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Flowers, Orb's Year 925-928

Orb's Year 925
Caira had been humming, making her flower arrangements when a twig snapped behind her.  Alarmed, she turned around suddenly, gasping.

"I've missed you so much, Caira..." Dirk said as he reached for her.

Caira pulled away.    "No! Dirk! I can't! I'm married!  I must be faithful to my husband!"

"But what about your heart, Caira? I love you!"

A tear slipped down Caira's cheek.  "I know, but this is not right!"
Quickly, before she could change her mind, she hurried into the house and locked the door.  She could not give in to these impulses that made her heart beat when she was near Dirk!  She would be no better than her mother, cheating on her rightful husband and making a mockery of her family!


The yearning did not stop.  She picked up a quill a million times.  She was torn between writing to him and begging him to take her away and to never set foot near her again!  But, even dreaming about Dirk felt dishonest to her.
For although she did not passionately love her husband, she was fond of him.  He was a good, kind man.  Intelligent and with a keen sense of humor.
They made a good pair.  He was the businessman, seeing to the sales and the money.
 While she tended the tulips and arranged the flowers that they sold.


The village was aflutter with the news that the King was coming by all the shops.  Remington had attempted to persuade the King to take some lovely flowers home.  The King had been impressed and asked to speak with Caira!
She'd been so nervous to appear before the King, but he had been most kind and had complimented her work. 
Remington's hands shook as he calculated the total due.  He'd been shocked when the King had tipped them a gold piece extra!


Heading inside after closing for the day, Remington was elated.  "We did it, girlie!" he nearly cackled with glee.  "The King himself has given his stamp of approval!  People will be rushing in droves for our Flowers!"
 Laughing, he picked her up and swung her around a half-circle. 

Caira was surprised by the contact.  Usually Remington never touched her, not even as they lay down to bed!
That night, Caira became a true wife.

It made her resolve to put her youthful alliances behind her and focus on her adult responsibilities.  She would be the best wife Remington had ever had!


With the morning light came hard truths, though.   Remington had been apologetic and told her that he'd been swept away with excitement. 

"It won't happen again," he told her straight-forwardly.   "I'm getting up there in the years and it's a right rare occurrence for the equipment to work at all!"

Caira blushed when she grasped what he was trying to tell her. 

But, they had lived together as man and wife for this long without physical intimacy.  And the marital bed hadn't been all that spectacular... so she didn't think she was missing much.

Everything would stay the same...

 Orb's Year 926
 ...Except nothing would ever be the same again....
Caira realized she was pregnant and was quite hesitant to bring it to Remington's attention.  He could be gruff at times and his own grown children had no contact with him.
 "You're pregnant?" he huffed when she'd told him.  "Och! Have you been running around behind my back with some young stud?" he accused.
Caira reacted as though he'd slapping her.  "Of course not!" she gasped.  "I've been faithful to you!"

Remington eyed her carefully.  "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, girlie!"

Caira felt anger pulsing through her veins.  "I have not once given you reason to distrust me!  I've known no man but you!  You know that!"

Remington held his hands out, "Enough! Enough! I see your point, girl! But, I'll be counting the days until your birthing time, though! Don't think I won't!"

 Orb's Year 927
Caira had been so insulted and outraged by Remington's insinuation that she'd been unfaithful - especially when she felt like she'd forsaken so much to be faithful!

She would prove him wrong though and he would apologize when their baby was born 9 months to the day they shared the marital bed.
In the meantime, she tended her flowers - even planting a row of pretty roses to start new arrangements.
 Her roses sold so well!
There was nothing like the red rose for romance, it seemed!

Caira worked straight until her delivery, with no thanks from Remington.  He could be a gruff man, she thought uncharitably. 

"It's about time you delivered, girlie!  I was beginning to wonder!" he said as she labored.

"SHUT! UP! YOU! FOOL!" she huffed between the pains, livid.
 That night, they held twin babies - Floyd and Gladys Flowers in their arms.

"I should have known better than to marry a young girl!" Remington said sourly, "I didn't want one child, let alone twins!"

His words didn't even register to Caira, though.  She held the most perfect, beautiful children in her arms.

 Orb's Year 928
Caira was determined to prove Remington wrong.  He swore up and down, day in and day out that she was going to let motherhood interfere with her duties.

To prove him wrong, she planted a row of pansies and began selling another arrangement of flowers.
 Her new arrangements were bought up quickly, as well.  Gold pieces dropped into Remington's hand and he had still never acknowledged her contributions!  It was enough to drive her crazy sometimes!
 "What are you doing lolly-gagging in here, girlie! You've flowers to arrange! I can't sell it if it's not made!"
Caira snuggled little Gladys in her arms and turned to her husband.  "I'll not be working today," she said firmly.  "We've made plenty for me to take a day's rest and enjoy my darling children!"

When Remington started to complain, she held up her hand.  "No! I'm quite serious about this," she said.  "I will have a day of rest and I will spend it with my children.  You're welcome to join us."
Remington sighed and walked over to take Gladys from Caira.  Leaning down, she picked up Floyd.  Grumbling he asked, "So what are we to do today?"

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