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Taveryn, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917
Deb was quite pleased with how she had managed to convert Brand into a devoted father & husband.  To her knowledge, he was completely faithful now and spent time each night with Connor before it was his bedtime.
Even better, Aidan's bastard children were making friends with others... more suited to their station in life....
Dirk wasn't sure why he was so captivated by Celeste Royale.  It could have been because she was Royalty.  Or it could have been her luxuriant blonde hair.  But, he thought it had more to do with his serene expression while she played the violin. 

It made him wish to speak with her... to talk abut music... to talk about anything!  But, he was just a lowly peasant.  She'd probably just laugh at him, he thought sadly. 

Besides, she was a girl... and he didn't have the nerve to talk to a girl!
But then, maybe he could take a few tips from him half-brother, Brand.  Brand had girls fawning over him all the time when Deb wasn't looking.
"How do I get a girl to notice me?" he asked.

Brand had thought a moment and then replied, "You just find out what they're interested in and the rest just sort of falls into place!"
Feeling emboldened by his brother's advice, Dirk got up the nerve to talk to Celeste!  She didn't slap him, so that was good... right?!

Orb's Year 918
Brand was quite pleased with how he had managed to convert Deb into less of a harpy!  With the liberal use of romance and smooth talking, he'd managed to slay her sharp tongue!
And what she didn't know of his private life didn't hurt her!
The family joined together to celebrate little Devon's birthday. 
Brand was so proud of his little girl.  She was a real go-getter and he was sure she'd be a beauty life her mother!
And Connor - what a chip off the old block!  Brand grinned when Connor had come to him to ask advice on how to ask a girl out.  Throwing his arm around Connor's shoulder, he began, "Let me tell you a story, son..."

Orb's Year 919
Carrie was so tense, worrying about what Aidan would do about Caitlyn when she was of age.  She was worried that he would send her off to be a servant somewhere.  At least she had been an adult when she chose to come to work for Aidan!  And the relationship that followed had made sense at the time.  But, if Caitlyn were to become a servant, she might never marry or have children, like her little sister Emily.  Oh, Emily swore she was happy and honored to be serving the Royales, but she couldn't see how that was possible!

Then, to make matters worse, her little sister Debbie started hanging around again, hoping to get Brand's attention.
"Be off with you! Tend to your children!" Carrie said harshly, watching Debbie take off at a run.  She saw Brand's children looking at them curiously.  Although, Connor had a smirk on his face... he was a fast one, that one!  She hated to say it, but she was sure he'd be a silver-tongued romancer like his father!
But at least he was devoted to his little sister Devon.
Although, he was quick to drop her if any teens came around to hang out. 
Especially when the pretty ones came by.
Caitlyn stared at herself in the mirror and wished she had clothes as fine as the ones Gwen Gothier and Christa Anderson wore.  Such color and pretty threads... her dress was like a sack of brown blah!
Although, Adam Potter never seemed to mind.  He often dropped by under the pretense of hanging out.
But, when no one else was around, he was sweet and romantic as could be!  They talked about building a life together and getting married.

She couldn't wait for Adam to ask her father for her pledge!

Orb's Year 920
Devon was so quick and smart, she excelled at the instructional school.  Deb often moaned about the fact that Connor never applied himself to his schooling anymore! 

He would just roll his eyes and ask why he needed to do his schooling when he already knew he would be a pub keeper when he was older.  "Or perhaps a knight, jousting in all the tournaments, winning the hearts of ladies everywhere!" he'd say with a grin. 
She sighed, wishing her son could've been more like her and less like his father!
Carrie was walking by one day when she heard Aidan muttering under his breath as he wrote a missive. 

"What are you doing, Aidan?" she asked.  "Do you need any help."

"Well, if you knew your letters, you could write the blasted letter for me!" Aidan growled under his breath.

Carrie sucked in a shocked breath.  Of all of her sisters, Beth Ann was the only one that had taken the time to learn her letters.  But, Aidan had never mentioned it before - and certainly now in such a rude manner!

She huffed off, angry and embarrassed.
Aidan sighed.  He hadn't meant to offend Carrie and it was apparent from the way she stomped off that he had. 

He was just so stressed with his estate planning.  He knew that if Deb had her way, Carrie and his children would be out on the streets the moment he passed away.  He had to be proactive and assure all of his children's inheritances.
His will written and tucked away safely, Aidan went in search of Brand to make sure he would support his decisions.
Then he found each of his children and told them of his plans for them..
Little Caitlyn took it the hardest.  She cried when he'd told her that he was sending her to the Celestial Abbey to learn enlightenment.  It had been a hard decision, but he thought that she would be happier there than struggling as a servant somewhere else, considered the lowest on the totem pole.

"But I love Adam!" she cried.

Aidan frowned.  He'd known the young Potter boy had been coming over, but hadn't known that he'd been making passes at his Caitlyn.  "I'm sorry.  That is not the path that's been chosen."

"But why, Father?! Why can't I?! I want to marry and have children!"

Aidan frowned again, surprised at her defiance.  "You'd rather work and toil and scrimp and save than to be well-taken care of at the Abbey?" he asked in amazement.   "The world is not an easy place and you are not used to poverty."

"I don't care! Adam and I will get by with our love!"

One last shake of his head.  "I'm sorry.  I forbid it.  I seek your future happiness for years to come, not just your happiness for a few years."
Caitlyn ran off crying to find Adam and to tell him the upsetting news.
Gently, she kissed his lips.  "I'll always love you, but I must do what my Father bids me," she said unhappily.  Wiping tears from her eyes, she ran to her room.


Abbess Abigail arrived in the morning to pick up Caitlyn. 

"Wait just a moment while I get her," Aidan said, still unsettled by the way Caitlyn had carried on the night before.  Carrie had been upset with him and he didn't know if he had her support or not as she was chilling his bones with her silence.
He walked into the kitchen and announced it was time for Caitlyn to go.

"I'll send her out in a moment," Carrie promised.

Aidan walked back out to talk to Abbess Abigail.  "Tell her not to dally.  The Abbess has things to do today rather than waiting on her."
As Aidan spoke to Abbess Abigail of the life Caitlyn would lead once she moved there, he was distracted by a figure in the distant running off. 

Startled, he realized that it was Adam Potter, absconding with his daughter, Caitlyn.

"Caitlyn Baker! You get back here this instant!" he roared at the figures.  Caitlyn hesitated and glanced back, but Adam reached back and grabbed her hand.  Together they ran off.

Abbess smoothed her skirts and cleared her throat delicately.  "Perhaps all is as it should be.  We would not want her to regret coming to study with us, Aidan." 

She left Aidan standing at the front of his pub, staring off in the distance with his hands on his hips.  Heartbroken.
Carrie busily wiped down the dirty counters in the pub, hoping to avoid Aidan.  She knew he'd had Caitlyn's best interests at heart, but he had forgotten Caitlyn's heart.  Caitlyn had come to her in tears the night before at the thought of losing her young love.  So Carrie had taken matters into her own hands...

Hopefully Aidan wouldn't be too angry....

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