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Royale, Orb's Year 913-916

Orb's Year 913
Prince Benedict knew they were a very lucky family, indeed.

Wealth, power, and a strong bond between all the family members!   They were a fine looking bunch if you asked him!

Benedict often thought that his brother was too serious, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, so he tried to take every opportunity to liven him up.  Too much work and not enough play, made Prince Barron a dull boy!

Benedict loved the galas, the parties, the balls and the constant stream of people coming through the doors.  There always seemed to be someone new and interesting to meet.

Recently, Benedict's eye had been taken by Princess Diedre.

He'd heard his father in negotiations to ally his brother with Princess Diedre once they were of an age.

Unfortunately, it hadn't seemed like his brother was very interested in girls at the moment.  He spent too much time with his nose in the books trying to learn how to be a successful king, Benedict thought.

Perhaps  he would try his hand at winning the fair maid's heart...

Orb's Year 914

King Alexander watched his little girls.  He supposed they weren't that little anymore.  Soon they would teenagers and destined for great things!

On the day of their birthday, King Alexander gathered his royal subjects to the castle and threw a large celebration. 
Princess Catherine
Princess Celeste

Orb's Year 915

Queen Aurora anxiously awaited the birth of her 5th child.  She wondered if she would bear another set of twins.  Two sets of twins was quite enough for her!  Although, Emily had done such a beautiful job caring for the children when they were younger!

To make it easier to care for the children, Queen Aurora had bid Emily use one of the spare rooms in the castle.  No sense trekking back and forth between the servant's quarters and the castle in the middle of the night!  
Emily could never have imagined the almost fairy-tale life she led!  She had material comforts that most peasants longed for and was treated almost like one of the family in the castle.

All the princes and princesses looked at her as an older sister.

And soon she would have another sweet child to care for!

In the meantime, she showered her love and care on the royal Dane.  "Come on, boy," Emily told the aging Sire.  "Let's go for a walk."  Sire no longer had accidents in the house, but for some reason, he would soil the walk right in front of the castle.

Although Sire was King Alexander's loyal pet, Emily felt somewhat proud that Sire listened to her better than the King!  Sometimes when she called him, he would run from the King to come nuzzle her hand, looking for the treats that she carried around.

Orb's Year 916
Finally, the day the kingdom had been waiting for - Queen Aurora's delivery!
She held in her arms the youngest Royale - Princess Daphne!

While the adults were busy - the princes partied...
Benedict had managed to talk his brother into throwing a small fete with a few of the other teens throughout the kingdom.

He'd been pleased to see that Princess Diedre had come.

But, he'd frowned to see her sitting next to Prince Barron most of the night.  He thought that he might've had a chance with her.

Perhaps it wasn't too late...
After Barron had excused himself to go to the music room, Benedict had made his move.  He'd scooted closer to Princess Diedre and spent the next few minutes chatting with her.  When she got up to follow his brother, he jumped up and made move to kiss her...

...and failed spectacularly!

"Prince Benedict, truly you are a wonderful person.  But, I only have eyes for your brother, Barron.  He is to be my husband when I am older."

Prince Benedict felt his heart drop into his stomach.    He had so hoped...   Numbly, he watched Princess Diedre walk away.
And found Prince Barron waiting for her.

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