Monday, May 20, 2013

Taylor, Orb's Year 917-920

Orb's Year 917
Barika was head over heels in love with Thomas Taylor.  She was so excited that they could stay in Celestia so that she would be close to her family. 
Using the money that his father had sent with him, Thomas began to build their tailor shop.  They sold the best cloth, threads and a few handmade items.
He wouldn't lie.  It was rough getting started...
...but Barika by his side made everything worthwhile...

Orb's Year 918
It had taken some time, but Thomas and Barika had finally managed to find a rhythm managing the tailor shop.   She crafted the most beautiful pot holders that everyone clamored over to buy.
Thomas was pleased with how well they were doing, certain that nothing would stand in the way of their progress.
So, it was a mixed blessing when Barika shared the news that she was pregnant.  He was excited to be a father, but at the same time, he was worried he would not be able to provide for a small child.  He needed Barika in the shop helping him, not held up in a nursery.

Orb's Year 919
Somehow they managed to make it work though.  Barika gave it her best effort, trying to spend as much time crafting potholders as possible.
He knew it was draining work.  And even when they were exhausted, they still managed to find time to spend with each other...
...even for the few brief moments that it was...

Orb's Year 920
Thomas was so nervous the morning that Barika went into labor!  He was sure there would be some complication that would take her from him!
But, Barika had delivered a beautiful baby girl, Addison.
And back to the tailor shop they went, struggling to make enough money to pay the King's taxes.

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