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Flowers, Or'b's Year 922-924

Orb's  Year 922
"Caira, you do not have to go through with this.  We can take you to the Abbey.  Just say the word!" Baji pleaded.

Caira shook her head.  "No, I will not dishonor our Father by going back on the Marchant word.  If we cannot be trusted to heed our promises, then our word is worthless!"

Baji grabbed his sister hand.  "It is too high a price for you to pay.  Please reconsider!"
In the end, Caira had been adamant.  She would marry Remington Flowers, but that didn't mean she had to like it... or him!
Or the selfish woman who instigated it all. 
"Get out of my house," Caira ordered, anger pulsing through her.  She was louder than she'd intended and stopped as everyone stared at her. 

Remington nodded and announced that it was time for everyone to take their leave.

Everyone? Caira gulped.  Blessed Orb, she wasn't ready for this. 
Crying, she ran after Baji.  "Baji! Baji!" she called, but he hadn't heard her.  She was alone...
"Quit your carrying on!" Remington said.  "And get inside.  I don't want all my neighbors to think I have a canterwalling female for a wife!"

Caira had been insulted. She'd been forced into a loveless marriage with this... this old goat... and he had the nerve to order her about. 

Crossing her arms she mulishly, "I think at your age, any female in your house would be seen as a boon, canterwalling or not!"

At first, Caira thought she might have gone too far, but Remington slapped his knee and hooted.  "You're a right pistol, ye are!  Come now, let's go inside and have ourselves a little chat."
Much later...

"Wait? So you mean that you only married me to work around the house?" Caira asked, trying to understand.

"Of course! What else do I need a woman for? I'd already been married with three crying welps for children and I didn't care for it.  Bless the Orb my wife died years past & my children never come to visit."

Caira was shocked speechless.  What a horrid man! 

Her horror must have showed because Remington softened his voice.  "I'm old. I need help around the house.  You were raised to be a merchant's daughter... you'll know how to help take care of my store.  Your mother said you were good with floral arrangements.  It just so happens that's my specialty!"

Caira couldn't help it, she was still in shock.  "Flowers?" she squeaked.

Remington slapped her soundly on the arm.  "That's a girl! Flowers! Come on, let me show you!"

Orb's Year 923
Caira couldn't believe what a twist of fate the Orb had sent her.  She'd thought herself to be a sacrificial lamb to Remington, but he wanted nothing to do with her or any other female! 

So, she tended to the flowers..
And made beautiful flower arrangements that flew off the shelf.  The customers told Remington that his new wife had a way with flowers & Remington puffed his chest up with pride, as though they were paying the compliment to him!
Caira didn't mind so much.  When she was busy, she didn't think about Dirk as much.  Or how much she missed him.  Or how much she felt so lonely in her marriage.
She was a married woman and yet still a maid!
And she had to admit that she and Remington got along well!  He knew an awful lot about many things. 
He considered himself an intellectual, although she never would've guessed it had she not seen him studying as often as he did!

Orb's Year 924
Time passed quickly and Caira and Remington fell into a routine. 
They had also become friends, despite Remington's gruff exterior, he was actually quite kind. 
She learned that he hadn't been pleased when his wife died as he'd led her to believe.  He'd been quite heartbroken and mourned her death for years. 

He also missed his children terribly, but his rough tongue had sent all of them packing for good.

She couldn't help but think of her mother & wondered if Alana ever regretted the loss of their relationship.
She felt maybe it was only natural that she begin to be drawn to him in a wifely manner...
"What are you doing, girl?" Remington asked as he gave her the stink-eye.

Caira cleared her throat and attempted to slide closer.  "I thought that perhaps you might be interested..."  Words failed her.  She wasn't quite sure what she was offering or what she wanted.
Remington scowled and shoved Caira away.  "Don't play foolish missish games with me, girl!" 

Caira grabbed her shoulder where he had pushed her and frowned.  "I'm not playing any games.  I just... well... I was just curious... that's all.  Why do we lie in bed each night as man and wife but never consummate our marriage?"

If possible, Remington scowled even more.  "I do not want a real wife in ye. I wanted a shopkeeper's daughter to run my store and do my bidding!  No roll over and go to sleep!" he ordered brusquely, flopping to his side and giving her his back.

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