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Taveryn, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
Brand had thought he recognized the girl walking by, shooting death glares at the pub.  After he'd caught up with her, it'd turned out to be none other than Eryka Marchant, one of his illegitimate children.  Feeling at a loss of what to say, he lamely said, "Eryka, how have you been?"

Eryka snorted, quite unladylike, and tossed her hair.  "I'm surprised you even know my name! Mother says all Taveryns are wicked!"

Brand rocked back on his heels, jamming his hands in his pockets.  "Is that a fact?"

"That's a fact," Eryka had said. 
Feeling a 10-pound note in his pocket, Brand pulled it out and handed it to the girl.  "You know, usually I send your mother some money, but perhaps it's time to start sending the money directly to you.  A young girl has need of certain pleasurable things, am I right?"

Eryka's eyes shot up to Brand's and she grinned.  "For me?"

Brand smiled.  "Of course. I always send money to your mother to give you.  Don't you receive it?"

Eryka's brow wrinkled. "No, never. She's never mentioned it."

Brand made a mental note to get to the bottom of that. He'd been more than generous and he didn't need Alana Marchant spreading malicious gossip about him around town.  He had a reputation to protect!

Spending a few more moments chatting amiably with Eryka, he sent her on her way before Deb happened to notice who he was talking to.  It was one thing for illegitimate children to exist, but a whole other matter for them to exist in her sphere of living!
Dirk watched as his half-brother chatted with Eryka and felt uneasy.  He knew that people looked down on Eryka and talked about her because she'd been born on the wrong side of the blanket.  But, technically, he was illegitimate as well, even though his Father and his Mother had been in a relationship for too many years to count.  They'd never officially married and that meant everything in the Kingdom of Celestia.

It meant he couldn't inherit anything. 

It meant he lived her at the whim of the current heir, which would soon be his pleasure-loving brother Brand.  He worried that when his Dad died, Brand's wife, Deb, would send them all away.  She'd made no secret of disliking them or their influence on her precious children!

Throwing his failing report card down on the ground, he headed inside, anxiously awaiting a visit from his love.  
He waited impatiently for hours when she finally was able to sneak into the yard.  "You made it!"  he called out as he wrapped her in a bear hug.  "I was beginning to think you wouldn't make it!"

Caira Marchant grinned widely.  "I didn't think she'd ever go to sleep!" Resting her head on his shoulder, she sighed.  "I can't wait until we're adults and we don't have to see each other in hiding!"

Dirk rubbed her back.  He knew that Caira's mother hated him because he was related to Brand.  And because he was a peasant, born with the wrong color hair. It was his curse.
But it didn't matter to Caira. She loved him anyways!


Connor checked himself out in the mirror and practiced flexing his muscles.  He looked good and he knew it!  He'd grown up knowing that he was far better than most of the people he associated with.  Anyone with eyes could see how females fawned over his father.
And he was happy to say the same was true for him!
Getting his first kiss was a piece of cake!


Debbie awoke from slumber with her face down in the plate.  She looked around, wondering why she felt so tired.
With striking clarity, the reason hit her.  Her ever-fertile husband!  That rat! She couldn't believe she was pregnant again!  But, hopefully another baby at home would remind him of his family duties.

Orb's Year 922
Early in the year, the family suffered a tragic loss.  Aidan Taveryn had passed away, leaving the world far behind.

Aidan Taveryn, Celestial Orb Years' 874-922

Devon, Aidan's granddaughter, was inconsolable.  She missed her grandpa terribly!
Her father tried to step in and do the things she and grandpa used to do, but it just wasn't the same!  He never made the same jokes or played the same type of songs that made her giggle.
The family dinners had become quiet and tense as they struggled to come to terms with their loss.
Deb noticed that her daughter wasn't a young girl anymore, she'd turned into a beautiful lady.  At just the right age to begin thinking about marrying off....

Orb's Year 923
But first she needed to deliver her newest baby!  Deb awoke in the morning to the labor pains, alone and glad of it!  Brand would have just uselessly flailed around until after the baby was born!
She named her newest son, Edrick, after her father.
Deb tried to ignore the Bakers at the table and looked straight ahead.  She had told Brand that after his father passed away, she wanted them gone. 

He hadn't listened to her, so she chose to ignore them instead.

They in turn, ignored her.

"So, what plans do you have for after school?" Brand asked his half-brother Dirk.  "I see that you've been spending a lot of time with Shanna Marchant.  Be careful with that one.  Her mother is crazy!"

Dirk nodded his agreement.
"Maybe we could run the pub together, Dirk. You're fantastic at the piano. I bet people would be willing to pay lots of money to hear you play!" Connor piped up.
Across the table, Deb cleared her throat daintily.  "You hardly need to "run the pub" with him.  Simply instruct him to play the piano." She paused a moment, "After all, he is the help, although he and his mother seem to forget that!"

Brand slammed his fist on the table.  "Enough Deb! You promised to hold a civil tongue in your head!"

Deb glared right back.  "Well you promised that you would stop romancing women, so I suppose we both lied!"

Connor's heart sunk.  He hadn't meant to make his folks fight.  Sheepishly, he glanced at Dirk and shrugged. 
Not very hungry anymore, Dirk pushed from the table and muttered his farewells then headed to his room.  Not technically a room, but it worked well enough for his Ma and him.  Although, he didn't know what he would do when he married Caira!  He couldn't very well raise a family in the lean-to of the stable.  Not that he blamed his Ma. She'd done the best she could given the circumstances.  If she had taken his sister and him and left Taveryn, who knows what kind of life they would have had!

But, he definitely didn't want that for his wife and kids!
Glancing around the room, he began to dream of everything that he would soon have...

Orb's Year 924
Devon eagerly prepared a missive to her friend Christa.  She wanted to throw a party and Christa knew all the best people!

She was interrupted by her mother calling her to lunch.

She smoothed her hair and skirts and walked into the room composed and lady-like.  Mother didn't like it when she rushed in like a "Baker."  Devon hated that her Mother was so cruel, but there was just no arguing with her these days.  Since Grandpa had died, Deb had done all she could to make everyone's life miserable!
Daintily she sat down at the table with her mother.  "Yes, Mother?"

Deb motioned to the food. "Go ahead and eat.  I've been thinking that you are of age now and we can begin to plan your wedding festivities.  Do you find that exciting?"

Devon sputtered a bit, but recovered quickly.  "My... wedding? Why... of course!"  Devon bit her cheek.  "What about it?"

"I've arranged for the matchmaker to come by this evening and select the perfect mate for you!  I want you to be cordial and engaging!"
After an afternoon of pampering, Devon was finally ready to meet her match.  And she was very, very nervous.
She was introduced to Camelot Knightley & she swore that she saw her mother swooning at the chance of being related to nobility.  But, Devon just wasn't feeling it... and she could tell that Camelot felt the same way.  Gritting her teeth, she powered through the date and felt like by the end, she'd earned a good friend. 

Camelot had told her of his unrequited love and she'd told him of her increasingly demanding mother.  Both had consoled the other that things could only get better.


Connor was a natural at managing the pub. 
Brand was often too busy with either women or carousing for women, so it was up to someone to run the pub.  His Mother scared people away. He couldn't count the number of people that complained about her when she was managing the pub!

Finally, he'd asked her to stay at home and take care of Edrick and said that he would take care of the "boring" stuff.
But the truth was that he loved it!  Seeing the pub filled with people laughing and talking, drinking and eating made him feel special!
He wanted it to be a place where people came to make friends, where class lines did not exist...  a place where people where all the same. 


Devon hadn't needed any help from the matchmaker. She'd found the man she was going to marry!
And it didn't matter to her that he was a Marchant!
Too soon it was time for Brand's birthday party.  He'd told Deb that he hadn't wanted to celebrate his aging party, but she'd been adamant.  It'd be unseemly to let such an occasion pass by without taking note of it!
But it just made Brand feel like crap.  He felt old amongst of sea of youth...
Never mentioned that evening was little Edrick's own toddler birthday!

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