Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Laird, Orb's Year 928, Teaser

 Orb's Year 928
Evelyn could not believe that she'd been ordered to marry as though she had no choice in the matter!  She could argue with her brother and her Angus, but it would be pointless.  She could tell they were both dead set on seeing her wed.

And the reality of her situation was beginning to sink in.  She could talk about being in charge of her own life, but Cirdon had a point... where would she live? how would she earn a living?  The Abbey was out of the question!  She craved a man's touch, not the sterile shrouds of knowledge!  She'd rather die than live her life there!

So... really... her only option was... marry Angus...
Angus would be glad when the wedding festivities were over!  His soon-to-be-brother-in-law, Cirdon Consul, had arranged all the details and made sure witnesses were present for the union.  He'd had to refrain from rolling his eyes when his mother-in-law, Cassidy Noble, had wiped a tear from her eye.

As though this were a happy union!
Slipping his ring on Evelyn's finger, he barely resisted the urge to cry "done!"
Apparently his wife shared his sentiments, for it seemed she couldn't wait to put some room between them.

But.. still... he supposed he would have had to get married anyways to provide an heir, and Evelyn was quite bonny.  And he could not deny that she stirred something passionate in him.
The guests had long gone and night had fallen.  Instead of tip-toeing around the marriage bed issue, Angus decided to confront it head on.

"It's not doubt that we've both been forced into a marriage we've not care for..." Angus began, plowing on when Evelyn opened her mouth to protest, "No, don't deny it! I've no care for lies between us."
"Well, nobody asked you to marry me!" Evelyn replied tartly, annoyed that Angus would dare say such a thing to her!

"Ah, but you're carrying my son," Angus replied quickly.  "I've no choice in the matter but to give my child my name."

Evelyn looked down and grasped her hands together.  "Well, it took two!"

Angus sighed. "I know.  I'm not putting the blame squarely on you.  I'm just stating facts.  I'm not sure how to get through an evening with you without arguing, but there's one area that we seem to have no trouble...  Now as to the sleeping arrangements..."

Evelyn scowled, prepared to tell him he could sleep in the shed for all she cared.
Quickly, before she could utter a word, he grasped her hand and pulled her to him.  "Perhaps you need to be reminded how much pleasure there is in the marriage bed..." 

Evelyn had been shocked when Angus yanked her up from the bench, but had melted when he framed her face and kissed her wildly.
He was right! Evelyn thought as Angus Laird led her to bed.  He made an excellent point!

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