Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Potter, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
Being a potter was all that Adam had ever known.  If a Sim was using a vase or bowl here in Celestia Kingdom, odds were that his family had made it.

But now it was just him...
...and Caitlyn Baker, the love of his life!
Caitlyn was filling guilty for running off with Adam.  Especially since her father had arranged for her to go to the Abbey to live her life. 

And now her father was gone... too soon for her to say she was sorry...

"Are you okay?" Adam asked, breaking Caitlyn out of her reverie.

She smiled sadly up at him.  "I'll be fine."
Adam wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.  She closed her eyes and hugged him back.  She would be fine.  She just needed a little time to mourn.
In the meantime, there was work to do...

Orb's Year 922
Time had passed and Caitlyn was doing much better. 
Adam was happy to see her smiling again!  He knew disobeying her father had been hard on her, even with her mother's blessing!
But they had managed to carve out a life here in their little hut.  They worked in companionable silence, creating pottery to sell.
They enjoyed eating their meals together and laughing over their day.  Sometimes they even had fish that Adam had managed to catch visiting his friend Sheldon Fischer!

Orb's Year 923
"Thank you for coming," Adam told Carrie Baker, shaking her hand.  "She misses you so much."

Carrie wiped a tear from her eye.  "Where's my little girl?"

Adam pointed Caitlyn out.
Carrie didn't waste a minute hurrying over to hug her daughter.  "Look at you!  You've about all grown up!"

Caitlyn smiled.  "I know!  I can't wait!"

Carrie touched her daughter's cheek.  "It will be a beautiful wedding, dear!"

And that day, before family and friends, Adam welcomed Caitlyn Baker as his wife.
That night, they held hands, as though for the first time.  "I love you Mrs. Potter," he said softly. 

Caitlyn smiled.  "I love you too!"

Orb's Year 924
Caitlyn smiled down at her bulging belly.  According to her mother, she would soon have a babe in her arms!  She couldn't wait!  She'd dreamed of this day for ever so long!
Adam was over the moon with joy, as well.  "We'll see you soon," he told her belly, which made her laugh.

"He can't hear you!" she said, giggling.

Adam glanced up and grinned, "Of course she can!  I felt her kick!"

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