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Knightley, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917
Breena was outside the castle, admiring a cute stray kitten when her labor pains began.
The kitten took that moment of distraction to make itself a part of the family.
Because really, who could say no to such a cute little thing? 
Breena delivered the daughter she had yearned for - Danica Knightley!
Arthur lavished attention on Breena.  "Ah, my love, can you believe it?  Two hale, hardy boys and a lovely little girl."

Breena reached up and grabbed his hand against her cheek.  "We are truly blessed."
The hale, hardy boys meanwhile were downstairs engaging in mischief.

"Take that!" Camelot laughed as he hurled some of his dinner at Bradshaw.  Bradshaw ducked and watched the food splatted on the wall.  Laughing, he leaned back in his chair.  "Mother is going to kill you!" he laughed.
Arthur walked into the room with King Alexander and caught the boys giggling.  "What are you boys up to?" he asked in his best 'no-nonsense' voice. 

"Nothing!" The two piped up quickly.

King Alexander raised his eyebrows and smothered a laugh as they sat down for dinner.  "They remind me of us when we were boys, Arthur."

"Gad, hopefully they're not as bad as all that!"  Arthur laughed.  "But, those were the days!  When we were young!"

Alexander snorted.  "Speak for yourself, old man! I'm still fit and spry as a young man!"

Arthur slapped the table and laughed,  "Prove it!"
King Alexander had been wrong.  Easy living, lack of practice and old age had made his sword play much less engaging.  Sweating profusely, he laid down his sword and sighed.  "Perhaps not quite as spry as I once was!"

Orb's Year 918
Breena cuddled little Danica to her chest and began to teach her.  She hoped her daughter loved books as much as she did!
And little Thadeous was now a full grown cat, sneaking about the house in hopes of catching a mouse!
Bradshaw walked into the nursery.  "Oh no, a messy diaper! Well, come on then.  Let's get you changed," he grumbled.  He'd been stuck with watching the young ones today, when he'd much rather be out talking to the girls! 
"Come on, eat your dinner up," Bradshaw urged his little brother Camelot.  Hopefully he could talk Gwen Gothier into stopping by after dark for a late night chat!

Orb's Year 919
Arthur held Danica in his arms one last time, trying to prolong the moment before she grew up once more!
Happy Birthday Danica!
The house was bursting with Noblemen that had come for the celebration!  William, the scribe who delivered the paper, Cirdon, Juan and Vincent all came to hang out.
Even Evelyn, Bradshaw's "auntie" came over.
Although, he could tell that she was just interested in the boys!
Later that night, Breena managed to spend an evening with all of her children close by.  Bradshaw had been talked into leaving his constant pursuit of girls for the night, and Camelot and Danica played a game at their feet.  It was a moment Breena would treasure.

Orb's Year 920

Bradshaw had heard his mother call him "girl-crazy" one day to his father.  Arthur had just laughed and said to give him time to come to his senses.  Bradshaw had laughed.  If it was crazy to want to eat, breath & sleep girls - then it was true - he was "girl-crazy"... and happy to be so!

He loved everything about the fairer sex!
And he wasn't particularly picky when it came to what he liked about them!
He had an informal competition going on with Auntie Evelyn.  He scored one point by having the first kiss with Gwen Gothier. 
Auntie Evelyn had attempted to flirt with Geoffrey L'Aventurer, but had been turned down flat.  She'd stuck her nose in the air and acted like she hadn't meant to lean in to flirt, but Bradshaw had seen it. 

And he couldn't wait to tease her about it!

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