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Knightley, Orb's Year 913-916

Orb's Year 913
Arthur watched his family grow, content and pleased. It still amazed him that this great love of his had bloomed from an arranged marriage.
But now he had two growing boys, Bradshaw and Camelot.
He also had the love of his life, Breena Consul Knightley.  She was his equal in all ways.  She shared his love of learning and had dedicated her life to teaching the children in the village.

He did not mind her working if that was what she wished.  For he knew that she would never ask him to give up something that he desired.

Their two working schedules kept them from romantic pursuits, as they generally had their noses buried in a dusty tome.

But, in the wee hours of the morning before the sun rose, they generally were able to carve out time for romantic pursuits.
Breena came to bed late that night and was disappointed to see that her husband had already fallen asleep.  Perhaps she should have come to bed sooner.   Twas the truth that she longed for the comfort of her husband... and the soft cries of a baby girl.  Breena sighed wistfully.  By the Orb's blessing, she would have one before she became infertile.
"..And then the Abbess Abigail actually told me that I was no longer welcome at the Abbey for pursuits of higher learning.  Can you believe it? She accused me of flirting with the Abbess Mallory!"
"Well you do have a reputation, dear Friend.  Did you flirt with Abbess Mallory?"

Trent Noble scowled, "Of course not!  I might have thought about it a time or two," he petulantly admitted.  "But everyone knows that all those in the Abbey have devoted their life to the Orb and higher learning!  I would have to be the worst kind of a cad to take advantage of that!"

Arthur laughed, "And you are certainly not a cad, eh?"

Trent attempted to look haughty as he replied, "I might be a cad, but I am not the worst kind of cad!" Sighing, Trent added, "And I'll tell you I felt no small amount of fear when Abbess Mallory began showing!  I felt the daggers from Abbess Abigail every time I went over there.  I praised the Orb when she gave birth to the otherworldly child!"

Arthur laughed again, "I bet you must have been on pins and needles!"

"Well of course. I might be a cad, but I would never abandon a child to live in the world without my protection, what little it may be!  To my knowledge, I have sired no children and I aim to keep it that way!  That is, unless the illustrious Princess Cassidy could be compelled to make an honest man of me!"

Arthur shook his head at his friend's stories.  "You are too much, old friend."
Breena had wandered from the room when Trent had begun telling his raucous tales.  She genuinely didn't understand her husband's friendship with that man!  The way he carried on with the women of the village was appalling!

And although he swore he'd fathered no children, there was a certain child in one of her classes that bore an uncanny resemblance to him.  Darius Marchant had the look of the Noble.

She wondered whether if it was just her trying to find something to dislike about the man.

Orb's Year 914
Breena had been pleased by the turnout for her sons' birthdays.  It was attended by royal and noble, alike.  She'd been humbled that the King and Queen themselves had seen fit to come, but Arthur had just laughed, joking that if the King hadn't come, he would've called him out for the dishonor.
It seemed like just yesterday Camelot was a small, little baby in her arms...
...and Bradshaw was just learning to talk and walk.  Now they had grown up and did not need her nearly as much.
She had been extremely disappointed until she'd realized all the extra time she and her husband had on their hands!

Orb's Year 915
Trent watched Arthur grooming the young Hyun.  What mighty big shoes the poor boy would have to fill when Arthur stepped down!

He watched Hyun fumbled with the sword again and sighed.  Perhaps the kingdom would fall to bits and pieces without Arthur's guidance.
Arthur knew that Hyun might not be cut out for a replacement.  He seemed to get nervous over the smallest missteps, begging Arthur's pardon and stumbling an apology.

"There's a time and place for pleasantries, and the battle field is not one them, Camelot!"  Arthur said as he taught his son to walk.
Arthur was not worried though, because in his heart he hoped that Bradshaw or Camelot might be able to replace him in his office.

It was the truth that Arthur had begun slowly grooming them to take on a noble office.
Bradshaw ran after Camelot laughing as he streaked through the castle.  "Hold still! I want to teach you your nursery rhymes!"
Breena smiled as she heard the boys crashing through the halls, laughing.  Smiling, she rubbed her belly.  Soon there would be another child.  She hoped this babe was the daughter she'd been longing for...

Orb's Year 916
It seemed like the only thing on Arthur's mind lately was his fair wife and the babe that she carried.  He couldn't get enough of her!
So, Camelot's birthday had come as a surprise to them!  It had snuck up on them and they found themselves scrambling to set up a party, although it was not as fine as Bradshaw's.
Not that Camelot seemed to mind.  He was thankful for the cake and fun times.
Although, his parents had seemed to get a little carried away with their kissing and such!
Yuck! Camelot thought as he fled the room.  That was so gross
Much later that night, Camelot wandered around trying to find his parents to find out about dinner.  He was starved and all the cake had long been passed around.  He dreamed of a nice, steaming bowl of kasha!

"Mommmmmm..." he whined when he saw his parents cuddling under the stars.  "I'm hungry and it's my birthday!"

Laughing, Arthur kissed the tip of Breena's nose and announced that monsters from another kingdom had invaded and he had need to tickle them into submission.

Camelot let out a squeal and ran away as fast as he could, laughing as Arthur jumped up and chased after him.

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