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Royale, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917

"Before the birthday fete, I have something I want to give you Barron," Princess Catherine said excitedly.

"What is it?" Prince Barron asked, "A new sword?"

"Of course not silly," she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, what is it?" Prince Benedict chimed in.  "Tell us!"

From behind her back she presented the cutest puppy in the world!   "Your very own puppy with Royale lineage!  This rambunctious little one is Sire's son!"
Prince Barron held the puppy in his hands and felt quite pleased.  His very own companion!  "This is the very best gift anyone has ever given me, sister.  Thank you!" he said, touched by her thoughtfulness.

"Come on, let the rascal go find his papa, we need to go get ready for the celebration!" Prince Benedict said, elbowing his brother.

With that, Prince Barron put Reign down and let him scamper off to find Sire.
The crowd cheered and hooted as King Alexander and Queen Aurora blew the candles from their cakes.  Everyone in the kingdom had come to join in the festivities.
King Alexander made a show of kissing his wife's hand to the delight of the crowd.  It was apparent how well loved the King and Queen were.
Much later, Alexander and Aurora sat on their thrones and watched everyone celebrate. From their vantage point, they saw much that happened.  Namely, Prince Barron and Princess Deidre holding hands.

"Did you make the offer to her father yet?  It seems our son has chosen as wisely as his father!" Queen Aurora whispered to her husband.

Alexander smiled.  "Yes, he is in agreement.  We will join our kingdoms through marriage."

"When will you tell Barron?"

Alexander considered his son.  "I think I will wait.  It seems that he is on the right track for a love marriage.  I will only step in if he begins to veer from the path set before him."

"Come let us join the festivities, husband."


The King's Guard stayed busy that night, rounding up the drunkards and people fighting and escorting them from the property.
The first fight of the night drew quite a crowd...
...when Barika Taylor launched herself at Aidan Taveryn.  She had never forgiven him the insult he had delivered to her mother and now she was old enough to do something about it!
Aidan quickly defused the situation and sent her scurrying back to her mother.
"What were you thinking?" Alana Marchant hissed furiously.  "Do not concern yourself with my private life!"

Barika fumed, "Your private life has affected all of our lives.  I cannot stand the look of him!"

Alana pushed her daughter from the room.  "Go. Find your husband and look on something else then, foolish child!"
Darius had overheard the gossip regarding his sister's father and decided to tease her about it, leading to the next scuffle.
At which point, Bali had been so upset that his siblings had been hurt publicly by Aidan that he decided to show the lecher a thing or two!
The last scuffle was between cousins, Able Farmer and Caitlyn Baker of the Taveryns. 


While the King's Guard furiously attempted to manage the peace amongst the villagers at the King's castle, the King wandered around, spreading his influence amongst his people.
King Alexander told Princess Catherine & Cirdon Consul of his plans to marry them when they were of an age.
"It's weird to think of, isn't it?" Cirdon Consul said after the King had left.  "I can't even imagine marrying!"

Princess Catherine thought a moment, and then smiled.  "I can! It will be wonderful, Cirdon!"

Cirdon smiled.  Maybe she was right...
"Ah, Trent Noble.  Have you tamed Princess Cassidy's heart yet?" King Alexander asked when he saw his old friend.

Trent sighed and shook his head.  "She is far too good for me, King Alexander.  Why should she marry me when she has all she needs and wants right now."

King Alexander shook his head and urged, "That's not true.  You can give her your heart and a second chance to love.  Go! Talk to her! I command it!"
 Trent was compelled to go speak with the lady who held his heart.
The Queen had wandered straight to the nursery though, where she spent time with her youngest daughter, Princess Daphne.

Orb's Year 918
Queen Aurora wished that she could capture this moment in time before it was lost.  Everything was changing so fast - and she wanted just a little bit longer with her family surrounding  her.  She knew that soon her children would be grown and go their own way.

She didn't feel ready for that at all!
Even Reign had not remained the same.  He was generally found in the kitchen, begging for scraps.
"Reign! Naughty! No begging!" Emily scolded when Reign was underfoot.  "Out of the kitchen," she shooed him.
"Aw, poor Reign," Barron said when he found his companion sulking at the kitchen door.  "Emily won't feed you any more scraps, will she?   Maybe I'll go ask her for a bit of bacon for you.  Would you like that, boy?"

Reign's tail wagged furiously at the pets and the promise of bacon.

Prince Barron wandered into the kitchen to beg a few scraps from Emily.
Then, the hair on Reign's back raised and he began to howl mournfully.  
Emily ran from the kitchens, wiping her hands on her apron.  "Why are you making such a fuss, Reign," she asked sharply.  Then, stopped when she saw Sire limping to her.  "Oh, you poor dear," she said sadly.  It was apparent that Reign could sense Sire's time was near.  Crying, she buried her face in her hands and mourned the loss of the King's companion.


King Alexander took the loss of Sire very hard.  He retreated to the study more often than not and would not agree to see anyone.  He referred urgent matters to his friend Arthur Knightley to decide.

Queen Aurora refused to leave him completely alone, though.  When  he holed himself up and buried his nose in a book, she was close by - sewing, playing chess.  It didn't really matter what she did, just so long as she was near her husband, giving him her strength.
Slowly, she helped him begin to live again.

Orb's Year 919
Even while the King and Queen had shut themselves off from the world, the children had continued to grow.

Prince Barron and Princess Deidre had made pledges to each other, giving each other a promise ring.
Princess Catherine and Cirdon Consul had become close and eagerly anticipated the time when they would be engaged to marry.
And little Princess Daphne was now a child, eager for attention from her parents.

Orb's Year 920
Queen Aurora wiped a tear from her eye at the passing of her dear friend, Scarlet.  Scarlet had always been such a good friend to her.

She couldn't help but feel that it was an ill omen, foreshadowing pain and sorrow for the Royale family.
Her husband told that she was being foolish and sentimental.  He did comfort her for the passing of her special friend, but he was sure that the Royale family would be strong and fortunate!
Princes Barron and Benedict were now adults, ready to begin their new lives!
They were still as rambunctious as ever, but there was more thought and purpose behind their play. 

Prince Barron joined his Father's counsel as political advisor, learning from his mother.  And Prince Benedict joined the King's Guard to learn how to protect the castle.

King Alexander had told both his sons that they would need to work their way up without his influence or help.  He wanted his boys to earn their positions in the kingdom through merit and hard work!


But, Prince Barron had more on his mind than his position in the world.  It was finally time to take Princess Deidre as his wife.  He could not imagine ever loving a woman more than he loved her!
With unsteady fingers, he dropped to one knee and promised to love and honor her if she would consent to being his wife.
She, of course, said yes, having dreamed of this moment for the last few years!


Prince Benedict walked down the steps, listening to his footfalls echo in the empty hall. 
He had shared in the celebration when Princess Deidre moved into the castle and prepared for the royal wedding.

But, it was time now that he leave his twin and begin his life.

He wasn't sure what awaited him outside this castle... but he was eager to find out!


  1. I like your Royal hood. You have nice stories going on. Lots of great future potential. Can't wait to see where you go with it.

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I've really enjoyed my medieval hood!


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