Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Royale, Orb's Year 909-912

 Orb's Year 909
Emily knew that she'd made the right decision staying in her position at the Royale household.  It was such a joy to watch the children grow before her eyes.  Besides, her sister's didn't seem to be doing too well for themselves!  Beth Ann was living in poverty because she fell in love, Carrie's lover refused to marry her and give his name to her baby, and Debbie... well Debbie lived by her own rules.

But here, Emily had a soft bed to sleep in, good food to eat, wonderful sights and people that she regularly met.  And, she got to be part of an amazing legacy.
She taught Celeste her first word.  She'd been secretly pleased when Celeste had called her "mama."
And she'd helped coax Princess Catherine to use the big girl potty.

But the girls were growing up before her eyes.  Soon she would no longer act as their nanny, she would return to her old duties in the kitchens.

Orb's Year 910
King Alexander and Queen Aurora knew that every little princess needed to be well-read and well-rounded.  The girls were taught to read at an early age. 
They were also expected to be able to play a variety of music instruments and learn to dance with grace and beauty.

Orb's Year 911
It was a much smaller party that was thrown for the Prince's 9th birthday.  They were considered teens now, ready for additional responsibilities.
Alexander had arranged Barron's marriage to Princess Chris' younger sister, Princess Diedre.   She was the spitting image of her older sister, but without the independent streak.
Barron couldn't believe he was already betrothed to Princess Diedre.  His father had told him that when they reached their majority, they would be married to join the two kingdoms.  Barron had said that he thought girl's had cooties, but Alexander had only ruffled his hair and said that would change. 

Barron scoffed.  Not bloody likely, he thought.
Benedict had never been more glad to have been a second-born son than he was when he heard that his brother was already promised to a girl younger than him!  Hopefully he would be able to choose someone he loved!

Orb's Year 912
Despite everything else - the princes and princesses were still expected to perform to the best of their ability.  Nanny Emily was very stern about completing their instructional work!

Barron and Benedict wondered when they'd actually be treated as teenagers instead of children by everyone!

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