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Royale, Orb's Year 925-928

Orb's Year 925
(Royale sitting, Orb's Year 925)

Ennis walked into the servant's quarter and looked around.  "It's not much, is it?" he asked, disappointed.  Just a room with a bunch of beds and no privacy.

"What'd you expect?  A grand king's bed with fine linens?" Emily asked her nephew.  "Come on now, it's a lovely place."

Ennis' eyes raked over the place and he shrugged, "If you say so."

"You can have breakfast in here in the morning and then straight to work with you.  Let me know if you need anything," Emily rushed, her own chores needing to be done.  Turning back, she hugged him.  "It's good to have you here, nephew."

"It's good to be here... I think..." Ennis mumbled.
Ennis walked to the blacksmith station set up for him outside and began to fiddle with it.  He'd learned a few things about blacksmithing when he'd asked Lady Breena.  He just hoped he was good at it!
The sun was at it's highest point before Ennis stopped to think of lunch.  Wiping the sweat from his brow, he leaned back and sighed.  Resting his tools, he walked towards the servant's quarter for a break!
"Just a little nap," he told himself.  It was hot working out in the sun! 
"What are you doing lollygagging in here?!" Emily cried when she walked inside.  "It's nearly dinnertime and you've not finished your chores for the day!  Go on up to the bathroom upstairs.  There's a tub that needs fixing!"

"Aunt Emily, I'm tired!" Ennis whined.

Emily nodded, "I see. Then I'll just go tell the King that he should do it himself because his servant is tired.  Is that right?"

Ennis grumbled, "No. I'll go."  With his shoulders slumped, Ennis trudged to finish his chores.  Working on the farm hadn't been this hard... especially since Braden did all the hard work!
"I have a surprise for you," Prince Barron told his lovely wife.  "I've had the front of the castle landscaped!  I thought you would enjoy a garden to sit in!"
"I love it Barron.  Thank you for thinking of me!" Princess Diedre smiled as Barron pulled her into his arms and began dancing around the garden.  "It's loveliness pales next to your beauty!"

Orb's Year 926
The Kingdom gathered for a most special day!  It was Prince Earl's 3rd birthday!(Do you see your favorite families?!)
Prince Barron stood on the balcony of the castle and proudly introduced his eldest son...
Prince Earl Royale!
...Much later, after the festivities, Barron took the time to spend some time with his faithful companion, Reign.
It seemed Reign had found a friend in the little prince, as well!

Orb's Year 927
Queen Aurora began instructing Prince Earl on proper etiquette immediately.  She firmly believed he wasn't too young to learn how to speak properly, to walk with poise and grace. He would be a leader one day!
"He's doing so well, Alexander!" she bragged to her husband as they walked through the palace to join their guests.

Alexander grinned, "I knew he would.  He has much of his father in him."

"...and his grandfather," Aurora smiled. 
Smiling graciously, Alexander sat down at the card table with Arthur Knightley & Cassidy (Consul) Noble.  "It seems Prince Earl is a regular chip off the old block!" he said proudly.

Arthur laughed.  "That was never doubted, good friend!"

Princess Cassidy smiled, "Of course not! Not with such wonderful parents and grandparents!"
Princess Daphne practiced her cords with her sister-in-law, Diedre until she was almost blue in the face!  Grimacing, she banged the keys.  "Why haven't I been able to throw my party yet?" she grumbled.

Princess Diedre laid down her violin and put her hands on her hips.  "Do not be impertinent! If you'd like a party, speak with your parents again.  That is no reason to abuse such a lovely piano!"

Daphne had the grace to blush.  "Sorry Diedre. I will, I'll talk to them again! I can't wait to invite all my friends over. We'll have such fun!"
Daphne waited for what felt eternity to find a moment that her parents were available.  She wanted to pick just the right moment!

She tried to wait patiently to not interrupt her parents as they talked of other matters, but finally blurted out her desire for a party.
Daphne was so elated that the day had finally come for her fete!  The handsomest boy in town had come to her party - Bradshaw Knightley!  He was so handsome and refined!  She hoped that he might notice her...
When he sat down beside her as everyone chatted, she thought her heart would leap into her throat!  His foot even stretched out and touched the side of her leg a few times!

Orb's Year 927
Princess Diedre cuddled her little prince to her chest and smiled.  She couldn't believe how big he was getting!  "Come on sweetling, it's time for your birthday celebration!"
Prince Earl's childhood birthday was a much smaller affair.  Only close friends and family were invited.  His father, Prince Barron, couldn't contain his pride for his son.
Prince Earl was the spitting image of his mother!
After the celebration wound down, Queen Aurora excused herself to lay down for a brief respite.  She never awoke...

Rest in Peace, Queen Aurora Royale, Orb's Years 882-927

Orb's Year 928
King Alexander had a special place built for his love's resting place, shaded by a willow tree and covered with beautiful flowers she would have loved.  His eye drifted to the place awaiting his burial.  He wasn't being morbid, he knew his time would be coming and wanted to be with his wife again in the afterlife.
"Arthur! Just the man I needed to speak with," King Alexander said, with far less enthusiasm than he would've had the following year.

Arthur clasped his friend's arm.  "Anything you need, it is yours."

"I would like to speak to you about Daphne..."
Daphne could hardly contain her excitement.  Her father had just told her that she was pledged to marry Bradshaw Knightley!  She couldn't believe it!  In the next few years, she would go live with the Knightley's and prepare to take her place as his wife!

A frown stole across her face and Daphne fought the tears gathering.  What he'd left unsaid was that he did not expect to be around for the wondrous occasion.  She'd already lost her mother, it would be too cruel to lose her father so soon, too!


Princess Diedre had been excited to tell her husband that they would soon have another Royale child.
In turn, he called Prince Earl to his side to tell the only-child that he would soon have a brother or sister!

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