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Royale Guard, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
Prince Benedict called his family over to his modest castle.  He'd made a monumental decision.  He was going to propose to Kea.  He'd always been fond of her growing up, but seeing her at his brother's wedding had knocked him to his feet.  She was smart, sexy and kind!  What more would he need from a woman?!

Nervously, he glanced at his brother, Barron.  "Are you sure you invited her?"

Barron rolled his eyes. "Quite sure."

"And she said she'd be here."

Again Barron nodded his head.

"Then the only thing to do is wait!" Benedict declared while pacing around his kitchen.
"Thanks for coming, Father.  I know you're very busy."

King Alexander hugged his son.  "What? And miss this mysterious occasion."

Queen Aurora walked in.  "Yes, what was with all the secrets?  What is the party about?"
Just then his guest of honor walked in.

"Hello?" Princess Kea asked hesitantly, stepping across the threshold.  "The door was open, is it okay to come in?"

When she saw Prince Benedict her eyes lit up  & he felt fluttering in his stomach.
He'd been unprepared for when Kea launched herself into his arms.  "Benedict! I didn't know you'd moved from the castle!  Your brother simply told me to come by for a surprise party!"
Benedict's parents were elated when he dropped to one knee and laid his heart on the line.   King Alexander hooted with pleasure and cheered for the couple as Queen Aurora anxiously waited for Kea's response.
"Of course! Didn't you know I had a horrid crush on you all those years?!" Kea said, exasperated.

Benedict was stunned.  How had he missed it?  "I didn't!" he exclaimed.  "All those wasted years!"
Not one to waste more time, and eager to start a family, Benedict and Kea were married in a small gathering of his family.
Queen Aurora clasped King Alexander's hand and sighed.  "It was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it?"

Alexander squeezed his wife's hand and nodded.

All of his children were growing up so fast!  Now only Princess Daphne was left at home!
The room was full with young couples, eager to show their love and affection.  (There's Geoffrey L'Adventurer in the background leaping into Celeste Royale's arms & there's Princess Diedre having her way with her husband Prince Barron.)
In a  hurry, Prince Benedict bid his family adieu and hurried to his bedroom with his wife.

Orb's Year 922
After the honeymoon, it was time to begin working towards a safer kingdom.  It was Prince Benedict's goal to find out where the thieves were in town and send them scurrying away.  No one was quite sure where the thieves' den was, but the King's Guard was on the look out for it!
Princess Kea tried to find her place in the castle, struggling to fill her days with some activity.
She'd been quite pleased when the King had accepted her invitation to dinner. 
She certainly loved playing the hostess and making sure everyone enjoyed the conversation.
When Benedict tried to help with the dishes, she'd shooed him away to talk to his Father.  "Go," she'd said.  "The dishes won't take me long!"

Benedict felt blessed with such a wonderful wife.

Orb's Year 923
Kea always tried to make Benedict feel like he was the most important thing in her life.  She fetched him the newspaper when he didn't even know he wanted to read it, she rubbed his back after a stressful day & she let him vent when he was frustrated.

Benedict repaid her by treating her like the princess she was, always letting her know how beautiful, smart and wonderful she was!

It was a match made in heaven!
And through the months, Princess Kea hosted any number of small get togethers, easily making friends and finding out what the villagers in town were talking about.  She thought that it might be helpful to her husband.
And of course, she hosted several ladies afternoon's with the Royale family and friends. 
It was nice to see the strong friendship between Queen Aurora and Princess Cassidy.  They'd known each other for decades now and often finished each other's sentences or laughed at their personal jokes. 

Kea hoped that when she was old and grey, she had such a friend to pass the time with!

Orb's Year 924
It had been a very well cooked dinner, but something just wasn't settling right with Kea...
...covering her mouth, she hurried to the restroom and lost the contents in her stomach. 
Benedict checked on her later and found her sleeping on the couch.  Worried, he made a note to speak with his Mother about attending to her. 
Whatever bug she had, he hoped it passed quickly!

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