Thursday, June 13, 2013

Royale Guard, Orb's Year 925-928

Orb's Year 925
Princess Kea couldn't wait for Benedict to come home every night so that she could share what happened during her day.

Although... now that she was expecting... she seemed to accomplish less and less!
Her sweet husband always had a hug and a kiss for her to show her how much he missed her!
Gone were the galas, the fetes and the little get togethers that she used to throw to pass the time.  She didn't have the energy to entertain like she used to!  So, she and Benedict passed the time pursuing their individual interests during the day...
...And falling into each other's arms at night.

Orb's Year 926
She was elated when her child was born!  Finally she would have her body back!
She welcomed little Earnest into the world!  He would be fourth in the line of succession.
Prince Benedict was waiting anxiously by Kea's side to hold his newborn son in his arms!

Orb's Year 927
It was nice to have a few moments alone with her sister-in-law, Princess Catherine.  There were so many questions Princess Kea had about raising a child.  Catherine had assured her that all her worries were normal and that she would soon get the hang of it.

Kea certainly hoped so!
For her sake, she hoped so!
She was dying for some alone time with her husband!

Orb's Year 928
It was amazing how fast little Earnest seemed to grow!  Before she knew it, Princess Kea seemed to have learned a routine that worked for their family. 
She took pride in teaching Earnest all of his toddler skills herself, rather than depending on help to take care of him. 

As a result, her relationship with her son was very close!
Benedict often teased her that she would make poor Earnest a mama's boy!
But, in reality, Benedict was so proud of his wife and his son!  They were so dear to him.  He wished he could spend more time with them than he did, but the demands of his position were brutal!  He was constantly training and striving to better himself to do the best job possible for his father... for Celestia! 

After all, attempting to lead the King's Guard was no small task!

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