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Knightley, Orb's Year 909-912

 Orb's Year 909
Breena was so head over heels in love with Arthur.  Her father had been right when he'd told her that love could blossom from friendship. 
She couldn't wait to tell him that they would soon have a little one of their own!
Although she wished pregnancy was a faster period in her life, Breena found plenty to occupy her time.  She'd begun inviting family and friends over to socialize.  Arthur had confessed that he was a bit of a bookworm, but had genuinely enjoyed having people come over more. 

Although she didn't understand his friendship with Trent Noble, Celestia's notorious playboy.  She wasn't quite sure what was so noble about the man, anyways.  
But apparently Arthur saw something in the man that no one else did.  He'd confessed that he knew Trent could be irresponsible, but that a more loyal man did not exist. 

He'd also told her that her father had threatened to betroth her to Trent if Arthur had declined.  She'd huffed and railed against such a match!  What had her father been thinking?!

Arthur had laughed and said that Aragon would probably not have followed through, but knew that was a sure-fire way to ensure Arthur accept his wishes.
"You fight like a girl, now!  Has marriage softened you so much?" Trent laughed as he lunged with the practice sword.

"Strong words from a man who has always fought like a girl!  What is your excuse?"  Arthur taunted back.

"Ha!  You're just sore because I've bested you yet again.  They shall soon be calling me that finest knight in all of Celestia!" 

Arthur laughed.  "I'll eat my hat if that day ever comes!"

Orb's Year 910
Arthur couldn't believe how precious a baby could be!  His young son, Bradshaw, had his mother's emerald green-eyes and his light, pale skin.  He was just perfect!
"Arthur?! When did you get this?!" Breena exclaimed when she saw the new organ gleaming.  "It's perfect!"
She rushed to find her husband to thank him properly.  "It's beautiful, husband!" she gushed.

"I knew you would like it," Arthur told her proudly.  "I always saw you eyeing the Queen's organ.  Now you will be the envy of all the land!"

"Hardly!" she scoffed.  "But, oh how I love it! How ever can I thank you," she added coyly.
The next morning, Arthur found it much easier to make Breena blush, just by mentioning some of the things she had said and done the prior night.

"You are incorrigible to tease me so!" she huffed playfully.  "Now stop before I permanently turn red as a tomato!"

Orb's Year 911
Arthur had continued to tease her throughout the day, but apparently that night had done it's work!  Breena was pregnant again with another child growing in her!  Arthur couldn't be more pleased.
Knowing that his time would be divided, he had more meetings with his squire to teach him all he knew.  One day, he might need to pass the Chief Military Advisor position to someone that would take the position seriously.
Especially considering how fast Bradshaw was growing!
He wanted to be able to spend as much time with his boy as possible!

Orb's Year 912
"I'm sure I can put the little one to bed," Arthur teased Breena.  She was due any day now and Arthur wanted her resting.  He often had to shoo her away from the chores she had become accustomed to completing. 

"He likes to be rocked up by your shoulder..." Breena began to list her bedtime ritual.

Arthur hauled his little boy up onto his shoulder.  "I have it. Go! If I can't put a little one to bed, then I should not be Chief Military Advisor!"

Breena stopped mid+sentence and smiled.  Oh how nice it would be when she heard him say "you were right!"

Humming, she left the room.
But did not make it far...
"Welcome to our family, little Camelot," she said happily. 


  1. This is my favorite family. I liked watching Breena fall in love with Arthur.

    1. I absolutely love Breena & Arthur together!! I'm always catching them together to the point of starvation or incontinence! Take a break from kissing your husband and use the restroom!


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