences.  He knew that Baji bought Debbie's pastries and expressed his concern that Baji would make her suffer unfairly.

Baji dismissed Sheldon's concerns.  "No, business is a separate matter.  But I did want you to know that I would still like to purchase your fish that you get.  Call me over when you are ready to sell!"
With the village supporting his decision to walk away with what was left of his pride intact, Sheldon had only one course of action left to him...
...he requested that their handfaast be broken for reasons of infidelity.  Debbie had come over to beg him to reconsider on her behalf - on the girls' behalf - on George's behalf...  She'd yelled that a boy should know his mother.

But, Sheldon had remained steadfast.  Their sham of a marriage was over.  She could no longer use his good name.
After that bit of nastiness was done, Sheldon devoted himself to being the best father possible.
Which was remarkably easy to do.

Orb's Year 918
Sheldon was amazed by how fast George was growing up!  It seemed every day that his son got a little bigger...
...and brighter!
Sheldon was still plagued by Debbie.  He'd been heartbroken when he'd discovered her to be carrying another man's child, but it was just another reason it was best that he'd left her.

But he missed her.  She was still so beautiful and alluring, even pregnant.
Late at night, when only the fish kept him company, he thought of her...

Orb's Year 919
"Don't say you're actually considering taking her back!" Braden said in shock.

Adam scowled.  "She broke your heart once and she'll do it again!"

Braden nodded her head, "It's never a good sign when a woman bears a child with multiple men.  It calls doubts about her character."

"I didn't say I wanted her back," Sheldon said defensively after listening to his friends.  "I simply said I miss her!"

Adam scoffed.  "It's hard to miss a viper!"

It was Sheldon's turn to scowl.  "She is still the mother of my child!  I will have that respected in my house!"  he said firmly.  "I do not wish my son to hear disparaging comments of his mother."

Braden and Adam mumbled their apologies.
And still Debbie came by.  Sheldon wondered how long it would be before he got over the hurt that she had caused him.
But, that was no reason to keep her from George.
He wanted his son to have a relationship with his mother.  If she was willing to come over and spend time with George, then she was welcome at his table.  But, that was all, no matter how she might tempt him!

Orb's Year 920
Sheldon reeled in the fish and placed it in the bag behind him for sale.
"How do you catch such good ones?" George asked his father on their late night expedition.

"Just be patient and reel it in."

Just then George felt a tug on his line.  "I've got something, dad! I've got something!"  Excitedly, he pulled in the pole and discovered...
"...a boot? What in the world?" he grumbled.  "I caught a boot!"

George had been so disappointed.
Declaring their fishing trip done due to the hour and lack of fish bites, Sheldon had trudged with his downcast son back home and quickly settled to bed.

Every day he thanked the celestial orb for giving his son life.

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