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Marchant, Orb's Year 909-912

Orb's Year 909
Barika met the man she was going to marry.  She knew it!  Thomas Taylor was the cutest boy that had ever come to their shop. 
She'd hoped that he might be interested in her, but he had told her that he was here on his father's business.  He needed to find new fabrics for his father's shop. She'd hurried inside and asked Baji if they could start carrying a better selection of fabrics and threads.
Baji had been attempting to teach Caira a nursery rhyme when Barika had burst through the door yelling about fabrics and threads.  And she kept going on and on about Thomas Taylor.  Baji seriously hoped whatever affliction his mother had would not pass on to either of his sisters!
Why just the other day, she had told Baji that she'd bought the Baker's cakes from Mark Grocer for $200 each!  She'd said that it was a tremendous deal and that it would be nice to sell baked goods in the store again.
He'd shaken his head sadly and asked her to leave the business to him.  He didn't have the heart to tell her that they could only sell the cakes for $120, so her "deal" with the grocer was quite a loss to the family.

And he would not be surprised to discover that the only reason she made a deal with him was because she fancied herself in love with him!

Orb's Year 910
As her time drew near to deliver the child growing in her, Alana prayed that the baby did not have it's father's red hair!  She had never told Trent that he might be a father because he had ended things so terribly!  She cursed at him and swore to never see him again!
She just prayed that she would be able to pass the child off as Amar's son.
Blessed Orb!  she thought as she held her new son in front of her.  A son with rich chocolate hair and dark chocolate eyes.  She nearly cried with the relief that swept through her body.  No one need never know her shame!

She named her son Darius and put him from her mind.
Barika tried and tried, but she just couldn't get Thomas out of her mind.  He came by the store often to look for fabrics and threads, which her brother had begun to carry, but she couldn't decide if he was coming to see her or the merchandise.

She finally put her mind at ease when he kissed her there in the shop.
She asked him all sorts of questions about tailoring, since she was sure that one day they would marry.  A good wife was able to support her husband with his home and business.
Baji closed the shop.  He'd managed the shop by himself again because Barika was fawning over the Taylor boy.  He liked Thomas well enough, but it was hard enough to take care of everything when Barika helped, but when she paid little attention to restocking - it put all of the workload squarely on his shoulders!

Maybe he was just sour because he had not yet met anyone that interested him.  He saw many teen girls come in and out of the shops and he was not struck by any thunderbolts like Barika had described.

He supposed it was for the best.  If he never fell in love, he'd never have his heart broken like his mother.
Because it seemed that any man that even looked in Alana's direction was encouraging her to fall in love.

He'd seen her flirting with Brand Taveryn when she thought no one was looking.  Baji had shaken his head sadly.  No good would come from attaching herself to a married man, he thought.  No good at all!
But, his mother's business was her own.  His business was to help raise his siblings and see to their education and happiness.  He taught Caira her letters so that she would be able to read and when the time came, he would give a dowry to Barika so that she could marry her Taylor.
Barika returned home from school laughing and stopped abruptly to see Brand Taveryn hurring out of the house.  "Just leaving," he said without looking her in the eye.

Curious, Barika thought.  "Mother? What was Mr. Taveryn doing here.  Shouldn't he be doing business with Baji?"

Alana had shooed Barika away, ordering her to help Baji restock the shop before opening.  "Worry about yourself," she told Barika.

Even curiouser, Barika thought as she sought out Baji.
Baji proudly showed off the bookshelf he had scrimped and saved to afford.   "Why look at all the beautiful books!" Caira said excitedly.  "Will you read me one?!"

Baji picked one he thought Caira was sure to love, "Orb's Treasure" and began to read the story until she had fallen asleep.
Baji and Barika stayed up late that night talking about the future.  She shared with him the news of Mr. Taveryn and he had sagely nodded.  "I saw her flirting with him earlier in the year."

Barika sighed.  "What are we to do with her, Baji?" she asked sadly.

Orb's Year 911
This cannot be happening again! Alana fumed.  There would be no way to keep shame from this child!  Her husband had been dead and gone for years.  Everyone would know that she was a woman of loose morals!

She had been so careful to keep her secret rendezvous from her children, and now they would see her for what she was - a charlatan!
When customers commented on Darious looking exactly like her, rather than Amar, she would smile and thank them.  No one suspected that her child was born in shame.

Now she just needed to see what could be done about her new baby.
"What do you mean there's nothing you can do?" Alana demanded.  "There's plenty to be done!  I know that you feel the attraction between us!  Leave your wife for me!"
"Leave her and do what? No, Alana.  You knew the score when you set out to entice me to your bed!  I am a married man with an heir already.  If the child turns out to be mine, then I will provide you with some money to smooth over the transition."

"I'll tell your wife!" Alana blurted.  "She'll be so upset, she'll leave you!"

Brand shrugged.  "Then you'll get nothing.  And if you think she'll leave me over a small bit of infidelity, you're incredibly naive!"
Alana buried her throbbing head in her hands.  This was no good.  Brand was supposed to offer to run off with her, leaving behind everything else.

"But, I have no husband..." she managed weakly.  "Everyone will know..."

Brand awkwardly patted her arm.  "I'm truly sorry.  I had thought you to be past the fertile stage otherwise I would have taken.. other precautions."

Alana straightened indignantly.  Past the fertile stage! she thought savagely.  Just how old did he think she was!  She turned her back on him in a fit of anger and was not surprised to hear his footfalls heading to the door.

If she was brutally honest, she supposed she saw his point.  She had two grown children and was nearing 30-years old.  It was the truth that most women lost their fertility at 33 when they began to go gray, but... she didn't see herself like that.  In her mind, she still had her youth and beauty!

And soon another child...

Orb's Year 912
"What can I do for you?" Baji asked anxiously as his mother labored to bring forth his sibling.

"Nothing! You can do nothing for me!" Alana moaned pitifully.  Everyone had forsaken her!  Amar! Trent! And now Brand!  They had all forsaken her!
"Take it," Alana said as she passed the baby to Baji.

Baji accepted the squealing baby in his arms.  "What would you like to call her?" he asked.

"I don't care."

Baji cuddled his sister in his arms and whispered, "We will call you Eryka."  Eryka looked up at him and smiled.
Never before had Alana wanted to run away from this place as she did as of this moment.  Always someone wanted something from her.  There were dishes to be cleaned... Darious' diaper to be changed... and the baby was crying for food once again...

All she'd ever longed for was a life of pleasure and fun. How in the world had she ended up here?!


  1. I am not surprised that Alana found herself in the predicament that she did. She should have known better than to mess with an unavailable man. I am having a hard time feeling sympathy for her. I do feel bad for Baji. He has had to grow up and keep the family running (not just economically, but emotionally and mentally too). I hope he finds his three bolt match.

    1. Alana and her incessant Dream Date wanting drives me crazy. :) I'm also trying to follow the medieval "always try for baby", but my promiscuous Sims are going to overpopulate! I think I'm going to give each Sim a fertility roll & do it that way.

      I love Baji! He is such a upstanding guy! Hoping he finds his true love!


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