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Consul Intel, Orb's Year 925-928

Orb's Year 925
Gwen had only married Dresden Consul for the security that he would bring her.  She knew she had to marry to get out of her father's house and who better to marry than an old friend?

She knew that theirs was not a marriage of great passion, but one of respect and friendship.
But one look at Prince Geoffrey and Gwen's knees went weak!
No sooner had Dresden walked out the door to go to work when Prince Geoffrey slipped into her arms. 

Kissing him passionately, she moaned, "You have been gone too long, my prince!"
Lying in bed, she reached out to hold his hand before they feel asleep for just a little while.
As she kissed him goodbye, she said, "Do not leave me here on my own for too long again, my prince."

Geoffrey kissed the tip of her nose sweetly and replied, "Do not worry, ma petite.  I will be back as soon as I can manage!"


Gwen couldn't believe how hard her sister-in-law was on her soon-to-be husband!  She scowled and argued with him constantly.  Gwen could sympathize with how she felt.  It was not her wish to be married, especially not to someone like Dresden!  But, a lady did what she must to survive!
"Oh, you are such a buffoon!" Evelyn railed when Angus had said something she considered incorrect.  "How on earth do you expect us to be married?!"

Gwen cringed.  "Now, now.  Let us not be so harsh!"

Evelyn turned to Gwen and a tear slipped down her cheek.  "Oh what do you know! You're married and in love!" she accused.  Jumping up, Evelyn ran to the bathroom and slammed the door.
When Angus jumped up to follow her, Gwen way-laid him.  "Give her a moment to compose herself.  She'll only hurl obscenities at you right now."

Angus sighed.  "I suppose you're right.  She acts like being married to me will be a death sentence!" he railed.

Gwen stroked his arm in comfort.
"Oh, those muscles!" Gwen cried out when she felt his muscles tense beneath her hand.  "You must work out," she said coyly.  It was quite rewarding to see Angus blush red at her touch.
Finally Dresden had arrived home and the newly married couple prepared to enjoy their dinner.

Dresden glanced around.  "Where's Evelyn?" he asked, confused.

Angus jerked his head towards the bathroom.  "She's chosen to eat in there tonight!"

"Really?!" Dresden asked.  "Why in the world?"

Gwen patted Dresden's hand.  "It's a womanly matter.  She'll be out as soon as she's ready to leave, I suspect.  Until then, let us enjoy our dinner!"

And if her foot or her leg happened to cross over and touch Angus, it was completely on accident!  Gwen hid her smile every time Angus jerked upright and glanced over at her.

Orb's Year 926
Gwen was beginning to hate being married to Dresden.  Perhaps one needed more than just friendship to withstand the monotony of marriage!
It was just that Dresden was so damn chaste!  He pecked her on the cheek or gently kissed her lips!
And in bed he was a complete gentleman!
When he closed his eyes and snuggled closer to her, she laid awake for hours dreaming of someone else's arms around her...


As usual, Prince Geoffrey stopped by right as Dresden headed to work.  He waved cheerfully, glad to have a royal family friend.
Gwen knew that she should be angry with Geoffrey! He'd stayed away too damn long, probably because he was busy with a new mistress.

But, she still melted when he came near.
Not wanting to waste a precious moment, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"Not out here," Prince Geoffrey said, disentangling himself from her arms.  "Inside."
As they spent the afternoon in bed, Geoffrey placed his hand on her growing belly.  "Do you know if it's mine?" he asked.

Gwen shrugged.  "No. Will you do right by me if it's yours?"  she asked.

Geoffrey shrugged.  "I am a prince and married to a princess of the realm.  I cannot acknowledge any bastards.  Pray you do not get a brown-eyed baby that you cannot pass off as your husband's."

Gwen nodded her understanding as Geoffrey's hand stroked her hair.  "Perhaps there are more entertaining things to talk about?" he asked, clearly ready to move on from pregnancy talk.
Geoffrey had stayed longer than Gwen had intended.  As he strolled through the door, whistling, Dresden came in from work.   He smiled and greeted the Prince, who just ignored him.

A look of confusion washed over Dresden's face.  "Did...?" he began...
Gwen quickly kissed Dresden's cheek in greeting.  "Do not mind him.  He had to hurry home to Princess Celeste.  How was work today?'

"Wonderful!" Dresden said, lighting up. 

Gwen busied herself with dinner preparations while Dresden droned on and on about his intelligence work.

Smiling to herself, she secretly thought that someone that was so unobservant should not be the head intelligence gatherer.  Dresden was absolutely clueless!
After dinner, Dresden retired to the Hall to catch up on some reading.  What a perfect life he had! 

Orb's Year 927
When the sink basin in the bathroom sprung a leak, Gwen knew she couldn't call her husband home from work.  And she couldn't call Prince Geoffrey to come help her.  She could send for a family member though...
"I'm so glad you could make it!" Gwen said truthfully.  "I was worried our home would be flooded!"

"Of course. We're family now, after all!" Angus Laird said, secretly pleased to see Gwen again.
Gwen waited while he worked on the basin.  Finally, he wiped his hands and turned to her, "All fixed!"
"Thank the blessed Orb!" Gwen said as she cupped his cheek.  "What would I have done without you?!"

Angus hesitated and then patted her shoulder and took his leave.  Gwen sighed, thinking she had pushed too fast.  He knew that she would be open for a tryst & it would be up to him to make the next move.


Dresden came home late that night and came to bed, elated to see his dear wife.  Silently, he tried not to wake her as he slipped into bed behind her.
"Dresden?" she asked sleepily.  "Is that  you?"

"Who else would it be, wife?" he teased as he tapped the tip of her nose.

Gwen smiled.  "No one, of course."
Gwen felt her labor beginning shortly after Dresden went off to work.  She hated being alone for this!
But, within a few short hours, she was holding a sweet little girl, Faelyn in her arms.  Silently, she thanked the Blessed Orb that her daughter's darker skin suggested that Dresden was the true father!

Orb's Year 928
Gwen yearned to see Geoffrey again!  The distance between Dresden and her grew with each passing day.  They settled into a routine of polite strangers. 

"Would you like the last piece of bread?" he would ask politely; "Do you mind if I read by candlelight for awhile?" he would ask as they lay in bed.  Or even worse, "Would you care to make love tonight?".

Sometimes she wished he would just show some sort of emotion other than being polite!
She craved those moments when she was with Geoffrey.  He was passionate & wild!
He made her feel as though she were alive!
She sometimes felt all the time in between Geoffrey's visits she was slowly dying... waiting for him...

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