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Royale, Orb's Year 921-924

 Orb's Year 921
The hardest thing Queen Aurora had ever done in her life was to travel with her daughter to her good friend's castle and let her daughter, Princess Catherine, go. 

Cirdon Consul and Princess Catherine Royale were pledged to wed once they were both adults.

It pleased her that both eagerly anticipated the union.
Just as the match between Prince Barron, heir to the throne, and his childhood love, Princess Diedre eagerly anticipated their union.
Although it could be said that the entire kingdom waited anxiously for the Royales wedding!  Royals, Nobles, Merchants and Peasants all braved the freezing cold to be able to say that they were there for Barron's wedding vows.
 It was a splendid wedding!
Queen Aurora wiped a tear from her eye as her son and his new wife exchanged rings and the blessed vows joining their hearts and their lives.
 Then all joined the festivities as cake and ale was served without limit!
 Across the room, Queen Aurora spied a happy occasion...
 It seemed her son, Prince Benedict, had taken an interest in the Princess Kea.
 "Perhaps there will be another wedding soon, dear husband," she said as she joined her husband at the throne.
Princess Daphne teased her old friend Camelot Consul mercilessly that night - chasing him through the halls and making funny faces at him.  His mother had told him to never hit a girl, but he was hard pressed to remember that when the princess was being such a pain!
The party was still raging downstairs.  Celeste played the violin well into the night, illiciting comparisons between her beauty and the beauty of her music.
But Prince Barron and Princess Diedre had long since snuck away upstairs for a little more privacy befitting a newly married couple!

 Orb's Year 922
 "You know better than to miss instructional school, Princess Daphne.  You set an example for all the other children!"  Emily lectured as she took the pouting child to school late.

"But I don't see why I have to go anyways! I'm a princess!  Can't Father just tell the teachers that I already know everything!"

Emily chuckled.  "So you know everything already, do ya?  Well, I'll be sure to remember that next time you're asking my help with your homework!"

Princess Daphne had the grace to blush and quietly replied.  "Well maybe not everything..."

Princess Diedre was pleased that her old friends Princess Kea and Prince Geoffrey could make it to her little tete-a-tete.  She wanted to make sure that all the Royalty were on good terms in the kingdom! 
 When Prince returned home with his mother, he greeted her warmly, wrapping his arms around her.  "Can I steal you away from that dreadfully boring party?" he asked hopefully.

Diedre playfully smacked his shoulder.  "Dreadfully boring?!  Now you're in for it!"

Laughing, the couple headed downstairs to rejoin their friends.
Prince Barron attempted to console his wife by playing a lively tune on the piano.  Unfortunately, he had never practiced much when he was younger, preferring swordplay or chess.  His sister, Princess Catherine, covered her ears and begged him to stop or she'd lose all hearing in her ears.
Princess Celeste had not joined the others for a lively time, instead choosing to sit in the study and read.  She was happy that her brother and her sister had found happiness in love, but lately she had begun to believe that it would never happen to her.

Perhaps she would be better suited to the Abbey...
She finally mustered her courage and spoke with her Father about being sent to live an enriched life at the Abbey. 

King Alexander had frowned and said that he'd speak with her mother.  The Abbey would not be his first choice for her.  In fact, he'd lately been speaking with Geoffrey L'Aventurer about a possible match.  The children had been friends for many years now and often passed the hours talking about this or that.
 "Can you believe that she wants to go to the Abbey?" he asked his wife, incredously.  "She even argued that because her name was Celeste, it was fate that she should join the Celestial Abbey!  As though that life was meant for her!"
 The Queen nodded as she considered the problem.  "But what are we to do? If she chooses the Abbey, should we stand in her way?"

The King shook his head.  "I have more to consider than just the feelings of my daughter.  I want her happiness, but I also need to ensure that I leave a strong kingdom for Barron to inherit."  King Alexander sadly rubbed his neck.  "I will need to think on it more."

Aurora leaned across and patted his knee.  "You will make the right decision, husband.  You always do."
 Celeste eagerly painted her parting gift for her parents as she waited word from her father on when she could leave for the Abbey.  It never crossed  her mind that he might say no.

 Orb's Year 923
Princess Diedre had happily told her husband that she was with child.  The castle had rejoiced and Barron had ordered Emily make lobster thermidor for dinner to celebrate. Emily had looked at him surprised and then muttered under her breath about preparing such a complicated meal. 
Barron threw himself into politics with his mother, determined to fully understand all the issues at play between the different classes.  He hoped to rule as wisely and effectively as his father one day!
But in the meantime, he reveled in his family life and his unborn child.


"But Father! I told you that I would wish to be sent to the Abbey," Princess Celeste cried in disbelief.  Nervously she flicked a gaze behind her and saw Geoffrey standing there looking bored.
Attempting to salvage his pride, she lowered her voice.  "It is not that I do not wish to marry Geoffrey - it is that I do not wish to marry anyone!"
King Alexander steeled his heart to his daughter's tears.  "As much as it pains me to see you cry, I had begun to enter negotiations with Geoffrey's father long before you came to me with your wishes.  I am honor-bound to hear what Geoffrey's take on all this is."  Waving his hand, he motioned Geoffrey forward.
 Geoffrey dropped to one knee, producing a ring.  In a voice meant to echo in the hall, he called out, "I would have Princess Celeste marry me.  We have been good friends and I would treat her kindly befitting her status!"

Celeste gasped.

Geoffrey continued as though he had not shocked his old friend.  "And my father bids me to remind the King of the agreements made between them."

King Alexander looked to his daughter.  "Celeste?"

Celeste hung her head.  "Then so it shall be."
As King Alexander and Geoffrey hammered out the terms of the marriage and the dowry, Queen Aurora hugged her daughter goodbye.  "Just remember that you would not have been friends with him if he did not have a good heart.  Love grows from friendship."

Celeste nodded her head, not entirely sure how she was feeling.  She was a little happy, as Geoffrey was certainly a handsome man... but this was not how she'd seen her life playing out!
As they prepared to go, Geoffrey leaned forward and gave Celeste a gentle kiss.  "Do not fear, ma petite.  I will take very good care of you!"
Celeste felt as though she was floating as the carriage took her away from the only home she'd ever known. 
King Alexander watched his daughter go and worried.  Perhaps he'd been rash.  Perhaps he'd made the wrong decision.  It had been easy to see Prince Barron and Princess Catherine wed to their true loves, but hard to send his daughter off with a man she did not love.

He consoled himself with the hope that she would love him soon...

 Orb's Year 924
The day had finally arrived that the kingdom had been waiting for.  Princess Diedre delivered the first of the future king's children!  A little boy they named Earl Royale!  A blonde-haired baby with his mother's brown eyes. 
 "Congratulations, brother," Prince Benedict said.  "He's a beautiful baby!"

Prince Baron clamped his brother on the shoulder.  "Thank you for coming brother.  It's not the same not having you in the castle to pester me!"

Prince Benedict laughed.  "Who keeps you from getting too serious?!"

Prince Barron shared a secret smile with his wife.  "Oh, I would say my lovely wife helps keep me from getting too full of myself!"

Prince Benedict raised his eyebrows and laughed.  "Then my congratulations to you, Princess Diedre!"
Queen Aurora held the little baby in her arms and cuddled him.  She wanted to spend as much time with her grandson as possible. Hopefully years from now he would have some memory of her...
Princess Diedre laughed at Princess Daphne's antics.  "I don't think your Father would be well pleased should you attend school in a knight's uniform!"

Princess Daphne scowled.  "But it's not fair! I want to learn to swordplay! I watched my brothers practice all those years! I bet I could do well!"

Prince Barron poked his sister on the nose.  "Well, it's not ladylike to run about with swords!"

"I wouldn't be 'running about'," she grumbled.

Princess Diedre laughed.  "Don't worry. She'll grow out of it soon.  Soon she will talk of nothing but dresses and make-up and boys!"

"Boys?" she scowled again, "Yeck!"


"Umm... Mother..." Princess Daphne called out as she walked into the room.  The King and Queen glanced up.
 "Yes?" Queen Aurora asked her daughter.

"I was hoping that you might allow me to throw a gala."

The King scowled.  "Why would you want to throw a gala?"

Daphne rolled her eyes. "To meet new friends, of course!  I don't know anyone my age!"

The Queen glanced over at the King and waited until he nodded his head.  Then, she smiled brightly, "Of course dear.  Let us speak with Emily about it."
Princess Daphne floated on the air the rest of the day.  "Did you hear Mother said I could throw a gala, sister?" she asked her sister-in-law.

"That's splendid!  You shall have the best of times!"

"Would you like to come?" she asked eagerly.

Princess Diedre smiled.  "I would love to, but you won't want stuffy old adults at your party.  Better that it be all teens meeting and having fun!"

Later Diedre had laughed to her husband that Daphne had indeed changed her tune and was now fully interested in dresses, make-up and boys!

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