Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Knowles, Orb's Year 928, Teaser

Danica glanced around library, amazed by the collection of books.  "It's beautiful, Hyun!" she said in amazement.

Hyun smiled.  "I thought you might like it here.  This is my favorite room in the castle."

Danica returned his smile.  "I'm sure I will love it, as well."

Hyun's smile faltered.  "Are you sure you're okay with this?  Our betrothal?  I would hate to feel that you were pushed into something that you wouldn't wish..."  Hyun had been elated when his mentor, Arthur Knightley, had pulled him aside and asked him to wed his daughter, Danica.  He had dreamed often of asking Arthur for Danica's hand in marriage, but probably would have never worked up the courage. 

Arthur had confided in him that Bradshaw would soon have a child with the serving girl, Deanna, while engaged to marry the Princess Daphne.  He worried that it would negatively impact Danica, so he sought to arrange her marriage before any of Bradshaw's mess could implode. 

When Danica reached out and held Hyun's hand, he realized he'd drifted off.   She smiled as she squeezed his hand, "I am very happy.  I'm sure I will love it here."

Hyun felt his heart skip a beat.

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