Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taylor, Orb's Year 921-924

Orb's Year 921
Thomas was proud of his little shop, he just wish they had more success here in the Kingdom of Celestia!

There were only so many hours in a day to sew those specialty curtains and potholders...
Although Barika labored tirelessly, it never seemed to be enough!  Exhausted one night, she asked why they couldn't sell them for more!  Thomas had been unconvinced that people would buy expensive curtains or potholders, but had attempted to heed his wife's advice.
Addison's birthday celebration was a small, family affair with just the three of them!
She grew up cute as a button!

Orb's Year 922
It wouldn't be just the three of them for very long, though.

Barika had just learned that she was expecting another child!
It was a mixed blessing for Thomas again as more of the duties fell to his shoulders.  He attempted to do everything around the home that needed to be done...


It was exhausting. 
Although, perhaps not as exhausting as pregnancy...

Orb's Year 923
Both Thomas and Barika were ready for life to return to it's regular rhythm!  Barika especially looked forward to the impending birth so that she could help her husband again and feel less like an invalid!  She was used to doing and working, not sleeping and resting!
Another sweet little girl they named Brooklyn!  A brown-haired, blue-eyed angel!
"Can I help sew, Daddy?" little Addison asked one night.

Thomas had patted her head and told her not yet.  When she'd hung her head in disappointment, he couldn't help but smile. "The time will come soon enough, but not yet! Enjoy your childhood! Run! Play!"
Addison hadn't thought any of that sounded very fun!  She grabbed a good book and began read adventure stories.
Thomas and Barika split parenting duties with the new baby in the house.  One of them was always at home with Brooklyn while the other tended the shop or worked on the merchandise. 

Orb's Year 924
Barika couldn't believe how big Brooklyn was getting!  It seemed like just yesterday she was a little newborn clutching her thumb. 

Now they had to watch Brooklyn like a hawk, lest she scamper away into the shop to wreck havoc.  Why just the other day, the imp had wandered into the shop and pulled all the cloth to the floor!
Life hadn't turned out as rosy as Barika had envisioned, but the important thing was that they were a family!  And they were together.  Everything else would fall into place.
Although... hopefully it would fall into place soon!

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